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Anglų kalba  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (1 psl., 9,62 kB)
Managment Practice
Managment practice 49 slides. Tiems, kas ieško išsamios informacijos apie vadovavimą ir jo principus.
Anglų kalba  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (49 psl., 1,26 MB)
Anglų dialogas tema - Cheating in school. A: I would like to talk with you about cheating in school. Do you agree that it is a serious problem? B:Yes, it is. Nowadays, more and more students are cheating on homework or during tests and exams...
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (1 psl., 5,94 kB)
Motyvacinis laiškas, siųstas į Anglijos universitetus.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (2 psl., 13,44 kB)
neverbaline kalba
Psichologija  Referatai   (12 psl., 329,75 kB)
TURINYS LENTELIŲ IR PAVEIKSLŲ SĄRAŠAS...........................................................................................2 ĮVADAS..............................................................................................................................................3 1. Įmonės veiklos finansinės analizės teorinės prielaidos...................................................................4 1.1 Įmonės veiklos finansinės analizės esmė bei reikšmė įmonės valdymui................................4 1.2. Įmonės veiklos finansinės analizės tikslai ir uždaviniai.........................................................8 2. Įmonės veiklos finansinės analizės būdai ir metodai.....................................................................16 2.1. Įmonės veiklos finansinės atskaitomybės analizė.................................................................16 2.2. Santykinių rodiklių analizė...................................................................................................30 3. UAB „Transpa“ įmonės veikos finansinė analizė..........................................................................43 3.1. UAB „Transpa“ įmonės finansinės atskaitomybės analizė...................................................43 3.2. UAB „Transpa“ įmonės santykinių rodiklių analizė............................................................50 IŠVADOS..........................................................................................................................................56 LITERATŪRA..................................................................................................................................59
Darbo ir civilinė sauga  Analizės   (77 psl., 162,43 kB)
There are many subjects and many teathers at school. Every subject is important for teather, which he teathes. But sometimes some subjects are not important for studens. Senior pupils are decided what they are going to study, and decided which subjects are the least important, so they can renounse some subjects. I am going to speak about the subjects which I am studying.
Anglų kalba  Kalbėjimo temos   (1 psl., 6,45 kB)
Papročius išsaugoti ne tik verta, o ir privaloma. Nes šiais liberalizmo laikais mes vis daugiau žiurime į vakarus. Pamirštam, kad esame Lietuviai.
Lietuvių kalba  Namų darbai   (1 psl., 6,47 kB)
Linking verbs
Content: Introduction...............................................2 Linking Verbs May be used as Linking Verbs............................................3 Linking or Action................................................3 Neither Active nor Passive ................................................5 When we use Linking verbs?......................6 Linking, transitive or intransitive…………………………………………7 Non-copular uses………………………………………………………….7 Conjugation……………………………………………………………….8 Conclusion ............................................9 List of referente.........................................................................................
Filologija  Referatai   (10 psl., 21,26 kB)
Dance is an art form that generally refers to movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music, used as a form of expression. Every dance, no matter what style, has something in common. It is not only flexibility and body movement. But also injuries which can happen...
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (1 psl., 6,61 kB)
Išsamus pristatymas apie Šilutės miestą anglų kalba.
Anglų kalba  Projektai   (25 psl., 2,29 MB)
English-speaking country. Travel. Cycling. Attractions of Lithuania.
Anglų kalba  Kalbėjimo temos   (1 psl., 8,48 kB)
Ecological problems
Ecological problems: air pollution, water pollution,littering, the green house effect
Anglų kalba  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (1 psl., 7,9 kB)
Is television good or bad?
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (1 psl., 6,81 kB)
Anglu ese apie rukymo draudima. 10 klasei
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (1 psl., 6,59 kB)
Fresin Fries is a locally owned fast food outlet that will be positioned as an international franchise through our creative approach to the company's image and detail presentation. Fresin Fries will provide a combination of excellent food at value pricing, with fun packaging and atmosphere. Fresin Fries is the answer to an increasing demand for snack-type fast food, to be consumed while window shopping and walking around inside a shopping mall.
Administravimas  Dokumentai   (51 psl., 178,17 kB)
Marketingo teorijoje lojalumas ilgai buvo suvokiamas kaip pakartotinis tam tikro ženklo prekės ar paslaugos pirkimas. Jis buvo apibūdinamas kaip nuolat pasikartojantis veiksmas, kurį atlieka vartotojas. Pastaraisiais metais lojalumo apibrėžimas keičiasi. Dabar lojalumas suvokiamas ne tik kaip pasikartojantis veiksmas. Vis dažniau kalbama apie prisirišimo prie prekių ženklo svarbą lojalumui. Svarbus tampa ne tik pats veiksmas, bet ir psichologinė šio veiksmo priežastis. Šiuolaikiniai marketingo specialistai pabrėžia, kad tikrasis lojalumas neįmanomas be prisirišimo
Teisė  Referatai   (19 psl., 35,6 kB)
the family is the most important
Filosofija  Rašiniai   (1 psl., 11 kB)
anglu rasinys
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (1 psl., 6,5 kB)
Do we throw our ancestral heritage in the fire, or put it on the museum window, for people to know that once existed in paper? I think not, but Consider.
Anglų kalba  Kita   (1 psl., 6,06 kB)
greek temple styles
In this work I am going to present the architecture of Greek temple, elements, different styles and mention the most popular greek temples.
Architektūra ir dizainas  Referatai   (11 psl., 129,68 kB)
Introduction. How are consumer preferences used to determine demand? How do consumers allocate income to the purchase of different goods? How do consumers with limited income decide what to buy?
Ekonomika  Konspektai   (7 psl., 14,22 kB)
Shopping and money
The topic of my speech is shopping and money. i divided it into 2 parts. To begin with, it's difficult to imagine our life without shops. When we want to buy something we go to a shop. There are many kinds of shops in every town or city, but most of them have a food supermarket, a department store, men's and women's clothing stores. Nowadays supermarkets and department stores are becoming more popular where people can reserve time and find a necessary piece of goods.
Anglų kalba  Kalbėjimo temos   (1 psl., 8,86 kB)
Dear Sir/ Madam, I am writing in connection with regard to the vacancy in your Sales Department, as advertised in The Times of 20th April.
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (1 psl., 6,71 kB)
Throughout the world, we value Freedom. It is on this subject that I want to share some thoughts with you. For us Freedom has a broad meaning, and with it many obligations. The concept of freedom is abstract and to understand what it is, you can best compare freedom to a "hole", in the wall. A hole in itself is nothing, but it is determined by its surroundings. If there were nothing around the hole, there wouldn't even be a hole. Freedom is not a simple matter of doing what we want to do, and having fun; although some may think so, for a while at least. Freedom is freedom from bondage (vergove) and exploitation. It is a state in which we may grow and learn, be nourished, and in which we may develop our talents, and explore life and the world in its many dimensions. This is what we want for ourselves, for our families
Anglų kalba  Pateiktys   (6,11 kB)
F.U.N Easter
To get to the origin of Easter, we have to go back further than the remembrance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. You may have wondered why Easter falls on such a wide range of dates every year. You may not know that Easter always falls upon the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the spring equinox. That means that it can be as early as March 22 or as late as April 25. The reason the date is based upon a lunar calendar is because it's determined by the Jewish holiday Passover. nu ir t. t. perskaityk ir suzinosi ar tau tiko.. sėkmės.. :)))
A good argumentative essay (for/against) should consist of: An introduction in witch you state the topic. A main body witch consists of two paragraphs. (APIMTIS 1PSL)
V / Vs >Jis visada sunkiai dirba. He always works hard. Am / is / are + V / V ing> Jis dirba (šiuo metu) savo kambaryje. He is working in his room now. Usually, always, often, never, sometimes, every day, in the morning, twice a years. Now, still, at the moment, this week, at present nowadays. TEIG, NEIG, KLAUS, TEIG, NEIG, KLAUS. I work. You work. He works. She works. It works. We work. You work. They work. I don‘t work. You don‘t work. He doesn‘t work. She doesn‘t work. It doesn‘t work. We don‘t work. You don‘t work. They don‘t work Do I work? Do you work? Does he work? Does she work? Does it work? Do we work? Do you work? Do they work? I am working. You are working. He is working. She is working. It is working. We are working. You are working. They are working I am not working. You aren‘t working. He isn‘t working. She isn‘t working. It isn‘t working. We aren‘t working. You aren‘t working. They aren‘t working.
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein was born at Ulm, in Württemberg, Germany, on March 14, 1879. Six weeks later the family moved to Munich, where he later on began his schooling at the Luitpold Gymnasium. April 18, 1955, and died.
Lietuvių kalba  Pateiktys   (8 psl., 970,16 kB)
63 anglų topikai
Anglų kalba  Kalbėjimo temos   (42 psl., 53,24 kB)
Dear Sir or Madam, Although I had never left my native country and saw other places, I have always been interested in other cultures, the way people are thinking and what they are doing to make the world better place to live. Since my early age, this interest spread in all over my mind, so after many researches and thinking I found out that Bachelor's Degree in International Management program in Aarhus University - Institute of Business and Technology of Denmark would be the best choice for my further studies. This program will give me valuable knowledge on how to deal with issues among others like globalization, international marketing and global supply chain management. Also I have some arguments that I would be a relevant candidate for Aarhus University.
Anglų kalba  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (1 psl., 4,48 kB)
My dream house
To begin with, I must say that for the meantime I live in a five storied building with other buildings around it. My flat is on the fourth floor. The flat has all modern conveniences, but is not very large. As I know many people usually dream about the castle on the bank of the sea with many huge rooms and bathrooms. But I don’t. My dream house is quite different.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (1 psl., 6,53 kB)
To begin with i`d like to say that alcoholism is widely spread among young people and because of that it has become a serious national problem. Alcohol is widely used by young people. Around 90 per cent of european teenagers over the age of 14 years have tried alcohol at least once. ‘Binge drinking’, drink driving and unsafe sex can all result from the misuse of alcohol.
Anglų kalba  Kalbėjimo temos   (2 psl., 4,75 kB)
Teenager spends most of their money on clothes, CD, and going out. How do you usually spend your cash? What is your attitude towards saving? How much is your shopping influence by advertisements on TV, radio, newspapers, and magazine?
Foreign languages
I know two foreign languages, which are : English and Germany. I think that learning languages is different from learning other subjects, for example if you are doing something in other country, you need to know language before learning other subjects. I think that knowing any foreign language is more difficult,than knowing the math, physics, or biology,because,all the facts, all the formulas are the same in the world,but the languages are different not only with its grammer,but also with the structure,spelling and writting. In the future i would like to learn some russian. I am also planning a holiday for next summer in the russia,so if I learn a bit of russian ,so it will help me to communicate with others there.
Anglų kalba  Kalbėjimo temos   (1 psl., 3,26 kB)
Šiaulių lankytinos vietos, aprašymas anglų kalba.
Anglų kalba  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (6 psl., 9,9 kB)
Anglu kalbos prezentacija apie nedarbo lygį ir infliaciją.
Anglų kalba  Projektai   (23 psl., 373,36 kB)
I am writing in connection with The Milton Hotel, which I saw advertised in The Sunday Times on 25 November. I stayed at this hotel in December and I am sorry to say that I was very disappointed.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (1 psl., 5,83 kB)
Trumpas Powerpoint skaidrėmis padarytas pristatymas apie pagrindines medžiagas, naudojamas inžinerijoje.
Anglų kalba  Pateiktys   (15 psl., 1,71 MB)
Dialoge du žmonės kalbasi apie buto nuoma, dalinasi darbus ir t.t. Už darbą gavom po 10 su klasioku, nežinau kaip jums pasiseks :)
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (1 psl., 3,32 kB)
Anglų kalba  Referatai   (5 psl., 9,7 kB)
Kolokacijos - tai žodžių junginiai, dažnai pasitaikantys sakytinėje ir rašytinėje kalboje, sukuriantys naują semantinę reikšmę ir skirstomi pagal savo funkciją ir sandarą. Kaip ir kiti kalbos vienetai, verčiant yra transformuojamos naudojant pagrindinius vertimo trasformacijų tipus – perkėlimą, pakeitimą, įterpimą ir praleidmą. Šio darbo tikslas – išrinkti kolokacijas, sudarytas iš veiksmažodžio ir daiktavardžio analizuojant Europos Sąjungos dokumentus ekologijos tema, pastebėti ir analizuoti kolokacijų vertimo transformacijas. Darbo uždaviniai – apžvelgti įvairių autorių teorinius požiūrius, susijusius su darbo objektu, pateikti asmeninę sampratą, apžvelgti transformacijų dėsningumus ir susisteminti bei apibendrinti tyrimo duomenis.
Kita  Kursiniai darbai   (17 psl., 52,89 kB)
Purpose: to analyze the changes of women’s roles and education, to review critical attitude to the book “The Mill on the Floss”. Mary Ann (Marian) Evans (1819 –1880), better known by her pen name George Eliot, was an English novelist. She was one of the leading writers of the Victorian era. Her novels, largely set in provincial England, are well known for their realism and psychological insight. She used a male pen name, she said, to ensure that her works were taken seriously. An additional factor may have been a desire to shield her private life from public scrutiny and to prevent scandals attending her relationship with the married George Henry Lewes. She was educated at home and in several schools, and developed a strong evangelical piety.
Anglų kalba  Analizės   (20 psl., 513,96 kB)
Today I’m going to talk about Mars. As you can see in this photo Mars is red. Well, first I'd like to take about the planet itself. Mars is our next door neighbour and it’s surface is with huge volcanoes. It also has canyons and valleys that were probably made in the past. It show there was water on this planet.
Anglų kalba  Pateiktys   (7 psl., 818,39 kB)
Many people believe that the way we live our lives today is having an extremely bad effect on the environment. Here are some examples of environmental problems and solutions. Pollution - is damage to the air, sea, rivers, or land caused by chemicals, waste and harmful gases. Pollutants include toxic waste, pesticides, and fertilizers.
Anglų kalba  Kalbėjimo temos   (1 psl., 5,4 kB)
Mass Media
The mass media plays very important role in our life. It helps us to learn what is happening in the world very fast. Mass media includes newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Nowadays there are so many newspapers a. magazines, radio station a. TV channels that we have to be very selective a. choose the best of them.
Anglų kalba  Kalbėjimo temos   (1 psl., 7,67 kB)
Quantity is a kind of property which exists as magnitude or multitude. It is among the basic classes of things along with quality, substance, change, and relation. Quantity was first introduced as quantum, an entity having quantity. Being a fundamental term, quantity is used to refer to any type of quantitative properties or attributes of things. Some quantities are such by their inner nature (as number), while others are functioning as states (properties, dimensions, attributes) of things such as heavy and light, long and short, broad and narrow, small and great, or much and little. Specifically in grammar, quantity is the category of number and has certain forms of impression.
Anglų kalba  Konspektai   (4 psl., 10,83 kB)
About reading
Anglų kalbos topikas apie skaitymą, elektroninių knygų trūkumus ir privalumus bei mėgstamiausią knygą.
Anglų kalba  Kalbėjimo temos   (1 psl., 3,28 kB)
An informal letter
My name is Giedre. I am from Lithuania. I have lived in Vilnius, a capital of Lithuania, since I was born. My family is not big. I am the only child. My mother works as a tourism agent and father is a clerk of the works.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (1 psl., 2,89 kB)
Paslaugos internete
Todėl šiek tiek stebėtina, kad iki mūsų laikų verslininkai informacijai skyrė tiek nedaug dėmesio - buvo prekiaujama materialiomis apčiuopiamomis prekėmis, kiek rečiau - taip pat beveik apčiuopiamomis paslaugomis, o apie prekybą informacija pagalvodavo nedaug kas. Tačiau mūsų amžiuje tiems laikams atėjo galas, ir galime drąsiai sakyti, kad XX amžius - informacijos amžius. Turbūt pirmieji masiškai pardavinėti informaciją pradėjo laikraščiai ir žurnalai. Pradžioje jie tiesiog teikė skaitytojams daugiau ar mažiau objektyvias žinias apie politiką, ekonomiką ar kultūrą; tokias žinias, už kurias pirkėjas buvo nusiteikęs mokėti pinigus. Po to spaudoje buvo pritaikytas nepaprastai galingas ginklas - reklama. Taigi laikraščiai jau ne tik pardavinėjo skaitytojams jų norimas žinias, bet kartu teikė jiems informaciją, kurios patys skaitytojai dažnai visai nenorėjo, tačiau už kurią sutiko mokėti tos informacijos šaltiniai. Paprasčiau tariant, spauda pardavinėjo vartotojams informaciją, o gamintojams - potencialius vartotojus. Daug naujo į informacijos verslą įnešė radijas ir televizija. Šioms masinės informacijos priemonėms įsitvirtinus vartotojų gyvenime, informacijos pateikimo galimybės labai išsiplėtė - tai jau nebebuvo vien juodos raidės ant balto fono ar spalvotos fotografijos; radijas leido pateikti informaciją panaudojant gyvą kalbą ir muziką, o televizija - dar ir judantį vaizdą. Reklamos reikšmė nepaprastai išaugo - juk jei laikraščiai iš bėdos gali išsilaikyti vien pardavinėdami savo teikiamą informaciją, tai radijas ir TV, nerinkdami abonementinio mokesčio iš savo auditorijos, dažniausiai gauna pelną tik iš reklamos. (Tiesa, yra įvairios mokamos kabelinės televizijos atmainos, tačiau ir jų tik maža dalelė išsilaiko be reklamos užsakovų.) Tačiau nors radijas ir TV išplėtė informacijos pateikimo galimybes, jie susiaurino galimybes informaciją pasirinkti. Klausytojas negali kontroliuoti to, ką transliuoja radijo ar TV stotis. Jis gali išsirinkti stotį, kurios profilis jam atrodo labiausiai tinkamas - kaip ir spauda, RTV stotys dažnai specializuojasi tam tikrose informacijos rūšyse -, tačiau tokiu būdu gaunamos informacijos pobūdį jis gali kontroliuoti tik dalinai. Taigi informacijos gavimo radijo ir TV būdą galima būtų pavadinti pasyviu, ir tai yra didžiulis jo trūkumas. Koks gi yra aktyvus informacijos rinkimo būdas? Žmogus aktyviai renka informaciją, kai ieško kokios nors įmonės telefono firmų kataloge, varto valgių receptų knygą ar rausiasi bibliotekoje bandydamas rasti straipsnį apie jį dominančią planetą. Tačiau toks informacijos rinkimo būdas yra nepatogus dėl universalumo stokos. Juk norint rasti valgio receptą, virimo knygą dažnai reikia pasiimti iš bibliotekos arba nusipirkti knygyne; o ją įsigijus ten rasi tik valgių receptus, bet ne firmų telefonus ir planetų charakteristikas. Informacijos apie firmas ir planetas vėl reikia ieškoti atskirai, taip gaištamas brangus laikas, kurį būtų galima panaudoti naudingesnei veiklai. Taigi mums reikalinga sistema, leidžianti greitai, pigiai ir be vargo gauti norimą informaciją. Čia mums į pagalbą ateina kompiuterių tinklai. Trumpa Internet tinklo apžvalga Kompiuterių tinklas - tai daugybė kompiuterių, sujungtų tarpusavyje taip, kad galėtų keistis informacija. Dabar pasaulyje yra nesuskaičiuojama daugybė tinklų, tačiau šiame darbe nagrinėsime tik tuos tinklus, kurie yra tarptautinio Internet tinklo dalis. Internet - tai pasaulinis duomenų perdavimo tinklas, šiuo metu jungiantis dešimtis tūkstančių TCP/IP protokolu dirbančių tinklų ir daugiau nei 60 milijonų vartotojų daugiau kaip 110 šalių. Prie Internet prisijungusių kompiuterių skaičius kasmet padidėja dvigubai. Apie 10 procentų tarptautinio telefoninio srauto yra susiję su informacijos perdavimu Internet tinklu. Internet tinklas yra atviras - prie jo gali prisijungti kiekvienas norintysis. Plačiausiai naudojama Internet dalis - World Wide Web tinklas. Tai hipertekstinė sistema, kurioje informacija gali būti pateikiama panaudojant tekstą, spalvotą grafiką, nuotraukas, garsą ir videovaizdą. Šiuo metu testuojamas naujas WWW dokumentų standartas, kuris leis juose panaudoti ir trimatę grafiką. Kaip tai veikia? Vartotojas sėdi prie kompiuterio, modemo pagalba prisijungęs prie vietinio Internet providerio serverio, ir ekrane mato WWW dokumentą. Tam tikros WWW dokumento dalys (pabraukti žodžiai ar paveiksliukai) yra tartum vartai (arba nuorodos, plg. links) į kitus WWW dokumentus. Pavyzdžiui, skaitant firmos Omnitel WWW puslapį apie Lietuvą, galima rasti sakinį apie Vilniaus Universitetą. Kursoriumi (pele) pasirinkus šiuos pabrauktus žodžius, patenkama į naują dokumentą - Vilniaus Universiteto WWW puslapį su VU emblema kairiajame kampe. Čia pateikiama informacija jau vien apie VU, tačiau ir iš šio WWW puslapio per įvairius vartus galima patekti į vis naujus ir naujus WWW dokumentus. Žinoma, tai ne vienintelis būdas “keliauti” po World Wide Web. Turint galvoje, kad į WWW tinklą įeina milijonai (paskutiniais duomenimis - apie 13 mln.) serverių, kuriuose guli milijardai įvairių per WWW prieinamų dokumentų, kyla klausimas - kaipgi šioje košėje susirasti reikiamą puslapį? Lengva ir greita reikiamų dokumentų paieška yra būtina norint, kad WWW funkcionuotų ir duotų realią naudą. Todėl šiai problemai yra skiriama daug dėmesio. Rasti WWW tinkle vartotoją dominančius dokumentus galima įvairiais būdais. Vienas jų - pasinaudoti specialiais paieškos serveriais (search engines), kurie leidžia užduoti raktinius žodžius ar frazes, apibūdinančius vartotoją dominančią informaciją, ir po kelių sekundžių pateikia paieškos rezultatus - sąrašą nuorodų į WWW puslapius, susijusius su jūsų paieškos tema. Pavyzdžiui, norint rasti koordinačių matavimo prietaisais (coordinate measuring machines - CMM) prekiaujančių firmų produkcijos kainoraščius, užtenka prisijungti prie kurio nors iš daugelio paieškos serverių ir liepti jam atlikti paiešką pagal žodžius “CMM pricelist prices”. Keletą akimirkų pagalvojęs, serveris pateikia tokį ar panašų sąrašą su nuorodomis (vartais) į firmų reklaminius puslapius: MITUTOYO/MTI Corporation Mitutoyo is the world’s largest manufacturer of precision measuring instruments, including Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). Romer Inc. Romer is the worldwide leader in portable CMMs systems. FSI / Fork Standards, Inc. FSI is a leading supplier of CMMs, optical shaft encoders, photoelectric sensors, industrial counters, and controls. … ir t.t. Pabrauktos frazės - tai vartai, kurių pagalba pasiekiame mus dominančius dokumentus, tarp jų ir kainoraščius. Yra ir kitokių paieškos būdų - pavyzdžiui, galima pasinaudoti World Wide Web Geltonaisiais puslapiais (WWW Yellow Pages), kur WWW dokumentai klasifikuojami pagal pobūdį - prekyba, gamyba, ryšiai, transportas, mokslai, menai, laisvalaikis ir pan. Taigi, nors Internet WWW dokumentų paieškos sistemos dar nėra tobulos, jos nepaprastai palengvina vartotojo darbą. Mes trumpai susipažinome su pagrindiniais Internet WWW tinklo veikimo principais. Toliau pereisime prie šio tinklo komercinio panaudojimo temos. Paslaugos Internet tinkle Paslaugas, “pagimdytas” Internet tinklo ir ypač jo WWW dalies, galima sąlyginai suskirstyti į tris stambias kategorijas: 1. Vartotojams skirtos materialios prekės ir paslaugos, reklamuojamos per Internet tinklą; 2. Vartotojams skirtos nematerialios paslaugos, teikiamos Internet tinklo pagalba ir neišeinančios už jo ribų; 3. Internet providerių teikiamos reklamos paslaugos firmoms. Trumpai aptarsime visas tris kategorijas. Materialių produktų ir paslaugų pasiūla Internet tinkle Vis daugiau firmų naudojasi Internet World Wide Web tinklu, kad pristatyti potencialiems vartotojams save ir savo siūlomas prekes, o taip pat sudaryti vartotojams galimybę užsisakyti norimas prekes nepaliekant savo minkšto krėslo. Tai nulemia daugelis faktorių, tarp jų: 1. Milžiniškas ir sparčiai augantis Internet vartotojų skaičius; platus vartotojų amžiaus, gyvenamosios vietos, profesijos ir pomėgių spektras (nors Internet aušroje juo daugiausiai naudojosi mokslininkai ir akademinis jaunimas, dabar į tinklą įsijungia paties įvairiausio amžiaus, išsilavinimo ir profesijų žmonės - tam turėjo įtakos itin paprastų WWW dokumentų skaitymo programų atsiradimas) 2. Palyginti žema reklamos Internet tinkle kaina (daugelis Internet providers siūlo laikyti savo komercinį WWW puslapį Internet tinkle vos už 10-50 dolerių mėnesinį mokestį, o tai nėra didelė suma net smulkioms firmoms) 3. Galimybė maksimaliai efektyviai supažindinti potencialų pirkėją su savo siūloma preke ar paslauga (panaudojamas tekstas, vaizdas ir garsas) 4. Neribota reklamos trukmė (iš tiesų, juk reklama RTV kanalais transliuojama geriausiu atveju keletą kartų per dieną po keliasdešimt sekundžių; laikraštyje ji būna tol, kol laikraštis pasensta ir išmetamas - paprastai vieną ar dvi dienas, tuo tarpu WWW tinkle informacija apie firmą ir jos siūlomas prekes ir paslaugas gali būti prieinama bet kam 24 valandas per parą, 365 dienas per metus). 5. Tai, kad informaciją apie firmą susiranda būtent tie vartotojai, kurie jos ieško, taigi nešvaistomi pinigai adresato nepasiekiančiai reklamai. 6. Galimybė leisti vartotojui užsisakyti produktą nepaliekant namų ir netgi nenaudojant pašto ar telefono paslaugų (kaip rodo patirtis, iš pažiūros toks paprastas dalykas turi didžiulę reikšmę - galima drąsiai spėti, kad didelė prekių ir paslaugų dalis yra nenuperkama dėl to, kad potencialus pirkėjas pamiršo namie piniginę ar tiesiog tingi važiuoti į parduotuvę kitame miesto gale, tingi ieškoti konkrečios firmos katalogo, tingi net užsakinėti tą katalogą telefonu. Prekių užsakymui per elektroninį tinklą reikia mažiausiai laiko ir pastangų) Dėl šių ir kitų priežasčių vis daugiau firmų savo produkciją reklamuoja Internet pagalba. Tipiniu pavyzdžiu galėtų būti firmos Romer Inc., gaminančios portabilias koordinačių matavimo mašinas, WWW puslapis: trumpai pristatoma pati firma (company profile ), pateikiama detali informacija apie pačias mašinas - jų techninės charakteristikos ir kainos -, pagaliau tiesiai per kompiuterį jau turintys šias mašinas vartotojai gali gauti techninę pagalbą, o jų neturintys - išsirinkti norimą modelį ir jį užsisakyti. Tereikia įvesti pavardę, firmos pavadinimą, adresą ir kreditinės kortelės duomenis, ir, jei elektroninė bankinių atsiskaitymų sistema dirba tvarkingai, po poros savaičių prekė pristatoma vartotojui į namus. Absoliutus komfortas. Specifinės paslaugos, neišeinančios už tinklo ribų Beveik viskas, kas pasakyta prieš tai einančiame skyrelyje, tinka ir kitai Internet tinkle siūlomų paslaugų rūšiai - tai paslaugos, kurios ne tik užsakomos per Internet, bet ir suteikiamos per šį tinklą. Internet tinkle galima perduoti tik informaciją. Iš tiesų, juk kirpėjas nesušukuos jums plaukų per kompiuterį, lygiai kaip ir kepėjas neiškiš picos pro ekraną. Todėl antroji mūsų nagrinėjamų paslaugų rūšis - grynai informacinės paslaugos. Jos labai įvairios. Tai ir solidžių žurnalų elektroninės versijos (pavyzdžiui, užuot prenumeravus Wall Street Journal popieriniame pavidale, galima sumokėti tam tikrą sumą pinigų ir gauti priėjimą prie šio leidinio per Internet), ir verslo informacija, pavyzdžiui, daugelis biržų teikia paslaugas per Internet tinklą (visai nesudėtinga ne tik nagrinėti įvairių kompanijų akcijų kursų grafikus, bet ir pirkti ar parduoti tų kompanijų akcijas neatsitraukiant nuo kompiuterio), ir įvairiausio pobūdžio pramoginiai serveriai (kompiuteriniai žaidimai, didžiulės meno ir ypač erotikos kolekcijos, kurios tampa prieinamos per WWW tik daugiau ar mažiau palengvinus piniginę). Tokio tipo paslaugas siūlančios firmos dažnai naudoja try before you buy metodiką. Pavyzdžiui, prisijungus prie erotinio serverio, vartotojui parodoma keletas linksmo pobūdžio paveiksliukų, kad sužadinti susidomėjimą, o tada durys užtrenkiamos prieš pat virpančią iš susijaudinimo nosį - jei nori pamatyti daugiau, ŽYMIAI daugiau, būk malonus - pervesk nedidelę pinigų sumą į mūsų firmos sąskaitą ir galėsi mėgautis iki valiai. Lygiai ta pačia metodiką naudoja ir kompiuterinių žaidimų kūrėjai, ir net tokios rimtos organizacijos kaip Newsweek savaitraštis ar firmos, siūlančios verslo informaciją. Kitas specifinis tokių paslaugų bruožas - didelė kategorija paslaugų teikiama nemokamai arba su žymiomis nuolaidomis vadinamiesiems nekomerciniams vartotojams. Pavyzdžiui, jei privatus asmuo nori užsisakyti naują firmos Autodesk programinį produktą, jam nurodomos dvi kainos: keli tūkstančiai dolerių, jei produktas bus naudojamas komerciniame darbe, ir kelis kartus mažesnė suma, jei pirkėjas yra studentas ir programą naudos tik mokymosi procese, kitaip tariant, jos pagalba neužsidirbs pinigų. Specifinis per Internet teikiamų paslaugų bruožas yra tas, kad jų tiekėjų įdedamas darbas nepriklauso nuo klientų skaičiaus. Iš tiesų, kai daržovių pardavėjas aptarnauja dešimt žmonių, jis gauna pinigus, bet praranda dešimt agurkų. Kita vertus, firmai, prekiaujančiai bet kokio pobūdžio informacija per kompiuterinį tinklą, nebetinka klasikinis komercijos apibrėžimas, sakantis, kad komercija iš esmės yra būdas, kuriuo rinkoje keičiasi prekės savininkai. Internet tinkle vartotojui parduodama ne pati prekė ar paslauga, o tik jos kopija. Net už šios kopijos pristatymą susimoka pats vartotojas (mokesčių telefono kompanijai pavidalu). Taigi Internet paslaugų rinkoje faktiškai neveikia masto disekonomijos principas - kuo daugiau vartotojų įsigis prekės ar paslaugos kopiją, tuo didesnį firma gaus pelną. Juk iš esmės firma sukuria tik prekės ar paslaugos originalą, o kopijos jai visiškai nieko nekainuoja. Lieka aptarti trečią su Internet susijusių paslaugų grupę. Tai Internet providers teikiamos paslaugos Internet providers atlieka panašų darbą, kaip ir laikraščių ar RTV stočių savininkai. Jie turi savo serverius - galingus kompiuterius, kurie dieną ir naktį dirba įjungti į Internet, ir yra tartum tarpininkai tarp gamintojų ir vartotojų. Daugelis Internet providers suteikia savo klientams galimybę reklamuoti savo prekes ar paslaugas WWW tinkle. Įvairių providers teikiamos paslaugos šiuo aspektu labai skiriasi: vieni jų orientuojasi į vietines firmas ir siūlosi ne tik priimti jų reklaminius WWW puslapius į savo serverius, bet ir pasirūpinti, kad tie puslapiai būtų įtraukti į solidžius Internet Geltonųjų puslapių katalogus, suprojektuoti ir meniškai apipavidalinti pačią reklaminę medžiagą, netgi parinkti geriausią tos medžiagos pateikimo stilių. Toks pilnas paslaugų paketas paprastai kainuoja nemenkus pinigus (nuo kelių šimtų iki kelių dešimčių tūkstančių dolerių vien už reklaminės medžiagos paruošimą vartojimui tinkle), prie kurių dar prisideda mėnesinis mokestis už reklaminių puslapių palaikymą Internet tinkle, ir yra dažniausiai siūlomas solidžioms firmoms, kurioms negaila pinigų reklamai. Kiti provideriai apsiriboja tik kliento reklaminės medžiagos laikymu savo serveryje (žinoma, taip, kad dokumentas būtų prieinamas per WWW). Jie vienodai aptarnauja tiek vietines, tiek ir užjūrio firmas. Klientas pats sukuria savo reklaminį puslapį (t.y. suprogramuoja nesudėtingą HTML formato failą) ir Internet priemonėmis (paprastai ftp) nusiunčia jį į providerio serverį, kur ta reklaminė medžiaga guli tol, kol mokamas sutartas mėnesinis mokestis. Paprastai toks mokestis neviršija 10-50 dolerių per mėnesį. Klientas gali kiek norima kartų keisti reklaminę medžiagą - tai jis daro pats, ftp protokolu siųsdamas papildymus savo reklaminiam puslapiui). Klientas nebūtina netgi žinoti, kur yra jo providerio serveris - Internet tinklas nėra organizuotas teritoriniu principu ir geografinės sąvokos jame praktiškai neturi prasmės: greta galima rasti informaciją iš skirtingų pasaulio pusių. Kai kurie Internet providers taip pat teikia nuolaidas nekomerciniams vartotojams arba apskritai aptarnauja juos nemokamai, taip darydamiesi reklamą sau patiems. Šio referato autoriaus asmeninis WWW puslapis guli Geocities serveryje drauge su tūkstančiais kitų nekomercinių vartotojų puslapių. Kompanija Geocities yra stambus Internet provider ir gauna didžiulį pelną iš komercinių WWW puslapių palaikymo. Todėl ji gali sau leisti šiek tiek labdaros ir priima studentų WWW puslapius nemokamai. Išvados Kaip matome po šios trumpos apžvalgos, globaliniai kompiuterių tinklai jau vaidina nemenką vaidmenį pasaulio prekių ir paslaugų rinkose, ir ateityje tas vaidmuo ne tik ne mažės, bet didės stulbinančiu greičiu. Spėju, kad dar po dešimties metų net ir Lietuvoje bus sunku rasti namus, kuriuose nestovėtų kompiuteris, įjungtas į Internet tinklą. Plečiantis techninėms galimybėms, informacijos perdavimo greitis kils, ir kartu kils perduodamo vaizdo ir garso kokybė, taigi didės reklaminės medžiagos įtaigumas, kas tik dar labiau paskatins Internet tinklo panaudojimą prekybos tikslams. Greičiausiai plėstis turėtų antroji Internet paslaugų rūšis - čia lemiamą poveikį turės jau minėta masto disekonomija, tikriau jos nebuvimas. Atitinkamai turėtų sumažėti srautas paslaugų, siūlomų panaudojant įprastines masinės informacijos priemones - spaudą, radiją ir televiziją. Galbūt tai sukels ir daug problemų, tačiau globalinių
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Good afternoon, everyone. I’m here today to speak of labour market in Lithuania in recent years, especially after integration to EU. This talk is divided into 4 main parts. 1) Firstly, I’d like to look at Official situation of Lithuanian labour market through the recent years 2) Secondly I’ll be talking about Jobs in shortage and demand and Need of high Qualification 3) Thirdly, Emigration from Lithuania in 1990-2002 4) My fourth point will be about Emigration from Lithuania after entering EU and the wages. Finally I’ll be looking at the conclusions ________ My talk will last about 15 min If you have any questions, please stop me at any time, and I will be happy to answer them Official situation of Lithuanian labour market through the recent years Having rewieved the changes which have taken place in Lithuania since the restoration of independence in 1990, it can be said that the market economy in Lithuania is becoming stronger and that this process is irreversible. This period has seen the creation in Lithuania of a consistent system for the realization of social security and labour market policies. The labour market in Lithuania has in the recent past been characterised by positive changes influenced by the implementation of the country’s investment and economic policies as well as the means used to realize the Lithuanian Republic’s employment programme: the number of employed is increasing, the number of people out of work is decreasing along with unemployment rate. The fundamental right to social security and work is provided for by Article 48 of the1992 Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, which states that every person is free to do the job or business of their choice, and that they have the right to suitable, safe and healthy work conditions, to receive fair payment for work, and social security if they are unemployed. The work of foreign nationals in the Republic of Lithuania is regulated by law. Researches made by interviewing people out of work, give us the numbers of 75 % of those, registered the jobless in Labour Exchange really wanna find a job, and there is yearly a downward numbers interested just in unemployment relief. Labour market suppose that in year 2004 the number of the unemployed in average can be around 145 000, this is 20 000 less than the year before.
Introduction Companies that earn a profit can do one of three things: pay that profit out to shareholders, reinvest it in the business through expansion, debt reduction or share repurchases, or both. When a portion of the profit is paid out to shareholders, the payment is known as a dividend.( In English Wikipedia is written that dividends are payments made by a corporation to its shareholder members. It is the portion of corporate profits paid out to stockholders. ( Then you want to make a financial decision, you have to look at dividend policy and what rise it will make to ceiling‘s stock‘s value, and, how it will suit shareholders needs. A company's dividend policy is the company's usual practice when deciding how big a dividend payment to make. Dividend policy may be explicitly stated, or investors may infer it from the dividend payments a company has made in the past. If a company states a dividend policy it usually takes the form of a target pay-out ratio. If a company has not stated a dividend policy then investors will infer it. ( Work purpose: In this work we will try to look over what is dividend, dividends types and dividend policy. Work tasks: • Understand what is dividend and find out dividends types; • Find out what are dividend paying methods; • Find out what is dividend policy and find out its types; • Establish basic dividend policy theoretical propositions, their differences; • Look over what dividend policy types are used in practical. . 2. Types of dividends "Money For Nothing" is not only the title of a song by Dire Straits in the '80s, but also the feeling many investors get when they receive a dividend. All you have to do is buy shares in the right company and you'll receive some of its earnings. ( ). Dividends can be payed in cash or stock. 2.1. Cash In the majority of cases dividends are issued on a cash basis. For example, if a shareholder holds 1,000 shares and the per share dividend is $1, the investor will receive a check for $1,000 ( In Investopedia is written that a cash dividend is a payment made by a company out of its earnings to investors in the form of cash (check or electronic transfer). This transfers economic value from the company to the shareholders instead of the company using the money for operations. Cash dividends is that receivers of cash dividends must pay tax on the value of the distribution, lowering its final value. Cash dividends are beneficial, however, in that they provide shareholders with regular income on their investment along with exposure to capital appreciation. ( English Wikipedia gives such a definicion of cash dividends : are those paid out in the form of a check. Such dividends are a form of investment income and are usually taxable to the recipient in the year they are paid. This is the most common method of sharing corporate profits with the shareholders of the company. For each share owned, a declared amount of money is distributed. Thus, if a person owns 100 shares and the cash dividend is $0.50 per share, the person will be issued a check for 50 dollars. (
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Los Angeles is far and away the most populous city in California and is located in the southern half of the state. It’s a great and very diverse city, from Hollywood to East L.A. you can find every possible lifestyle represeneted in this micro cosmos.
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TV in my life
I have about 20 TV channels, they are: TV3, LNK, BTV, LRT, ORT, RTR and others. I also have few KOSMOS TV’s channels, for example: Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, VIVA, and BBC. I like some of them and hate others. So here are a few words about the channels that I like. So, my favorite channel is VIVA. VIVA is a music channel. 24 hours a day of music, can you believe it? I like to listen to music very much, and sometimes I even make music myself, that is why I enjoy watching VIVA. I also like NTV.
To start with I think you agree with me that a big part of our most joyful and impressive moments are from holidays. Then our mood is in high spirit, we have lots of time to do everything we want. In addition, it is the way to relax and escape from your daily problems. A long days of holidays encourage us to start on a journey. Maybe you always have wanted to see acropolis in Greece or to dive into Mediterranean in Egypt? Holiday is the best time to do this. However, so many men so many minds. Different people prefer different ways to spend their holidays. Somebody prefers flights to journeys by bus, because you can see clouds, ocean or earth below you without any hindrance, furthermore it is a good way quickly to reach the place. Besides the plane other choose a traditional type of traveling by car. When the wind scatters your hair and you could feel like hero from “The Road” by Jack Keruack . As far as I can see young people give preference to hitch-hiking. Firstly, it takes them unusual experience, because such type of traveling is always full of unexpected situations. And secondly, it`s the cheapest way to travel. However, in my opinion it`s quite dangerous, especially for girls. This is the reason why I have never try such traveling. In spite of this I like traveling. It gives an opportunity to communicate with different types of people, to know yourself better and to know your friends inside out, because travel is a good way to unfold the true face of person. And the main reason why people every year over and over visit other countries is that travel gives an opportunity to know more about unique that country`s traditions and cultural identity. Furthermore it helps to expand our horizon. In conclusion, I would like to say that it is up to every person’s taste which type of travelling to choose.
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• Good things come in small packages. Here's a trick for staying satisfied without consuming large portions: Chop high-calorie foods like cheese and chocolate into smaller pieces. It will seem like you're getting more than you actually are. • Don't give up dips. If you love creamy dips and sauces, don't cut them out of your diet completely. Just use low-fat sour cream and mayo instead of the full-fat stuff. • Get water-wise. Make a habit of reaching for a glass of water instead of a high-calorie snack. It will help your overall health as well as your waistline. Add some zest with a twist of lemon or lime. • Herb it up. Stock up your spice rack, and start growing a small herb garden in your kitchen window. Spices and herbs add fantastic flavor to foods without adding fat or calories. • Slim down your soup. Make a big batch of soup and refrigerate it before you eat it. As it cools, the fat will rise to the top. Skim it off the surface for reduced fat content. • Doggie-bag that dinner. At restaurants, ask the server to put half your entrée in a doggie bag before bringing it to your table. Putting the food away before you start your meal will help you practice portion control. • Listen to your cravings. If you're craving something sweet, eat something sweet - just opt for a healthier nosh, like fruit, instead of a high-calorie one. The same goes for crunchy cravings - for example, try air-popped popcorn with soy sauce instead of high-fat tortilla chips. It's just smart substitution! • Ease your way into produce. If you're new to eating lots of fruits and veggies, start slowly. Just add them to the foods you already enjoy. Pile veggies on top of your sandwiches, or add fruit to your cereal. • Look for high-fat hints. Want an easy way to identify high-calorie entrees? Keep an eye out for these words: au gratin, parmigiana, tempura, alfredo, creamy and carbonara, and enjoy them in moderation. • Don't multitask while you eat. If you're working, reading or watching TV while you eat, you won't be paying attention to what's going into your mouth - and you won't be enjoying every bite. Every time you sit down for a meal, sit down. Chew slowly and pay attention to flavors and textures. You'll enjoy your food more and eat less. • Taste something new. Broaden your food repertoire - you may find you like more healthy foods than you knew. Try a new fruit or vegetable (ever had jicama, plantain, bok choy, starfruit or papaya?). • Leave something on your plate at every meal. One bite of bagel, half your sandwich, the bun from your burger. See if you feel satisfied eating just a bit less. • Get to know your portion sizes. It's easy to underestimate how much you're eating. Don't just estimate things - make sure. Ask how much is in a serving, read the fine print on labels, measure your food. And learn portion equivalents: One serving of pasta, for instance, should be around the size of a tennis ball. • Make a healthy substitution. Learn to swap healthier foods for their less-healthful counterparts. Find a substitution that works for you: Use skim milk instead of whole milk; make up a batch of brownie mix with applesauce instead of oil; try a whole-grain bread instead of white. • Bring lunch to work. Packing lunch will help you control your portion sizes. It also provides a good alternative to restaurants and fast-food joints, where making healthy choices every day can be challenging (not to mention expensive). • Have some dessert. You don't have to deny yourself all the time. Have a treat that brings you pleasure, but this time enjoy it guilt-free - be sure you're practicing portion control, and compensate for your indulgence by exercising a little more or by skipping your afternoon snack. • Ask for what you need. Tell your mother-in-law you don't want seconds. Ask your sweetie to stop bringing you chocolates. Speak up for the salad bar when your coworkers are picking a restaurant for lunch. Whatever you need to do to succeed at weight loss, ask for it. Make yourself a priority and assert yourself.
The Son of the Wolf
'I never saw a dog with a highfalutin' name that ever was worth a rap,' he said, as he concluded his task and shoved her aside. 'They just fade away and die under the responsibility. Did ye ever see one go wrong with a sensible name like Cassiar, Siwash, or Husky? No, sir! Take a look at Shookum here, he's Snap! The lean brute flashed up, the white teeth just missing Mason's throat. 'Ye will, will ye?' A shrewd clout behind the ear with the butt of the dog whip stretched the animal in the snow, quivering softly, a yellow slaver dripping from its fangs. 'As I was saying, just look at Shookum here- he's got the spirit. Bet ye he eats Carmen before the week's out.' 'I'll bank another proposition against that,' replied Malemute Kid, reversing the frozen bread placed before the fire to thaw. 'We'll eat Shookum before the trip is over. What d'ye say, Ruth?' The Indian woman settled the coffee with a piece of ice, glanced from Malemute Kid to her husband, then at the dogs, but vouchsafed no reply. It was such a palpable truism that none was necessary. Two hundred miles of unbroken trail in prospect, with a scant six days' grub for themselves and none for the dogs, could admit no other alternative. The two men and the woman grouped about the fire and began their meager meal. The dogs lay in their harnesses for it was a midday halt, and watched each mouthful enviously. 'No more lunches after today,' said Malemute Kid. 'And we've got to keep a close eye on the dogs- they're getting vicious. They'd just as soon pull a fellow down as not, if they get a chance.' 'And I was president of an Epworth once, and taught in the Sunday school.' Having irrelevantly delivered himself of this, Mason fell into a dreamy contemplation of his steaming moccasins, but was aroused by Ruth filling his cup. 'Thank God, we've got slathers of tea! I've seen it growing, down in Tennessee. What wouldn't I give for a hot corn pone just now! Never mind, Ruth; you won't starve much longer, nor wear moccasins either.' The woman threw off her gloom at this, and in her eyes welled up a great love for her white lord- the first white man she had ever seen- the first man whom she had known to treat a woman as something better than a mere animal or beast of burden. 'Yes, Ruth,' continued her husband, having recourse to the macaronic jargon in which it was alone possible for them to understand each other; 'wait till we clean up and pull for the Outside. We'll take the White Man's canoe and go to the Salt Water. Yes, bad water, rough water- great mountains dance up and down all the time. And so big, so far, so far away- you travel ten sleep, twenty sleep, forty sleep'- he graphically enumerated the days on his fingers- 'all the time water, bad water. Then you come to great village, plenty people, just the same mosquitoes next summer. Wigwams oh, so high- ten, twenty pines. Hi-yu skookum!'
The Romans
The Romans were the people from a city called Rome in what is now Italy. Rome was the greatest city of its time. At one time it had nearly one million people living there. About 1,800 years ago Rome was the centre of a big empire. For a long time the Romans believed in many different gods and goddesses.For example like Saturn, Minerva, Mars, Venus, Ceres and so on. They thought they were all part of a family and people told stories or myths about them. Each gods or goddess looked after different people or things. The Romans traded goods throughout their Empire. By importing goods from other countries they raised their standard of living and were able to have many luxuries. They used their network of roads and also waterways to transport goods from one country to another. The Romans imported silver from Great Britain, silk from China, cotton from Egypt and so on. Without trades and businesses, the Romans were lovers of entertainment. People went to one of the big theatres in Rome to watch plays. They went to the Hippodrome to see the chariot racing, too. The Colosseum in Rome could seat up to 50,000 people and was the largest amphitheatre in the Empire. It was here that people gathered to see the fights between gladiators, slaves, prisoners and wild animals like lions. Roman clothes were made of wool, spun into cloth by the women of the family. Later on the richer people had slaves to do this work for them. If you could afford to buy clothes, you could buy linen, cotton or silk, which was brought to Rome from other parts of the Empire. Washing clothes was difficult because the Romans did not have washing machines or soap powder. The Romans did not eat huge meals. Their main food was pottage. Pottage is a kind of thick stew made from wheat, millet or corn. Sometimes they would add cooked meat, offal or a sauce made out of wine. Food for the common people consisted of wheat or barley, olive oil.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (3,87 kB)
There are a lot of differences between families with one child and bigger families with two, three and more children. Nowadays more families have only one child. It is because of many reasons. First of all - the career. Women are able to have a good job and they do not want to let someone take up their working places. Even after that, they cannot find a job. Another disadvantage is big expenses. Many families cannot maintain their sons and daughters. Family relations are one of actual themes in today’s world. The only child gets all the attention from his/her parents; parents do not have to divide their senses. Because of that, children, who grow in a family like this, are spoilt. In fact, when a person has to share something with others, with sisters and brothers, they are much less kind and friendly. Brothers and sisters usually are the best friends. They trust and understand each other. The only child can talk about everything just with his/her friends or parents. For some kind of children, it is difficult to tell parents their problems and friends are not reliable at times. That is why it is better to have someone who thinks like you. Maybe it is difficult to maintain a big family, but sometimes it can be better for it all.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (2,88 kB)
The drug problem
Children start on “soft” drugs such as hashish or marijuana, moving on to speed and ecstasy, and finally to “hard” drugs such as heroin. Some people say that there is no drug problem in my hometown, as it is too small for this. But if you look around more carefully, you will see that this problem is everywhere. I think that drugs have spread all over the world. Almost every teenager has used some kind of drugs, but there are many youngsters who take dozes of drugs every day or even more often. As a rule, if there are buyers, there are sellers as well. All you need is money. There were some programs to fight drug abuse in my town. To be more specific, there were some competitions and lectures against drugs. All students took part in these lectures. The drug problem in Lithuania in general is much bigger than in my native town. In biggest cities as Vilnius, Kaunas or Klaipeda this problem is huge. There are many homeless young people who live with drugs. How we could help them? The first thing we have to do is to learn to listen. One ray of hope is the dedicated work performed by social workers, who should spend their time offering children and young people a new perspective. Social workers could visit the places where young people are likely to be hanging out every day to try to make contact and gain their confidence. People all over the world close their eyes to the fate of these youngsters only too often, or discriminate against them because they have no jobs, use drugs. And if we are honest, which one of us has ever seriously questioned the stories behind these young people’s existence? To sum it up, I think its better not even to try drugs, because you can become a drug addict. Drugs really change people. They lose interest in everything, they have no friends, they only care about the next doze. Do you want to live like that?
The Crooked Man
I looked at the clock. It was a quarter to twelve. This could not be a visitor at so late an hour. A patient evidently, and possibly an all-night sitting. With a wry face I went out into the hall and opened the door. To my astonishment it was Sherlock Holmes who stood upon my step. "Ah, Watson," said he, "I hoped that I might not be too late to catch you." "My dear fellow, pray come in." "You look surprised, and no wonder! Relieved, too, I fancy! Hum! You still smoke the Arcadia mixture of your bachelor days, then! There's no mistaking that fluffy ash upon your coat. It's easy to tell that you have been accustomed to wear a uniform, Watson. You'll never pass as a pure-bred civilian as long as you keep that habit of carrying your handkerchief in your sleeve. Could you put me up to-night?" "With pleasure." "You told me that you had bachelor quarters for one, and I see that you have no gentleman visitor at present. Your hat-stand proclaims as much." "I shall be delighted if you will stay." "Thank you. I'll fill the vacant peg then. Sorry to see that you've had the British workman in the house. He's a token of evil. Not the drains, I hope?" "No, the gas." "Ah! He has left two nail-marks from his boot upon your linoleum just where the light strikes it. No, thank you, I had some supper at Waterloo, but I'll smoke a pipe with you with pleasure." I handed him my pouch, and he seated himself opposite to me and smoked for some time in silence. I was well aware that nothing but business of importance would have brought him to me at such an hour, so I waited patiently until he should come round to it. "I see that you are professionally rather busy just now," said he, glancing very keenly across at me. "Yes, I've had a busy day," I answered. "It may seem very foolish in your eyes" I added, "but really I don't know how you deduced it."
"What do you say, dear?" said my wife, looking across at me. "Will you go?" "I really don't know what to say. I have a fairly long list at present." "Oh, Anstruther would do your work for you. You have been looking a little pale lately. I think that the change would do you good, and you are always so interested in Mr. Sherlock Holmes's cases." "I should be ungrateful if I were not, seeing what I gained through one of them," I answered. "But if I am to go, I must pack at once, for I have only half an hour." My experience of camp life in Afghanistan had at least had the effect of making me a prompt and ready traveller. My wants were few and simple, so that in less than the time stated I was in a cab with my valise, rattling away to Paddington Station. Sherlock Holmes was pacing up and down the platform, his tall, gaunt figure made even gaunter and taller by his long gray travelling-cloak and close fitting cloth cap. "It is really very good of you to come, Watson," said he. "It makes a considerable difference to me, having someone with me on whom I can thoroughly rely. Local aid is always either worthless or else biassed. If you will keep the two corner seats I shall get the tickets." We had the carriage to ourselves save for an immense litter of papers which Holmes had brought with him. Among these he rummaged and read, with intervals of note-taking and of meditation, until we were past Reading. Then he suddenly rolled them all into a gigantic ball and tossed them up onto the rack. "Have you heard anything of the case?" he asked. "Not a word. I have not seen a paper for some days." "The London press has not had very full accounts. I have just been looking through all the recent papers in order to master the particulars. It seems, from what I gather, to be one of those simple cases which are so extremely difficult." "That sounds a little paradoxical." "But it is profoundly true. Singularity is almost invariably a clue. The more featureless and commonplace a crime is, the more difficult it is to bring it home. In this case, however, they have established a very serious case against the son of the murdered man." "It is a murder, then?" "Well, it is conjectured to be so. I shall take nothing for granted until I have the opportunity of looking personally into it. I will explain the state of things to you, as far as I have been able to understand it, in a very few words. "Boscombe Valley is a country district not very far from Ross, in Herefordshire. The largest landed proprietor in that part is a Mr. John Turner, who made his money in Australia and returned some years ago to the old country. One of the farms which he held, that of Hatherley, was let to Mr. Charles McCarthy, who was also an ex-Australian. The men had known each other in the colonies, so that it was not unnatural that when they came to settle down they should do so as near each other as possible. Turner was apparently the richer man, so McCarthy became his tenant but still remained, it seems, upon terms of perfect equality, as they were frequently together. McCarthy had one son, a lad of eighteen, and Turner had an only daughter of the same age, but neither of them had wives living. They appear to have avoided the society of the neighbouring English families and to have led retired lives, though both the McCarthys were fond of sport and were frequently seen at the race-meetings of the neighbourhood. McCarthy kept two servants-a man and a girl. Turner had a considerable household, some half-dozen at the least. That is as much as I have been able to gather about the families. Now for the facts. "On June 3rd, that is, on Monday last McCarthy left his house at Hatherley about three in the afternoon and walked down to the Boscombe Pool, which is a small lake formed by the spreading out of the stream which runs down the Boscombe Valley. He had been out with his serving-man in the morning at Ross, and he had told the man that he must hurry, as he had an appointment of importance to keep at three. From that appointment he never came back alive. "From Hatherley Farmhouse to the Boscombe Pool is a quarter of a mile, and two people saw him as he passed over this ground. One was an old woman, whose name is not mentioned, and the other was William Crowder, a game-keeper in the employ of Mr. Turner. Both these witnesses depose that Mr. McCarthy was walking alone. The game-keeper adds that within a few minutes of his seeing Mr. McCarthy pass he had seen his son, Mr. James McCarthy, going the same way with a gun under his arm. To the best of his belief, the father was actually in sight at the time, and the son was following him. He thought no more of the matter until he heard in the evening of the tragedy that had occurred. "The two McCarthys were seen after the time when William Crowder, the game-keeper, lost sight of them. The Boscombe Pool is thickly wooded round, with just a fringe of grass and of reeds round the edge. A girl of fourteen, Patience Moran, who is the daughter of the lodge-keeper of the Boscombe Valley estate, was in one of the woods picking flowers. She states that while she was there she saw, at the border of the wood and close by the lake, Mr. McCarthy and his son, and that they appeared to be having a violent quarrel. She heard Mr. McCarthy the elder using very strong language to his son, and she saw the latter raise up his hand as if to strike his father. She was so frightened by their violence that she ran away and told her mother when she reached home that she had left the two McCarthys quarrelling near Boscombe Pool, and that she was afraid that they were going to fight. She had hardly said the words when young Mr. McCarthy came running up to the lodge to say that he had found his father dead in the wood, and to ask for the help of the lodge-keeper. He was much excited, without either his gun or his hat, and his right hand and sleeve were observed to be stained with fresh blood. On following him they found the dead body stretched out upon the grass beside the pool. The head had been beaten in by repeated blows of some heavy and blunt weapon. The injuries were such as might very well have been inflicted by the butt-end of his son's gun, which was found lying on the grass within a few paces of the body. Under these circumstances the young man was instantly arrested, and a verdict of 'wilful murder' having been returned at the inquest on Tuesday, he was on Wednesday brought before the magistrates at Ross, who have referred the case to the next Assizes. Those are the main facts of the case as they came out before the coroner and the police-court." "I could hardly imagine a more damning case," I remarked. "If ever circumstantial evidence pointed to a criminal it does so here."
"So, Watson," said he, suddenly, "you do not propose to invest in South African securities?" I gave a start of astonishment. Accustomed as I was to Holmes's curious faculties, this sudden intrusion into my most intimate thoughts was utterly inexplicable. "How on earth do you know that?" I asked. He wheeled round upon his stool, with a steaming test-tube in his hand, and a gleam of amusement in his deep-set eyes. "Now, Watson, confess yourself utterly taken aback," said he. "I am." "I ought to make you sign a paper to that effect." "Why?" "Because in five minutes you will say that it is all so absurdly simple." "I am sure that I shall say nothing of the kind." "You see, my dear Watson"- he propped his test-tube in the rack, and began to lecture with the air of a professor addressing his class- "it is not really difficult to construct a series of inferences, each dependent upon its predecessor and each simple in itself. If, after doing so, one simply knocks out all the central inferences and presents one's audience with the starting-point and the conclusion, one may produce a startling, though possibly a meretricious, effect. Now, it was not really difficult, by an inspection of the groove between your left forefinger and thumb, to feel sure that you did not propose to invest your small capital in the gold fields."
I am bound to say, occasionally to embellish, you have given prominence not so much to the many causes celebres and sensational trials in which I have figured but rather to those incidents which may have been trivial in themselves, but which have given room for those faculties of deduction and of logical synthesis which I have made my special province." "And yet," said I, smiling, "I cannot quite hold myself absolved from the charge of sensationalism which has been urged against my records." "You have erred, perhaps," he observed, taking up a glowing cinder with the tongs and lighting with it the long cherry-wood pipe which was wont to replace his clay when he was in a disputatious rather than a meditative mood -" you have erred perhaps in attempting to put colour and life into each of your statements instead of confining yourself to the task of placing upon record that severe reasoning from cause to effect which is really the only notable feature about the thing." "It seems to me that I have done you full justice in the matter," I remarked with some coldness, for I was repelled by the egotism which I had more than once observed to be a strong factor in my friend’s singular character. "No, it is not selfishness or conceit," said he, answering, as was his wont, my thoughts rather than my words. "If I claim full justice for my art, it is because it is an impersonal thing - a thing beyond myself. Crime is common. Logic is rare. Therefore it is upon the logic rather than upon the crime that you should dwell. You have degraded what should have been a course of lectures into a series of tales." It was a cold morning of the early spring, and we sat after breakfast on either side of a cheery fire in the old room at Baker Street. A thick fog rolled down between the lines of dun-coloured houses, and the opposing windows loomed like dark, shapeless blurs through the heavy yellow wreaths. Our gas was lit and shone on the white cloth and glimmer of china and metal, for the table had not been cleared yet. Sherlock Holmes had been silent all the morning, dipping continuously into the advertisement columns of a succession of papers until at last, having apparently given up his search, he had emerged in no very sweet temper to lecture me upon my literary shortcomings. "At the same time," he remarked after a pause, during which he had sat puffing at his long pipe and gazing down into the fire, "you can hardly be open to a charge of sensationalism, for out of these cases which you have been so kind as to interest yourself in, a fair proportion do not treat of crime, in its legal sense, at all. The small matter in which I endeavoured to help the King of Bohemia, the singular experience of Miss Mary Sutherland, the problem connected with the man with the twisted lip, and the incident of the noble bachelor, were all matters which are outside the pale of the law. But in avoiding the sensational, I fear that you may have bordered on the trivial."
. It is, however, unfortunately impossible entirely to separate the sensational from the criminal, and a chronicler is left in the dilemma that he must either sacrifice details which are essential to his statement and so give a false impression of the problem, or he must use matter which chance, and not choice, has provided him with. With this short preface I shall turn to my notes of what proved to be a strange, though a peculiarly terrible, chain of events. It was a blazing hot day in August. Baker Street was like an oven, and the glare of the sunlight upon the yellow brickwork of the house across the road was painful to the eye. It was hard to believe that these were the same walls which loomed so gloomily through the fogs of winter. Our blinds were half-drawn, and Holmes lay curled upon the sofa, reading and re-reading a letter which he had received by the morning post. For myself, my term of service in India had trained me to stand heat better than cold, and a thermometer at ninety was no hardship. But the morning paper was uninteresting. Parliament had risen. Everybody was out of town, and I yearned for the glades of the New Forest or the shingle of Southsea. A depleted bank account had caused me to postpone my holiday, and as to my companion, neither the country nor the sea presented the slightest attraction to him. He loved to lie in the very centre of five millions of people, with his filaments stretching out and running through them, responsive to every little rumour or suspicion of unsolved crime. Appreciation of nature found no place among his many gifts, and his only change was when he turned his mind from the evil-doer of the town to track down his brother of the country. Finding that Holmes was too absorbed for conversation I had tossed aside the barren paper, and leaning back in my chair I fell into a brown study. Suddenly my companion's voice broke in upon my thoughts: "You are right, Watson," said he. "It does seem a most preposterous way of settling a dispute." "Most preposterous!" I exclaimed, and then suddenly realizing how he had echoed the inmost thought of my soul, I sat up in my chair and stared at him in blank amazement. "What is this, Holmes?" I cried. "This is beyond anything which I could have imagined." He laughed heartily at my perplexity. "You remember," said he, "that some little time ago when I read you the passage in one of Poe's sketches in which a close reasoner follows the unspoken thoughts of his companion, you were inclined to treat the matter as a mere tour-de-force of the author. On my remarking that I was constantly in the habit of doing the same thing you expressed incredulity."
The second and third had been patiently occupied upon a subject which he had recently made his hobby- the music of the Middle Ages. But when, for the fourth time, after pushing back our chairs from breakfast we saw the greasy, heavy brown swirl still drifting past us and condensing in oily drops upon the window-panes, my comrade's impatient and active nature could endure this drab existence no longer. He paced restlessly about our sitting-room in a fever of suppressed energy, biting his nails, tapping the furniture, and chafing against inaction. "Nothing of interest in the paper, Watson?" he said. I was aware that by anything of interest, Holmes meant anything of criminal interest. There was the news of a revolution, of a possible war, and of an impending change of government; but these did not come within the horizon of my companion. I could see nothing recorded in the shape of crime which was not commonplace and futile. Holmes groaned and resumed his restless meanderings. "The London criminal is certainly a dull fellow," said he in the querulous voice of the sportsman whose game has failed him. "Look out of this window, Watson. See how the figures loom up, are dimly seen, and then blend once more into the cloud-bank. The thief or the murderer could roam London on such a day as the tiger does the jungle, unseen until he pounces, and then evident only to his victim." "There have," said I, "been numerous petty thefts." Holmes snorted his contempt. "This great and sombre stage is set for something more worthy than that," said he. "It is fortunate for this community that I am not a criminal." "It is, indeed!" said I heartily. "Suppose that I were Brooks or Woodhouse, or any of the fifty men who have good reason for taking my life, how long could I survive against my own pursuit? A summons, a bogus appointment, and all would be over. It is well they don't have days of fog in the Latin countries- the countries of assassination. By Jove! here comes something at last to break our dead monotony." It was the maid with a telegram. Holmes tore it open and burst out laughing. "Well, well! What next?" said he. "Brother Mycroft is coming round." "Why not?" I asked. "Why not? It is as if you met a tram-car coming down a country lane. Mycroft has his rails and he runs on them. His Pall Mall lodgings, the Diogenes Club, Whitehall- that is his cycle. Once, and only once, he has been here. What upheaval can possibly have derailed him?" "Does he not explain?" Holmes handed me his brother's telegram. - Must see you over Cadogan West. Coming at once. MYCROFT. - "Cadogan West? I have heard the name." "It recalls nothing to my mind. But that Mycroft should break out in this erratic fashion! A planet might as well leave its orbit. By the way, do you know what Mycroft is?"
Beside the couch was a wooden chair, and on the angle of the back hung a very seedy and disreputable hard-felt bat, much the worse for wear and cracked in several places. A lens and a forceps lying upon the seat of the chair suggested that the hat had been suspended in this manner for the purpose of examination. "You are engaged," said I; "perhaps I interrupt you." "Not at all. I am glad to have a friend with whom I can discuss my results. The matter is a perfectly trivial one"- he jerked his thumb in the direction of the old hat- "but there are points in connection with it which are not entirely devoid of interest and even of instruction." I seated myself in his armchair and warmed my hands before his crackling fire, for a sharp frost had set in, and the windows were thick with the ice crystals. "I suppose," I remarked, "that, homely as it looks, this thing has some deadly story linked on to it-that it is the clue which will guide you in the solution of some mystery and the punishment of some crime." "No, no. No crime," said Sherlock Holmes, laughing. "Only one of those whimsical little incidents which will happen when you have four million human beings all jostling each other within the space of a few square miles. Amid the action and reaction of so dense a swarm of humanity, every possible combination of events may be expected to take place, and many a little problem will be presented which may be striking and bizarre without being criminal. We have already had experience of such." "So much so," I remarked, "that of the last six cases which I have added to my notes, three have been entirely free of any legal crime." "Precisely. You allude to my attempt to recover the Irene Adler papers, to the singular case of Miss Mary Sutherland, and to the adventure of the man with the twisted lip. Well, I have no doubt that this small matter will fall into the same innocent category. You know Peterson, the commissionaire?"
So unworldly was he- or so capricious- that he frequently refused his help to the powerful and wealthy where the problem made no appeal to his sympathies, while he would devote weeks of most intense application to the affairs of some humble client whose case presented those strange and dramatic qualities which appealed to his imagination and challenged his ingenuity. In this memorable year '95, a curious and incongruous succession of cases had engaged his attention, ranging from his famous investigation of the sudden death of Cardinal Tosca- an inquiry which was carried out by him at the express desire of His Holiness the Pope- down to his arrest of Wilson, the notorious canary-trainer, which removed a plague-spot from the East End of London. Close on the heels of these two famous cases came the tragedy of Woodman's Lee, and the very obscure circumstances which surrounded the death of Captain Peter Carey. No record of the doings of Mr. Sherlock Holmes would be complete which did not include some account of this very unusual affair. During the first week of July, my friend had been absent so often and so long from our lodgings that I knew he had something on hand. The fact that several rough-looking men called during that time and inquired for Captain Basil made me understand that Holmes was working somewhere under one of the numerous disguises and names with which he concealed his own formidable identity. He had at least five small refuges in different parts of London, in which he was able to change his personality. He said nothing of his business to me, and it was not my habit to force a confidence. The first positive sign which he gave me of the direction which his investigation was taking was an extraordinary one. He had gone out before breakfast, and I had sat down to mine when he strode into the room, his hat upon his head and a huge barbed-headed spear tucked like an umbrella under his arm. "Good gracious, Holmes!" I cried. "You don't mean to say that you have been walking about London with that thing?" "I drove to the butcher's and back." "The butcher's?" "And I return with an excellent appetite. There can be no question, my dear Watson, of the value of exercise before breakfast. But I am prepared to bet that you will not guess the form that my exercise has taken." "I will not attempt it." He chuckled as he poured out the coffee. "If you could have looked into Allardyce's back shop, you would have seen a dead pig swung from a hook in the ceiling, and a gentleman in his shirt sleeves furiously stabbing at it with this weapon. I was that energetic person, and I have satisfied myself that by no exertion of my strength can I transfix the pig with a single blow. Perhaps you would care to try?" "Not for worlds. But why were you doing this?" "Because it seemed to me to have an indirect bearing upon the mystery of Woodman's Lee. Ah, Hopkins, I got your wire last night, and I have been expecting you. Come and join us." Our visitor was an exceedingly alert man, thirty years of age, dressed in a quiet tweed suit, but retaining the erect bearing of one who was accustomed to official uniform. I recognized him at once as Stanley Hopkins, a young police inspector, for whose future Holmes had high hopes, while he in turn professed the admiration and respect of a pupil for the scientific methods of the famous amateur. Hopkins's brow was clouded, and he sat down with an air of deep dejection.
Teenagers criminals
Last year teenagers committed about 535 crimes. During one-year period delinquency raised 16.6%. Biggest part of crimes was committed by teenagers aged from 13 to 19. Thefts from cars are 42.3% and burgalyries-31.5% off all committed crimes. Every 6th crime is burglary. Films of violence, detailed crime stories in the press have a big influence for crimes increasing. In 1998 investigated 47 teenagers’ burglaries in Siauliai, this year, after 4 months - 28. 22 of them were investigated. Comparing with last year Siauliai has 46.7% increases. Dogging adult’s steps teenagers begin extort wealth, cheat, make drugs, use guns, process money, resell burglaries things. Statistic shows that drunk or intoxicated teenagers made many crimes. From 615 criminals 249 are pupil from secondary school. 53% guilty juveniles don’t study or work. We can group teenager criminals into two groups. One group of them become criminals, because those teenagers are weakling persons, their friends make great influence on them on their way of thinking or by these friends help they do a crime for fun. Other group of teenager’s criminals does crimes for their bad social status. How a teenager can become a criminal? Teenager can become a criminal when: • This teenager’s friends make great influence on him on his way of thinking. • This teenager is a weakling person and he can’t resist the temptation to alcohol, drugs, so he does a crime, because at that moment he did not understand what he was doing, because he was drunk. • This teenager does not have what to do in his spare time, so he does a crime just for having fun. • This teenager’s social status is bad, so he does a crime for having money. What kind of teenager criminals are in Lithuania? A teenager criminal can be: • vandal (a person who likes to draw on the cars, walls, houses, who likes to brake something); • filches (some kind of stealer); • pilferer (some kind of stealer); • pugnacious person (a person who likes to fight against somebody); • burglar (a person who steals from the houses); • rapist (a person who likes to rape women); • racketeer (a person who orders another person to give all his money); As we all know the bigger part of teenager criminals are of male sex. And we also know that a teenager criminal is not so dangerous like a professional criminal, who has got lots of experience in that sphere. And that a teenager criminal’s way of life could be easily changed to another way of life, normal way of life, just you have to show that there is another way of living. Police account Why do youngsters become criminals? It’s the question, which bothers a lot of people. Here are some reasons why that happen: Youngsters don’t have interesting facilities and hobbies These are the main things why youngsters become criminals. Now we want to tell some ideas how to solve this problem. Should be some educational centers where young people could find a professional psychologist that would help a lot. Schools should try to help solve that problem and organize some lectures for students about crimes, drugs, how drugs can make people do very bad things. We were explaining how to solve that problem, but we forgot to tell what kinds of crimes are most popular. There are a lot of hooligans, but it isn’t the biggest problem in our country. They have a lot of problems with muggers, because they are getting money like that for drugs and then they start feeling bad and start robbing (old ladies), stealing or even burgling. That makes a lot of problems for police officers. And the other kind of crimes is shoplifting (that is the most popular kind of crimes) Very many shops loose a lot of money, because of that. And the main thing with shoplifters is that they get used to it and become addict. We think you want to ask why police isn’t doing anything about that. But they do. They try to organize some summer caps for youngsters try to take them to psychologist or to talk with them; some times they organize shows for pupil. So I think you can’t say that police is doing nothing.
The City Kissed by the Sun Šiauliai is the City kissed by the Sun. The city stretches in the North of the Lithuania. Our Šiauliai is very interesting and attractive. In Šiauliai is 7 unique and magic Sun Monuments. During all 770 years the city was set 7 times devastated by wars, stormed and Black Death. One of the most important landmarks is renaissance architectural miracle is St. Apostles Peter and Paul‘s Cathedral with the oldest Lithuania‘s Sun Clock on the wall. A few steps further your eyes meets one more celestial sign in the Sundial Square. The Sculptures of the Golden Boy – An Archer – sparkles in the rays of the sun on the top of the Sun Clock. Another a clock is Cock, which signs every midday or early evening, and welcomes you in 16 different languages. In Šiauliai you can visit also 3 art works: a sculpture in Salduve Park, a fresco in the Municipality and Lithuania‘s biggest Stained glass in the Cinema Centre „Saule“. And that is not all. Šiauliai is a proud of the pedestrian with its impressive little architecture and fountains of the „Three Birds“and „Pelicans“. If you are in Saurian, you must see Boulevard. It is third in Europe and the oldest in Lithuania. Giuliani Tourism Information Centre offers attractive excursions with real generals, army meals and entertainment in the airbase in Sonia, where is an old military heritage. Giuliani is the city of unique museums. There are more 20 of them it is only one in Lithuania that has got Cats, Bicycle, Radio and Television Museums. The most spectacular and remarkable museum is Chain Frenkel‘s Villa famous for its architecture not found in the other Baltic countries. Šiauliai differs from others for having two lakes on its territory. Talkša Lake is in the centre of the city. Some distance away there is Rekyva, one of the ten biggest lakes of Lithuania and full water attraction. Also there is a new multifunctional complex of Dainai Park. Everyone willing to get acquainted with our land is welcome. It is worth arriving to the city of the Sun as it offers great experience, which will undoubtedly be beyond your expectations.
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When you get a phone call and other party says ‘’hello’’, often you recognize the voice. Visual impressions, tastes, and smells are also coded in LM. If encoding is proper, in the case we need that information most probably we will be able to use it. 2. Storage. Some information is almost certainly lost from storage, particularly when there is a disruption of the processes that consolidate new memories. The biological locus of consolidation includes the hippocampus and amygdala, brain structures located below the cerebral cortex. Direct evidence of storage loss comes from people who receive electroconvulsive therapy to alleviate severe depresion. In such cases, the patient loses some memory for events that occurred in the months prior to shock, but not for earlier events. These memory losses are unlikely to be due to retrieval failures, because if the shock disrupted retrieval then all memories should be affected,not just the recent ones. 3. Retrieval. Many cases of forgetting from LM result from a loss of access to the information rather than from a loss of the information itself. That is, poor memory often reflects a retrieval failure rather than a storage failure. Trying to retrieve an item from LM is like trying to find a book in a large library. Failure to find the book doesn’t necessarily mean it is not there; you may be looking in the wrong place, or it may simply be misfiled and therefore inaccessible. There are a lot of evidence for retrieval failures. For example, you cannot recall a specific name or date during the exam, and you remember it just after the exam. Another example is ‘’tip-of-the-tongue’’experience in which a particular word lies tantalizingly outside our ability to recall it. We may feel quite tormented until a search of memory finally retrieves the correct word. The better the retrieval cues, the better our memory. Retrieval failures are less likely to happen when the items are organized during encoding and when the context at retrieval is similar to that at encoding. Retrieval processes can also be disrupted by emotional factors. Among the factors that can impair retrieval, the most important is interference. The essence of it: if we associate different items with the same cue, when we retrieve one of the items, the other items may become active and intefere with our recovery of the target. For example, if your friend Dan moves and you finally learn his new phone number, you will find it difficult to retrieve the old number. They interfere.
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It has been estimated that something like 17 million Americans try to "quitt smoking" each year and only about 8% succeed! Statistical analysis has shown that the success rate is much higher if the doctor was involved in counseling and helping a person to quit. I'm not sure if any studies have been done to see if a pharmacist's encouragement to quit produces similar results, but I am going to urge you to prepare yourself to "kick" the habit. Let me remind you why it is so important. Smoking can either directly cause or be a major risk factor in bringing about the following: Cancers of the lung, liver, pancreas, bladder, brain, breast, and cervix. Chronic obstructive lung disease, asthma, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. Hypertension, coronary artery disease, aortic aneurysm, and stroke. Retardation of fetal growth, congenital malformations, premature births, spontaneous abortions, and sudden infant death syndrome. Peptic ulcers, osteoporosis, and premature aging. Even breathing the air in a smoke filled room is associated with higher risks of some of these conditions! If you quit, do the risks return to the same level as nonsmokers? Yes, in many cases they do. Nicotine is only one of the toxins in cigarette smoke. Other toxic chemicals include carbon monoxide, ammonia, and nitrosamines. Smoking is considered a true addiction by the US Surgeon General. So, it is not easy to quit and although relapse is common, it should be viewed as part of the process. Most people are successful only after several attempts. The use of patches which release nicotine into the body are often very helpful. But, programs which include counseling and behavior modification have the highest rates of lasting abstinence. You can be of service to your friends and family by helping them to confront the issue of what smoking does to their health and to those around them. Encourage them to seek professional counsel on a smoking cessation program that fits their needs. Then stick with them as encouragement from friends and family can greatly enhance their chances for success. Remember, this pharmacist is ready and willing to help. Kicking the habit promotes "Good Health."... lighten up... it will be good for your “good health.”
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Sleep disorders
INSOMNIA The term insomnia is used in reference to complaints about a symptom, namely, dissatisfaction with the amount or quality of one’s sleep. Whether or not a person has insomnia is almost always a subjective decision. A difficult feature of insomnia is that people seem to overestimate their sleep loss. One study that monitored the sleep of people who identified themselves as insomniacs found that only about half of them were actually awake as much as 30 minutes during the night. The problem may be that light or restless sleep sometimes fells like wakefulness or that some people remember only time spent awake and think they have not slept because they have no memory of doing so. NARCOLEPSY AND APNEA Two relatively rare but severe sleep disorders are narcolepsy and apnea. A person with narcolepsy may fall asleep while writing a letter, driving a car, or carrying on a conversation. Individuals with this dysfunction have recurring, irresistible attacks of drowsiness (apsnūdimas). These episodes can occur several times a day in severe cases, and last from a few second to 15-30 minutes. Essentially, narcolepsy is the intrusion (įsibrovimas) of REM episodes into daytime hours. During attacks victims go quickly into a REM state, so rapidly in fact that they may lose muscle control and collapse (smarkiai nusilpti) before they can lie down, they may report experiencing hallucinations. Narcolepsy runs in families, and there is evidence that a specific gene or combination of genes confers susceptibility (teikia jautruma) to the disorder. In sleep apnea the individual stops breathing while asleep. There are two reasons for apnea attacks. One reason is that the brain fails to send a “breathe” signal to the diaphragm and other breathing muscles, thus causing breathing to stop. The other reason is that muscles art the top of the throat become too relaxed, allowing the windpipe (gerklė, trachėja) to partially close, thereby forcing the breathing muscles to pull harder on incoming air, which causes the airway to completely collapse. During an apnea, the oxygen level of the blood drops dramatically, leading to the secretion of emergency hormones. This reaction causes the sleeper to awaken in order to begin breathing again. Most people have a few apneas a night, but people with severe sleep problems may have several hundred apneas per night. With each apnea they wake up in order to resume breathing, but these arousals are so brief they are generally unaware of doing so. The result is that those who suffer from apnea can spend 12 or more hours in bed each night and still be so sleepy the next day that they cannot function and will fall asleep even in the middle of a conversation. Sleep apnea is common among older men. Not waking up is probably one of the main reasons people die in their sleep. SLEEP DEPRIVATION (miego atėmimas, netekimas) . The need for sleep seems so important that we might expect being deprived of sleep for several nights to have serious consequences. Numerous studies have shown, however, that the only consistent effects of sleep deprivation are drowsiness, a desire to sleep, and a tendency to fall asleep easily. Subjects kept awake for 50 hours or more show nothing more noticeable than transient inattentions, confusions, or misperceptions. Even sleepless periods exceeding four days produce little in the way of severely disturbed behavior. In one study in which a subject was kept awake for 11 days and nights, there were no unusually deviant responses. Intellectual activities such as answering short test questions seem unaffected by several nights of sleep deprivation. ADVICE FOR A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP. • Establish a regular schedule of going to bed and getting up • Stay away form caffeinated drinks like coffee or cola for several hours before bedtime. Drink milk. • Don’t eat heavily before going to bed • Regular exercise will help you sleep better • Relax before bedtime, avoid stressful thoughts
Shopping to most of us mainly emphasizes satisfaction of getting away from a daily routine. Some of the shoppers find themselves more relaled and cheerful after they have purchased a new garment. Like every girl I enjoy my time shopping because I like to renew my wardrobe and update my style with the newest fashions. However, shopping would get to dull if it became my daily routine. I prefer an unexpected trips to the shopping stores whenever in feeling down as it livens me up and brings more enjoyment. I favour shopping in local stores then internet shopping. It is because I like to walk around, relax, and concentrate on my shopping also meet my friends. I also prefer to shop at stores rather then online, because I find it a great fun to go on shopping trips with my girlfriends as we always have a laugh. In the shops I find a wider choice of garments to buy. When shopping online you have to take extra responsibility as you can not rely or some of the web-sites. Once you order online you may find it harder to exchange or return the product rather then buying it back to shop. In my opinion, shopping both ways most of us more find great bargains as there is a large number of clothes and prices to chose from. I think it is very polite when the shop assistant comes over to the customers asking if they feel alright it is a very good customer servise
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It is clear why people enjoy shopping there. Everything on sale is under one roof, all the goods are displayed so that you can see them easily, and the customers can walk round and choose what they want. The store is divided into departments: clothes, toys, kitchen goods, sporting goods and so on. In some department stores there are escalators to take people to the different floors. In modern stores there are televisions and radios informing customers about things in the stores. There are video cameras installed in order to stop people from stealing things. Music produces the right atmosphere. In a department store you may find a lot of little things that you may want for the house. And if you are going to buy a birthday present for somebody, you may see one or two suitable things as you walk around.
Shakespeare Hamlet
To begin with, all people use various services: postal services, telephone, telegraph, bank, police, diplomatic services, car maintenance services, petrol stations and personal services. Personal service establishments are very useful and many people visit them every day. I`m not an exception . When I am going to go to a party I go to hairdresser’s establishment. If I need my shoes to get mended, I go to the repair shop. When they are rather worn, I take them to the shoemaker’s. Occasionally I need to have my photos taken. Then I go to the photographer’s. In addition I have a camera at home so I can take photos myself. Unfortunately I can’t make photographs, so I have to go to the photographer’s and have them made. As far as I can see the telephone is widespread nowadays. The telephone is of great importance in business, in administrative relations and in the national economy. I have the telephone at home too and I like to talk over it. When necessary, the police, the fire brigade, the first aid and ambulance service can be called by anybody from any telephone. It is easy of access. You have to dial only two digits. We use the fire brigade. For example, once there was a strange smell and smoke from our neighbours door. Such being the case, we call a fire brigade. Fortunately for us it was only burnt stewpot [‹stju:pƒt]. What comes to postal service, I use it too. I like to communicate with people. I have some friends in Lithuania and Denmark, and I communicate with them. I send letters to Denmark by air mail. It costs more but it is faster. At the post office you can send telegrams too. I can send parcels with gifts to my friends when they celebrate their birthdays. A few years ago I used to go to café-internet. There you can Relax with a cup of tea or Espresso while you Surf the Net. Now I give preference to my computer at home. Finally sometimes I use medical services. If I am not ill very seriously I treat myself. However, a few years ago I broke my hand so for this reason I had to use services of medical professions. Another reason why I go to see the doctors is medical certificate for school. Once a half-year I go to the dentist. On the whole I havn`t a fear of various medical institutions like dentist and so on. I like listening comments and discussions on current affairs, interviews with various people on the radio. The programs are followed by music it`s the main reason why it interests me. I like to watch something on TV in the evenings. When my radio or TV has broken down I have to repaired it in the service shop. And when I was going to go abroad I used the diplomatic services. In that case I went to Vilnius embassy for my visa. In conclusion, all services are in your interest. Service industry provide a variety of facilities to help in every situation. Moreover it`s easy of access. And to my mind it make our life easier.
To begin with, all people use various services: postal services, telephone, telegraph, bank, police, diplomatic services, car maintenance services, petrol stations and personal services. Personal service establishments are very useful and many people visit them every day. I`m not an exception . When I am going to go to a party I go to hairdresser’s establishment. If I need my shoes to get mended, I go to the repair shop. When they are rather worn, I take them to the shoemaker’s. Occasionally I need to have my photos taken. Then I go to the photographer’s. In addition I have a camera at home so I can take photos myself. Unfortunately I can’t make photographs, so I have to go to the photographer’s and have them made. As far as I can see the telephone is widespread nowadays. The telephone is of great importance in business, in administrative relations and in the national economy. I have the telephone at home too and I like to talk over it. When necessary, the police, the fire brigade, the first aid and ambulance service can be called by anybody from any telephone. It is easy of access. You have to dial only two digits. We use the fire brigade. For example, once there was a strange smell and smoke from our neighbours door. Such being the case, we call a fire brigade. Fortunately for us it was only burnt stewpot [‹stju:pƒt]. What comes to postal service, I use it too. I like to communicate with people. I have some friends in Lithuania and Denmark, and I communicate with them. I send letters to Denmark by air mail. It costs more but it is faster. At the post office you can send telegrams too. I can send parcels with gifts to my friends when they celebrate their birthdays. A few years ago I used to go to café-internet. There you can Relax with a cup of tea or Espresso while you Surf the Net. Now I give preference to my computer at home. Finally sometimes I use medical services. If I am not ill very seriously I treat myself. However, a few years ago I broke my hand so for this reason I had to use services of medical professions. Another reason why I go to see the doctors is medical certificate for school. Once a half-year I go to the dentist. On the whole I havn`t a fear of various medical institutions like dentist and so on. I like listening comments and discussions on current affairs, interviews with various people on the radio. The programs are followed by music it`s the main reason why it interests me. I like to watch something on TV in the evenings. When my radio or TV has broken down I have to repaired it in the service shop. And when I was going to go abroad I used the diplomatic services. In that case I went to Vilnius embassy for my visa. In conclusion, all services are in your interest. Service industry provide a variety of facilities to help in every situation. Moreover it`s easy of access. And to my mind it make our life easier.
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There is lot of risky things, about which we do not know anything. And of course, we do not worry about it to much. We do not care, that loud noise has influence to color-blindness. We do not know how many harmful material we inhale with polluted air. We do not know what kind of chemical material was used to make ice-cream, which we eat, look so nice. At last, are you sure, that you know all diseases, which threaten to you? We run the risk, this way. Second group of risky things would be risk, about which we know and which we ignore. I am sure, that everybody knows about tabacco and lungs cancer. I am not sure, that everybody cares. It is maybe because these dangerous things, like smoking, crossing street not in pedestrian crossing, eating lot of junk food are quite invisible. If we could see how Tobacco damages our lungs in real-time through microscope - we won’t smoke. If we could see man, who dies in car accident near by us - we won’t cross street not in pedestrian crossing anymore. What can you say about junk food and heart diseases? Sure, they are related. But until you can not see this relationship with the naked eye - you’ll keep eating junk fund and run a risk to die. Third, and of course, most interesting group of dangerous things and actions - things, which we are worried about. We notice them. We are afraid of them. We thing, that we will decrease the level of risk by avoiding them. We discuss about them: what is less risky - plane, car or ship? We thing, that right decision will help us to save our lifes or make them longer. I am sure, that right decision about decreasing level of risk would be very simple. Less thinking about it. Do not make silly things, just less worry about safety, which is related with cars, ships, planes, youth wars in the streets, guns, chemical stuff in air, neutral power stations, falling asteroids, etc. Enjoy life. That’s best decision.
There is lot of risky things, about which we do not know anything. And of course, we do not worry about it to much. We do not care, that loud noise has influence to color-blindness. We do not know how many harmful material we inhale with polluted air. We do not know what kind of chemical material was used to make ice-cream, which we eat, look so nice. At last, are you sure, that you know all diseases, which threaten to you? We run the risk, this way. Second group of risky things would be risk, about which we know and which we ignore. I am sure, that everybody knows about tabacco and lungs cancer. I am not sure, that everybody cares. It is maybe because these dangerous things, like smoking, crossing street not in pedestrian crossing, eating lot of junk food are quite invisible. If we could see how Tobacco damages our lungs in real-time through microscope - we won’t smoke. If we could see man, who dies in car accident near by us - we won’t cross street not in pedestrian crossing anymore. What can you say about junk food and heart diseases? Sure, they are related. But until you can not see this relationship with the naked eye - you’ll keep eating junk fund and run a risk to die. Third, and of course, most interesting group of dangerous things and actions - things, which we are worried about. We notice them. We are afraid of them. We thing, that we will decrease the level of risk by avoiding them. We discuss about them: what is less risky - plane, car or ship? We thing, that right decision will help us to save our lifes or make them longer. I am sure, that right decision about decreasing level of risk would be very simple. Less thinking about it. Do not make silly things, just less worry about safety, which is related with cars, ships, planes, youth wars in the streets, guns, chemical stuff in air, neutral power stations, falling asteroids, etc. Enjoy life. That’s best decision.
Our telephone company made a survey about mobile phones in Lithuania. There are a lot of different mobile telephone‘s models. Actually it is very difficult to find a family without mobile phones. Here are some opinions: URTE. There are 3 mobile phones called 'Nokia' in her family. Why 'Nokia' ? in her opinion 'Nokia' is the highest quality mobile phone in Lithuania. She used her mobile phone to get in touch with her friends and parents. During the week she spent 7 hours on her mobile phone. LISA. There are 4 mobile phones in Lisa‘s family. Mobile phone is her best friend. During the week she spends 30 hours. She calls her friends, parents, who live in England. TOM. Tomas got a mobile phone as a birthday present, but he uses it not very often. He adores to talk to somebody lively. LUKAS. Lukas used his mobile phone at work. He is a manager. He also calls his friends. He spends 40 hours during a week on his mobile phone. Conclusion: Mobile phones are getting more and more popular in Lithuania. There are a lot of styles, colours mobile phones. Mobile phones have a lot of advantages: • It‘s very comfortable to use them; • You can get information, you need, very quickly; • You can get in touch with people all over the world; • Mobile phones are very fashionable; • New technologies...
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Relationships Since long time ago people have known about relationships. At different stages of live we all feel love, anger, jealousy and so on… But we know that in adolescence relationships is one of the most important thing. Being a teenagers has never been easy. Because you usually fall in love for the first time at this age. When you love a boy or a girl, you don’t seem to notice the world around you, so often you forget your lessons or everyday chores. You don’t hear what your parents, friends or teachers say, so they become angry with you. Then you mostly say ‘You don’t understand me…’ When you split up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you had thought that this relationship would last forever and now it’s over. In this situation teenagers shed tears and regret their action. Also, relationships become difficult between teenagers and parents. Young people always want to go out and come home late at night. Parents don’t trust and often there is a quarrel. Sometimes teenagers choose friends who aren’t very good. And later young people fall victims by this ‘friends’. Then they want to talk with their parents and it helps relationship to get better. So, I think, adolescence is a very difficult time. Teenagers don’t understand their actions and feelings. One moment they can be very friendly, later they can be angry…
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Rape a women
This is just one out of millions stories of rape. Several books can be written describing the stories of rape and many more volumes about the feelings of the raped women. Every day newspapers are full of reports of rape. People are scared. We know the definition of rape, but very few know what a victim feels. The act of not being able to choose what you want to do with your very own body is a violation in itself. No one understands that feeling until it happens. It is like knowing that you are going to get into a car accident, seeing the other vehicle approaching, not being able to stop it, but it lasting much, much longer. We are taught that we can choose how to live, but in case of raping we can not do anyhing at all, just wait until the end: end of the act or end of life… “I know that I will never, ever be the same person again. In fact, after it happened, I asked both my daughter and my sister if I looked different. Because I have changed so much, it must be on my face”, -says a raped 49-year woman. There are many explanations of a crime, its reasons and the effects on the victim. The view towards the causes of a rape changed over centuries. But almost all theories, no matter how old are they and their authors have one common trait: they blame the criminal and emphasize that he has some psychical disorders. Actually, there is a question: who is a victim: a raped woman or a rapist. They both are victims. The impact of rape on the victims emtional health appears to be huge. Several studies have found that during the first six months after rape, women show high levels of depression, anxiety, dismay and many other indicators of emotional distress. Some women manage to cope with it, fight and repair their lives. But the rapist cannot. He is not normal. A normal man cannot do such horrible things with so sad circumstances just for such a short pleasure. S. Brownmiller, a feminist, claims that the main motive of rape is a man’s asspiration to control and predominate over woman. Psychologists support this idea and claim that a rapist had problems in communicating in early childhood and he can not have close relationship with people. He is very lonely and repulsed and that is why he wants revenge. This theory also explains why he chooses women: physically women are weaker than men and there is much more chance to suceed. Statistical data show that the majority of the rapists feel that they are of little value. That is why they want to show their strenght and choose not very self-confident, weak and young women ( the most common age is 16-25 years). I ask a victim of a rape: “Was he normal?”. She is shocked by such a stupid question: “Normal? That bastard is sick. He was not a human. He was worse than an animal”. The biological theory explains that rapists are born with the savage instincts of wild animals. A bent for aggression and other crimes is inherited and lots of evidence is found. Christiansen’s research shows that if one of the monozygotic twins is a criminal, it is predictible that the other one will be a criminal as well. One more scientifically prooved explanation is related with internal inhibitions and controls. Only very few rapists are irresponsible for their actions. But the majority of criminals do not have such internal inhibitions and values as normal people do. Psychologists assert that internal controls are not develoveloped because of deficient or deviant values of a person. It is obvious that a man with strong and right values does not even think of such a humiliation of an innocent woman and of ruining her life. Only the one who thinks that it is quite normal to take by force from a woman what in normal conditions she can give to a man, can rape and after that feel almost normally or just feel nothing. And this leads to the only conclusion- he is not like the majority, he is not normal. Psychoanalytic theory, which also says that rapists are not normal people, was developed by Zigmund Freud. He says that the Superego (or the conscience) of rapists is not strong enough to contervale the wild inborn instincts of the Id. S.Freud claims that the sexual instinct is the most powerful in people’s decisions, but the Superego manages to control it. But when the Superego is weak, man can listen to his wild instinct to satisfy the sexual wish to have sex with any woman right here and right now. This disorder is very dangerous both to that individual and for society. Freud treats such men as not normal, but curable. But rape is not just a sexual intercause, but a physical injury as well. About seventy percent of rape is combined with severe injuries. Thanks God that just a little part is followed by death. There are such sadistic rapists who keep their victims for several days, no matter wheather she has children, hwo are waiting for their mother to return home. One married woman was taken from her own home and beaten and raped for seven days. Were they normal? It is up to You to decide. A normal man is ashamed to beat a woman at all. And here four “normal” men beat and rape a married woman for several days and do not care that her baby is waiting for his sweetest mummy. What do those men get for such actions? Ten orgasms and an opportunity to train their muscles? Was it worth the trouble? They think so, because they are deviants. Some men are such devils that they rape their own children and wives- the most precious people in their lives. The worst word in the world would be too kind for them. And for rape they are inprisoned only for eight to fifteen years. But the question is why they aren’t sentenced by capital punishment. They come out of prison and rape again. Another kind of rape is so-called “date rapes”. Such rapists are deviant in few aspects: they do not understand the meaning of a very simple word “No” ; and they feel satisfaction in having sex with a woman who may be screaming, crying, trying to escape… The main difference from the simple rapists is that they rarely beat their victim. But this is not a big comfort to the victim. A rapist can be anyone: a father, a grandfather, an uncle, a neighbour, a son… It would be good if physical appearance of the rapists would differ from the appearance of normal men. But it does not. Only psychics differ greatly: the men who can rape women have very serious problems in communicating with people, feel that they are of little value, do not have internal inhibitions and controls. The rapists are not like other men- they are not normal.
Everyone needs at least one profession in his life. So when you begin spending sleepless nights, thinking about a job and money, when you think of the plans for the future it's no doubt about it you're ready to choose most suitable career for you. So in the world there are a lot of different professions: you can work with people as a doctor, lawyer, receptionist, teacher; on the enterprise, bank, school or state institution. And what kind of a profession you choose is mainly depend on yourself. And I think it's very difficult task for everybody. And now there is such situation in the life that it is very difficult to find some worthy job especially suitable for you. So if you want some-how to get a job, you can make plans for the future when you study still at school or university. It's a good idea to take different factors into account: job satisfaction - your future job must satisfy you; money - it's important that your future profession must be well-paid or you must have a high salary to support the family, good conditions; training; traveling, the place of work -in the office, from home, in the open area or abroad. For example I'm still not sure about my workplace and conditions because I know the fact that my future career will be my central part of my future life. Everybody wants to breathe fresh air, and even I want to locate myself in a clean place. I don't want to work in a city because there are so many problems like heavy traffic and population. If I have a chance to choose a place where I prefer, I would choose a quiet and peaceful place near the Baltic sea. I think the "working condition" should fit and care about my lifestyle. I have seen several people who get stresses from their jobs. If I always have bad moods and get so much stresses from my work, I would rather be unemployed than be a worker. I would like to make enough money to provide myself and my family. Sometimes, I have felt I'm greediness because I want to have so many things such as a big house, a nice car, and many others. So nowadays more and more students are trying to find a part-time job. There are a lot of reasons for it, but the common one – lack of money. It maybe a bad economical situation of a whole family or teenagers just need money for their entertainments. Starting a part-time job, not every young person thinks about pros or cons of this decision. On the positive side, extra incomes improve economical situation of the family. If students earn money for their needs, they also help parents – don`t ask them for additional pocket money. What is more, young people become more independent among their friends. On the other hand, part-time job can become harmful for studies at school on in another educational institution. Students can skip courses, motivating that their job and money they earn are much more significant, then studies. To sum up, it`s obvious that working and studying at the same time is a very complicated task. In my opinion, not everybody can manage to do all things perfectly depend only on person`s qualities. So nowadays more and more people are very busy with work and other activity. Never before in the history of the world have businessmen traveled so much as they do today. It is not surprising because we are living in a world of growing international trade and expanding economic and technical cooperation. Fascinating though it is for tourist travelling, however, has become the most tiring of all the occupations for many businessmen and experts. Nowadays people who go on business mostly travel by air as it is the fastest means of travelling.
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After a bath, you have to choose a proper dress. Then, the most important thing is make-up. Moreover, you can not forget that your make-up must be not too heavy and colorful as it may scare your boyfriend. When your make-up is done, you need to choose jewelry. Of course, it should match your dress and make-up, as well. If you do everything carefully step-by-step and choose the right clothes and jewelry, you are supposed to have the most wonderful date in your life!
Popular music
. I’m not saying all pop fans are closed minded to the point where they listen to the music genre that is currently trendy in hopes of it helping them position themselves socially. I’m also not denying the fact, people like that are out there. In most cases, I think people listen to pop because for some reason they’re not involved in another music scene, so it’s all they know exists. Record labels systematically chose who they want to sign, and then promote them to the public. Therefore, they have an enormous influence on what music America and many other countries listen to. This is bad news because corporate promoters don’t just go out looking for talent to sign to their label regardless of what kind of music it is attached to. Companies use statistics to determine what they think will sell, and sign whoever fits the right criteria. They don’t bother looking for artists who aren’t playing what’s hot; they want bands playing the sound they know sells. Labels also want bands with catchy songs, and I don’t know about you but I think catchy giggles are for advertisements. Real musicians have to be careful where they put their signature, because any one who takes them self seriously wouldn’t stand for a company who censers their art. Also you may have noticed TV is now just as much a source of music as radio, so you better be an attractive conformist if you want to be promoted as an artist in the business of pop music. MTV, without doubt, plays a major role in how generic popular music has become. Obviously the birth of music videos gave big business a chance to sell music to the other four senses. The real opportunity for MTV to cash in on the music industry wasn’t just picking up their crumbs. Just luring in those people whose ears are uninterested in music with flashy colors and shiny things is no longer their motive. Quickly MTV figured out eye candy doesn’t sell nearly as well as the fantasy life the right image can supply. There is nothing wrong with having an image, everyone portrays an image whether they like it or not. In this case the problem is, MTV uses image to sell a product where image should be considered irrelevant. The effect of doing this is closing the viewers’ minds; it causes people to listen to music only on the expressional level.
Back to the point, I must say that it is very difficult to show only four as there are many places in interest in Lithuania. From what I know, there are many national parksin Lithuania. As a matter of fact, I could take my guest to few of them. Firstly, I would show to my guest The Trakai National Park. This park was designed in 1992 to embrace the historical city of Trakai, the forests, lakes and villages. The most significant historic monument is the Island Castle, on lake Galvė, which was built in the 14th century. The gothic castle is an impressive example of Lithuanian fortress architecture. From the tower of the castle you can see the shores of the lake, surrounding it like a green wreath. The castle now houses a valuable ethnological museum. In summer, chamber music concerts are held every Sunday in the representation hall. I am definitely sure, that foreigners would be impressed by this charms of nature. Secondly, I would be able to show one more national park. Žemaitija National Park was founded in 1991. The main aims of the park are to preserve the lake Plateliai system and the nature, to make better conditions for endangered species of flora and fauna, to develop tourism. It's also important to keep in mind that in the park my dear guest can have a good rest and spend holidays or weekend in the fresh air, in picturesque places, play sports and games, visit museums of traditional woodearved sculptures. As far as Vilnius is concerned, it is the capital of Lithuania. Vilnius is the largest city in the Republic and a cultural center. It goes with the teritory that in case you are going to show Lithuania to foreigner, you must show him the capital of Lithuania. Sitting at the top of Gediminas hill are the ruins of the Upper Fortress. The 14th-16th century gothic castle is both an architectural and historical monument. The bottom floors now house a small museum where you can learn about the history of Vilnius and see displays of archaeological findings. A narrow spiral staircase leads you to the top of the tower and a breathtaking view of Vilnius. Be sure to take in the view from all directions - opposite of the city, illuminating like a vision, is Hill of Three Crosses. Your eye will naturally be drawn to the classical elegance of Vilnius Cathedral, which sits in the middle of Cathedral Square. And the last place, which I would love to show to my guest is Neringa. The fact is well known that Neringa is home to the longest street in the country. You have a chance to choose to stay in traditional family house or in luxurious hotels. It's no matter who is your guest, there he can take relaxing and fun-filled holiday. To sum it up, I was given a chance to tell only about four beautiful places in Lithuania, but I can't go along with that it is all what our guest can see in Lithuania.
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Present Simple Use 1.To express an action that happens again and again, that is a habit. I usually get up at 7 o’clock. Nick always helps his friends. 2.To express a fact which is always true. Rockets fly faster than airplanes. Expressions: always every day usually sometimes never Present Continuous Use: express an activity that is happening at the moment of speaking What are you doing now? express an activity or situation that is true now but it is not necessarity happening at the moment of speaking. Don’t take the book I am reading it. 3. to express a temporary activity I’am living with my friends until I find a place to live 4. to express a planned future arangement I am having a meeting with my classmates tomorrow We don’t use Present Continuous with words: like believe know think want remember hope neeed remember Past Simple Use 1. to express a finished action in the past I bought this book in Vilnius. 2. to express actions which follow each other in the story Shakespeare was born in England. He wrote hamlet in 1599. He died in1637. 3. to express a past situation or habit Jack played chess very well when he was a small boy. Past Simple time expressions Last night Two days ago I did Yesterday morning in 1985 When I was young Past Continuous Use 1. to express an activity in progress in the past. When I woke up it was snowing describe a situation or activity during the period in the past Jan looked lovely. She waswearing green dress. 3. to express an interrupted past activity I was sweeping the dust when the vaz broke. 4. to express an ninconplete activity in the past in order to contrast with the past simple which expresses a conpleted activity. I was reading a book during the flight 5. the past simle is usually used to express a repeated past habit or situation. I went out with Jack But past continuous can used if a reapeated past habit becomes a longer ‘setting’ for something I was going out with Jack when I first met Harry
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Own business
Millions of people work for a living. Some of them run their own business, others work in somebody’s else company or in a governmental enterprise. There are a lot of different opinions about what is better to run own business or to work for somebody else. I strongly believe that it’s better to work for somebody else, of course there are a lot of disadvantages by working like this, but also there are a lot of advantages. First and I think the most important reason, why working for somebody else is better, is that you don’t have so much responsibility for what you are doing. For example if you run your own business one bad resolution can disrupt your business. But if you are working for somebody else you don’t have so much responsible duties. Second reason is that you can change your work whenever you want. If you are sicken of that job which you have, if you are unsatisfied with existing standing, you can change it if you have a chance. In my opinion the best thing in running own business is that you can choose staff, working-hours and incomes. Of course a lot of thing relies on what job you have chosen. So, finally I can say that working for somebody else is much better for steady working position. If you are the best you can be sure that this position won’t disappear.
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How carefully are you with money? Do you like saving? If yes, for what purpose? Is it good to have a part — time job in order to get some money? Does everything depend on money? What is money? Is it just a paper note or something more? Is it the root of evil or is it good? Can we live without it? Does everything depend on it? There are questions which everybody would ask differently. Money is just a paper note but world doesn’t go round without it. Pessimist would say that money is the evil which makes arguments between friends, makes wars, kills people and destroys everybody’s souls. That’s true but that’s also just the one side of the truth. Maybe money is the evil but it is also good because everything depends on it. If I were a millionaire I would live without problems and I wouldn’t need to think how to pay my dues, I wouldn’t have to put by money in order to have enough food. This means that money allows living well — off. But it is needless to say that humanity disappears when there is too much money, and egoism takes place of humanity. So what can we do if we want to have plenty of money and don’t be lost to sense of humanity? We need to do work honestly and to save our money. To star with I’m very carefully with my money. It’s very good always to have it, because when I have enough money I don’t go out of my mind even if there happens something to me. There isn’t necessary to borrow from somebody, too. That’s because I always think about my future and I never know what will happen to me, too. Basically I put by money for purpose to feel safe. And maybe you feel like you don’t know how I manage to save money being a teenager. Well, I get a pocket money from my mother everyday. I don’t spend all of them so I put by twenty pounds per month. That’s not a big amount but that’s enough for me. I think that there would be better to get more, but that’s not a necessity. Apart from this I bay clothes from the second — hand shops and accessories from sale. It helps me to save a lot of money. On the one hand if I didn’t save it I would borrow some from somebody. But that’s not a good idea because I feel really bad being in debt. I don’t like to borrow and also I don’t like to lend, too. However, it would be great to have a part — time job in order to get some money. In my opinion every man should try to find a right way how to earn some extra money. They should stop putting the blame on life for injustice. Saying the truth I dream of perfect graduation that I would be able to get a good job in order to earn a lot of money. And I don’t want that there would be heavy fall of rain of money. I just want to share my future life by myself. I believe in a dream that’s why I keep trying and do my best to realize it. To sum up I want to say that money is a lubricous thing. You must be very carefully with it because you never know what can happen in the future. And although money is the root of evil but we couldn’t live without it. And also it smells good.
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My native town
Although much of Skuodas was destroyed during the Second World War, fragments of the old town are still standing on both sides of the Bartuva River. Now Skuodas has over 27628 inhabitants and is an agricultural – regional center. Talking about what makes my native town different compared to others, I must say that Skuodas is one of the towns, which are situated nearest to the frontier with Latvia. You must walk only 2 kilometers and you are in Latvia. As far as Skuodas is concerned it is the center of region. As I know, there isn’t many places of interest in Skuodas, but around Skuodas there are a lot places of interest as they are the following: Stone museum in Mosėdis, many mounds, for example Apuolės, Puotkalių and so on, the biggest stone in Lithuania, which is situated in Barstyčiai. But I am sure, that Skuodas is attractive for many tourists. It goes with the territory, that all people in Skuodas are really stubborn and persistent, as they are born to be Lowlanders. I think that’s a presumption, that all Lowlanders are lazy and not very active. Many would agree that Lowlanders are truly active and lively. As I said earlier, Skuodas is my native town, but despite of that I don’t want to live there later on. There are many reasons why I don’t want to live in Skuodas. Firstly, I am not sure that in this town I could get a job, which I want to, and I won’t be able to do a great career here. Secondly, I like quite huge cities in which are many interesting things, hard traffic, a lot of noise and many funny people. Thirdly, I want to make my future children happy. For example, if people was born and lived all his life in a great city, everybody looks at him differently from people who lived in small town or village. All these facts combine the situation, that I don’t want to live in Skuodas in the future. Its hard to talk about the opportunities which Skuodas offers for young people. There are no universities or higher educational establishments in Skuodas. There is only one gymnasium, Bartuva school, arts school and vocational education school. On the other hand, students can attend many activities after school. As a matter of fact, that there are not a lot opportunities for young people, not even I but a lot other young people want to leave Skuodas in the near future. All in all, I can say that Skuodas is lovely and beautiful little town in which I was born. I am thinking of leaving this town in the near future, but I can’t stand without Skuodas for all my life. If I live in other bigger city, I will come back to Skuodas to visit my family, relatives and friends.
My mum
I am going to talk about the person who is very important for me. Is it my mum. Her name is Rita. She is thirty-four years old. Now, she is not just my mum. She is also my friend and I like her looks as well as her features of character. My mum does not look different from others women, but for me she is very attractive. Firstly she is tall and slim. My mother has a round face with blue sparkling eyes and sweet smile with white teeth, her lips a thin and red, she has a turned up and small nose and dark eyebrows. She has short, wavy brown hair. Her skin is tanned. Besides, she is usually dressed in sports style. But sometimes when she goes to important places, she is dressed in formal clothes. Talking about my mum’s character, she is good-humored and you can not get bored with her company, for example, when I am sad she always makes me laugh by telling a joke to me. She is very outspoken and you can talk to her about everything and she always gives you advice. Also she is very sensitive. When she is hurt she sometimes begins to cry. However, like every person she has got some drawbacks. For example, she can be angry at times and nervous, especially when she has got a bad day. Impatient is another negative feature of her character. When she asks me to do something I have to do it at once without hesitation. As far as my mom’s free time is concerned, she loves listening to music, meeting her friends, collecting old coins and going in for sports. As you can see she spends her leisure in a very interesting way. In conclude, my mum is a person I always admire despite her negative features of her character. Besides, I am so happy to have someone to rely on.
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I remember how a girl from 12th form gave me a pencil and my first exercise book, how she took me to the inside-yard of the school to listen a boring speech of the director. Then I remember how I found my seat in the very last desk in the middle row in the class. And my first desk-friend later became one of my best friends, even now, when he is studying in Vilnius, we sometimes meet each other. Another thing that I remember from the first class, is my teacher, who is already retired now. I loved her like “a good aunt”, I guess, sure not when she wrote me a bad mark. Other impressive thing that happened for me at school is when we finished 4th form and entered a completely new way of life - we were allowed to walk everywhere in the school, every lesson was in another place and we had a lot of teachers. I really disliked that system, but I couldn’t change it at all. Then, after couple of years I left my native school and moved to Belgium. There I also went to school, called “Humaniora” - it would be “gymnazium” in Lithuanian. And the biggest impression there was that students there were looking more serious in what they did. Sure, in a free-time you can see a lot of guys and girls smoking, sometimes drinking, they are dressed unordinary, bet at school every of them becomes good, diligent and friendly. They know what they want from the school, and they get it. And then……… I came to the school called “Rygiškių Jonas secondary school”. Maybe it was a mistake, maybe not - but, anywhere, I’m here and that’s all. I can’t say that this school is good, bad or better, it’s like all other schools in Lithuania. It’s made not to fit the child, here child must fit the school. But, I think, a lot depends on the student himself, his behavior, his minds, his wish. Of course, there are some teachers, like everywhere in the world, that are intractable, but they are minority. And all other teachers really wants (I think so, at least) us to have only good memories of our school days.
Mass media
Good morning, today I`m going to speak about ‘Mass media’. To start with, the mass media play an important part in our lives. Newspapers, radio and especially TV inform us of what is going on in this world and give us wonderful possibilities for education and entertainment. They also influence the way we see the world and shape our views. Of course, not all newspapers and TV programmes report the events objectively but serious journalists and TV reporters try to be fair and provide us with reliable information. It is true that the world today is full of dramatic events and most news seems to be bad news. But people aren't interested in ordinary events. That is why there are so many programmes and articles about natural disasters, plane crashes, wars, murders and robberies. Good news doesn't usually make headlines. Bad news does. To my mind say that journalists are given too much freedom. They often intrude on people's private lives. They follow celebrities and print sensational stories about them which are untrue or half-true. They take photos of them in their most intimate moments. The question is — should this be allowed? The main source of news for millions of people is television. People like TV news because they can see everything with their own eyes. And that's an important advantage. Seeing, as we know, is believing. Besides, it's much more difficult for politicians to lie in front of the cameras than on the pages of newspapers. As far as can see, many people prefer the radio. It's good to listen to in the car, or in the open air, or when you do something about the house. In addition, other scours of information are newspapers. The best known are `Lietuvos rytas` and citizens  of Kaunas read `Kauno diena`. These concern themselves, as far as possible, with factual reports of major national and international news stories, with the world of politics and business and with the arts and sport. Newspapers don't react to events as quickly as TV, but they usually provide us with extra detail, comment and background information. The Internet has recently become another important source of information. It is believed that in the year of 2010 there will be at least 500 million people on the system enjoying virtual reality. It means that more and more people use Internet for searching the news instead of reading newspapers or watching news on Tv. Its main advantage is that news appears on the screen as soon as things happen in real life and you don't have to wait for news time on TV. Thanks to Internet now news are easy of access. To sum up, mass media reach very large numbers of people. For this reason it plays a significant role in our lives. More than even before, mass media offers us a window to the world and it depends only on you which scours of information to choose.
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The main part of London is city. It's the places where London started. Now it's business centre. Few people can afford living in this part of the town - it's very expensive, so most people come there to do their job and leave this region in the evening. Westminster -- it's the central part of the town. Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, National Galleries are situated there. There are many government offices. In one tower of House of Parliament is Big Ben -- the main clock of Great Britain. Just across the street is Westminster Abbey -- main Church of England. New monarch is crowned there, wedding ceremonies of the Royal family take place there. It is also famous for its poets' corner - many famous people are buried there. Not far you can see Trafalgar square with Admiral Nelson's statue. Under his leadership English fleet defeated united Spanish and French forces. Another interesting place is Buckingham Palace. If the Queen is in, you can watch changing guards. West end is the residential part. It's the richest part of London. Not far from there Hyde Park is situated with famous speakers’ corner. East part is the poorest part of London. It is industrial region, so air is polluted; a lot of slums are there. The tower of London is famous for tower and Tower Bridge. Tower is museum now, but it used to be a fortress, state prison, the mint, and treasury. The tower of the bridge in middle ages was used like place of execution. There is one more place of interest - British Museum.
Golden Rose str. 15, P.O. Box 2312, London Dear Carla, Thanks a lot for your letter and sorry for not writing before – I was soooooo busy! You know, school, music, friends and so on.:) So, you decided to come to my country – it’s so great! I can’t wait for you to come! You said that you have no ideas what places to visit and where to go. Well, I have some. First, I recommend you to stay in capital – Vilnius – or in Kaunas. It is the second largest city in Lithuania and it’s where I live. :P Next – if you want to make an acquaintance with our culture you’d better stay in Vilnius. There you can visit lot great places. For example – Gediminas Castle, or a Television Tower with a valiant (and expensive, of course) cafe “The Milky Way”, from where you can see a view of town. Also the Royal Palace of Lithuania and amazing St. Ona church which is inflexible fascinating. And because of that Napoleon wanted to take it on him palm to France! If you’ll decide to stay in Kaunas, you should visit Liberty Avenue which is a symbol of town. But because of that, that in it is now very much shoe shops it’s sometimes called “Shoes Avenue”. We also have Kaunas Castle, a lot of museums, Nemunas and Neris confluence, which is very beautiful place, and ctr. So, I promise – you won’t be bored. Can’t wait for you to come, Love, Emily
Letter to a friend
Dear Vic, Hi- how are you? Thank you for your letter. Actually, that’s what I’m writing to tell about “Teacher’s Day” in may school. We have “Teacher’s Day” on October 5 th on this day the twelfth form student’s teach schoolchildren. I and may fiends were biology teacher’s. We played with schoolchildren, it was very funny. “ Teacher’s Day” is a celebration for teacher’s, when schoolchildren greet them. Most often schoolchildren present flowers. This day in important in my life, because I can teach schoolchildren. I hope you would like this day in my school. I hope you are OK and will write to me soon. Love, Vaida
Letter of complain
I am writing to you to complain about the tent which I bought through your mail order catalogue last week. I am very disappointed with what I received, as it is nothing like the one I saw in your advertisement. Firstly you led me to believe that it fits to 6 people, but truly it fits barely for 4. I strongly wanted the one for 6 people. In your advertisement you stated that there will be torch and batteries with every tent, but I didn’t fond these things. I was really disappointed about that. Moreover you have written that there is durable canvas, but in fact the tent was slightly torn and the zip got stuck. I didn’t expect that the product was so in low keep. Definitely misleading was available colors. O wanted red one, but unfortunately got pink. In addition I want that you can demand an immediate replacement or I need a full refund.
Letter of Apology
Letter of Apology – sample Dear Mr Smith, In response to (atsakydamas) your letter regarding the unsatisfactory service that you received when renting a car on the 20th July, I would like to begin by giving you my sincere apologies for the inconvenience that you experienced. Firstly, the problem of being given the wrong car. Needless to say a smaller one occurred because the original car that had been booked for your had not been returned by the time you arrived. Unfortunately, the person who had rented the car prior to you, had not adhered (tvirti laikytis) to the rental period originally agreed and as a result was two day’s late in returning it. We were unable to contact him and therefore had to provide you with another vehicle. All of our four door models were at that time rented out, and rather than not providing you with any car at all, we were forced to provide a smaller two-doors model instead. As regards, the problem encountered with (susidurti) the engine and the wind-screen wipers, these were unfortunate mishaps (nelaimingas nutikimas) that could not have been before rental. Each time a car is returned to us, it automatically undergoes (patirti) a rigorous (tikslus, kruopstus) inspection before being given an inspection pass sheet. Our records show that this particular car had passed each inspection stage successfully which leads myself and the mechanics concerned to believe that the problems occurred after the car had been rented to you. This is truly a regrettable occurrence. Please, allow me to offer you 100 $ by way of compensation and to contribute towards (aukoti, duoti) the cost of your train ticket. In addition to this, I would like also to offer you our newest model, a luxurious four-door, rover for a six-day rental period at a time most convenient for you. I hope this offer will make up for the distressing journey you encountered, and will restore your confidence in our company as a customer-friendly organization. May I apologise again for this inconvenience. Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing from you to arrange a suitable date for renting our courtesy (pgarbumas) car. Yours sincerely, Mr j. Robins
We would be grateful if you could send us your latest catalogues together with the prices. If any discounts are applied, please list the terms of getting them. We would also like to know whether you will/can ship them to Lithuania. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
As the gateway to breathtakingly beautiful and dunes and quaint fishing village, Klaipeda is used as a launch pad rather than as a final destination. It is easy to reach Nida, Juodkrante on the lovely Curanion spit Palanga, a summer-time pleasure town to the north. While the surrounding areas are inarguably more interesting, Klaipėda shouldn’t be completely avoided. Its Old Town is charming and there are a few interesting museums to see. Take time to see the sights there before you rush headlong to the Baltic Sea Beaches: In summer pack up your sunscreen and join the crowds on the beach. From Klaipeda try the fallowing or head north to the beach resort of Palanga or take the ferry across the lagoon to Neringa instead. If you want to sleep at the beach, check out. Keep an eye out for signs designating who gets to use which beach: women-only, men-only and general beach. Nude sunbathing is allowed on the single-sex beaches. Memel:The old, German name for the city harks to the 13 th century, when knights of the Teutonic Order first came to the area, and may be a corruption “Nemunas”, the river that empties into the Curonian Lagoon. Although populated by both Germans and ethnic Lithuanians (even some Latvians) the area became a part of Lithuania only 1923. The name “Memel” is still in use in many German-language publications, which may also include the German street names, to aid the many German tourists who come to the area each year in search of their family roots. To avoid confusion we use the Lithuanian name Klaipėda and note “Memel” where historically appropriate. Archaeological evidence reveals that this area was once densely populated by the Balts, ancestors to Lithuanians. From the 9th century, their lands were perpetually raided by the Vikings. From the 13th century, the site suffered new invasions by German feudal lords and the Teutonic Order. In a move to consolidate its governance over the territory, in 1252 the Order erected a castle on the delta of the river Dane, named it Memelburg and used it to control the strait between the mainland and the Curonian Spit. After this, Lithuania's main waterway trade route via the Nemunas river to the Curonian Lagoon, Baltic Sea and so to Gotland and Scandinavia was sealed shut. Klaipeda denied their true identity for ages. This situation only changed with the Treaty of Versailles after World War I, which took the territory from Germany and temporarily placed it under French control. In 1923, the Lithuanian government seized control of the Klaipëda region from the French, the region was soon recognized a part of Lithuania by the international community. Klaipeda today - an Ancient Town and a Modern City .Klaipëda has a population of more than 206,000 and is vital to Lithuania's economy as the country's main seaport. Klaipeda has developed into a modern city, with the characteristic quays and warehouses of a port, and with clusters of old German fachwerk buildings. The city centre has an eclectic mixture of buildings in various styles, including the old City Hall, the neo-gothic Post Office, the former Louise Gymnasium, the theatre and some private houses. The old town itself is laid out in a rectangular network of streets dating from the 13th to 15th centuries, where it is still possible to see remains of the old castle and citadel, sections of the castle towers, ramparts, bastions, ditches and other medieval defenses. At Kopgalis, a restored fortress houses a Marine Museum, Aquarium, and dolphinarium. Port:Klaipeda is an attractive transit port, connecting the main transportation corridors between the East and the West. It is the most northern ice-free Baltic seaport. Harbour waters do not freeze even at -25°C. The depth of the harbour waters at the northern part of the port quays is 17 meters. Klaipeda has a number of advantages over other ports in the region for transit: it has excellent road links with the only motorway standart road in the Baltic States linking a port complex to the countries of the former Soviet Union Young, pushing, liberal, open, tolerant, bright, ambitious, and perhaps a bit crazy - these are the words that are most often used to describe the city of Klaipeda. Namely these epithets is a key for those who strive to unriddle the secret of Klaipeda's unique, for those who try to realize how, in comparatively short period of time, Klaipeda, being grey and undistinguished industrial city, could become one of the leaders of the country, and now it is reasonably titled the capital of Western Lithuania. So, is Klaipeda still a province? Vilnius, standing high above is likely to say YES. However, hard working, ambitious and optimistic residents of Klaipeda have other o pinion. Moreover, they are sure, that after Lithuania will have become a full member of the European Union, Klaipeda will not be rejected for sure There is hardly anyone who would decide to challenge the fact that Klaipeda, having celebrated its 750th anniversary on August 1, 2002, in the recent decade surpassed the second largest Lithuanian city Kaunas in many fields and has already become a serious competitor for the capital Vilnius. Today, Klaipeda and its region receive not only foreign and local capitals, but also the brains of the country Klaipeda - city of success The majority of Klaipeda residents, who celebrated the 750th anniversary of the city on August 1, 2002, claim that they are happy and they are not going to move to any other city.
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Interesting jobs
In case I have a possibility to choose computer programmer's, lawyer's or teacher's profession, I am absolutely decided to choose teacher's profession when I was in nineth form. There are many reasons why I chose this profession. Firstly, I think that teacher's profession is very creative, as you can take place with your students in interesting competitions, create original things and interesting ways to help your students to learn difficult lessons. Secondly, being a teacher means that you allways are in the centre of young people, and it makes you feel young and energetic. Thirdly, this kind of profession makes you to feel interested in the whole world and events, which are happening around us.And one more, but not the least thing why I chose teacher's profession is that teacher is one of the most important people in human's life. Teacher helps us to learn many important things, to get better prepared for the future and to decide about some important things as future's career. In terms of skills and character, I must say that every profession needs different skills and character. If you are going to be a computer programmer, you have to be intelligent, in order to understand computer's technology, hard-working, as it sometimes takes a long time to learn things about computers, and persitent, as computer programmer can not give up and allways must finish what he starts. Talking about skills, computer programmer must have habit of work with computer and foreign language habit. What about lawyer's profession, I must say that he must be accurate, as he should not make mistakes in his work, should be fair and give all the evidence equal consideration, as well intelligent, in order to understand all laws. As a matter of fact, lawyer must have laws understanding and foreign language habits. In case you are going to be a teacher, you need to be very patient, as students sometimes take a long time to learn things, friendly, even when you are talking with rude students, as well as creative, so that you can make students interested in yur lessons. As I know, teacher must have foreign language and some other habits. As I said earlier, when i was in nineth form, I decided to choose teacher's profession. To be more specific, I decided to become an English language teacher, as I like English very much. All in all, I must say that decision about future's profession is very important. On this decision depends our future and hapiness.
Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to ask for information about your offer tours around Vilnius. My friend come from England and want see same places like The Cathedral, The National Museum, The Town Hall, Vilnius University, Gediminas’ Tower of the Upper Castle, The Television Tower, Radvila Palace, The Gallery "Arka", The Church of St Francis and St Bernardino or other. I want get information about times of departure of tour. It’s very important for me because I’m busy at work and haven’t got a lot of free time. So if its possible please inform me about it. I want know about your prices for students. My friend is 23 years old and he is student of second course in the Cansas University . He have all necessary documents and want little bit smaller prices of this tours . So be great if you can write about it. I would be grateful if you could reply as soon possible. Yours sincerely, Holden Anderson.
I have four tickets to the theatre next Saturday. It will be the last performance of ‘King for a Night’ and I think it would be great to see it. Would you like to come along? I have invited Sue and Milo too, because I know how they like theatre. They accepted my invitation and asked me if I knew a good place to go for something to eat afterward. Maybe you can suggest something? I suppose we could go to Gino’s Pizzas, because every one of us likes Italian food. Hope to hear from you soon. Give me a ring if you can go with us.
We have already seen pyramids, but they have not done a big impression to me. In addition, we have been snorkeling and scuba diving. The Red Sea’s underwater world is fascinating. There are many things we have not done yet. We have not visited the Egyptian museum. I heard that it is very beautiful. I have tasted some Egyptian food. It was not very tasty, because they cook without milk and they do not eat pork. Cairo is remarkable city – you must visit it one day! Well that will be all for now. Hope to see you soon.
Informal letter (2)
Hello Saulius, Hi! How are you? I hope the summer job is going well. Have you decided where to go on holiday? I am writing to you from Cairo. My mother, father, sister and I came here four days ago. We are staying in a wonderful hotel near the Red Sea. The weather is sunny and boiling hot. We have already seen pyramids, but they have not done a big impression to me. In addition, we have been snorkeling and scuba diving. The Red Sea’s underwater world is fascinating. There are many things we have not done yet. We have not visited the Egyptian museum. I heard that it is very beautiful. I have tasted some Egyptian food. It was not very tasty, because they cook without milk and they do not eat pork. Cairo is remarkable city – you must visit it one day! Well that will be all for now. Hope to see you soon. All the best. Edvinas 160 word’s
Informal letter
Dear Mr Smith , I am writing to explain my failure at the math exam. I am very disappointed myself. I don’t know whats hapened then. I learn two months with special teacher, read many books, do a lot of exercises, but exam shows that is not enough. I was lost in my minds and can’t concentrate my knowleadges then write the exam. I know that is difficult situation , but we can find good decision. I promise learn more harder several weeks and I wanna get second chance. I try to relearning all math theory and exercises. Then I renew my knowledges and try to pass an examination. You can proud me. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Holden Anderson.
India One of the most striking features about India, which any foreign traveler must appreciate, is the size and diversity of this country. India is the seventh largest country in the world in terms of size, with a total landmass of 3,287,590 sq km. Located in South Asia, it has land boundary of 14,107 km with its neighbours [Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal and Bhutan] and a coastline of 7,000 km, which stretches across the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean. India is a country of both diversity and continuity. It is a creative blend of cultures, religions, races and languages. The nation's identity and social structure remain protected by a rich cultural heritage that dates back at least 5,000 years, making India one of the oldest civilisations in the world. One of the fundamental components of Indian culture, vital for your business organisation to succeed, is an understanding of the traditions and ways of communicating with others that form the basis of India's society. It is advisable to schedule your appointment at least a couple of months in advance. If you are making your appointments before coming to India, do emphasize that you will be in India for a short period of time, if this is the case. It is also useful to reconfirm your meeting a few days before the agreed upon date. Do be prepared for last minute changes in the time and place of your meeting. It is useful to leave your contact details with the secretary of the person, so that, in case there are changes, you can be informed. Formal or informal communication: • In general, people are addressed by their name [without the prefix] only by close acquaintances, family members, or by someone who is older or superior in authority. • Do use titles wherever possible, such as “Professor” or “Doctor”. If your Indian counterpart does not have a title, use “Mr”, “Mrs”, or “Miss”. • Do remain polite and honest at all times in order to prove that your objectives are sincere. • Don't be aggressive in your business negotiations – it can show disrespect. Behavior: • The head is considered the seat of the soul. Never touch someone else’s head, not even to pat the hair of a child. • Beckoning someone with the palm up and wagging one finger can be construed as in insult. Standing with your hands on your hips will be interpreted as an angry, aggressive posture. • Whistling is impolite and winking may be interpreted as either an insult or a sexual proposition. • Greet by pressing your palms together and bow slightly. Say “Namaste” (nah-mah-stay). • Among the younger urban Indians, a 'Hello' or 'Hi' with a wave of the hand is also an acceptable form of greeting when making informal contact. • Talking to a woman who is walking alone is not advisable, since it is likely to be seen as a proposition or other inappropriate gesture. • Allow women to proceed first. • Ignore beggars. • Respect age and seniority. • The comfortable distance to be maintained during an interaction is much closer in India than in most Western countries. In general, a distance of about 2 or 2 ½ feet is seen as comfortable. However, since India has very high population density, in public spaces [e.g., public transport, a queue, etc.], don't be surprised if you find people almost rubbing against you.
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Each individual person has one or more hobbies. One of them likes to sing, other to collect something, or just to read books. There are a lot of hobbies. Just like drawing, dancing, acting a part, riding a horse, playing football and etc. These things help to forget problems, to relax and have a good time. My hobby is dancing. Several people think that it’s boring and no benefit taking hobby, but I don’t agree with them.For me dancing is really beneficial hobby. First thing is that you can relax and dance for self treat.  Second thing is that you uphold your form. When you dance you forget all problems and you dedicate yourself to dancing. When you are dancing you can improvise and create new motion. It lets your mind to unwind. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to dance. You just have to relax and let your body to move. The most important thing in dancing is that, when you dance in a contest you try to show the best motion that you can do. When your basic wish is to win you do everything that you can. And when you win you fell like in heaven. I can’t describe this feeling, because you have to fell it if you want to understand. These unique emotions remain in your mind forever. I think that no one hobby can give such wonderful moments like dancing.
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Health life
Purpose live health, you must eat health food. In food has been at six basius food component. Following components is vitamin, mineral, cellular, carbohydrates, fats and protein. Vitamin give the people vital process. They help take energy and parcitipates set mechanizm. Minerals help comprise new components. Cellulars encouraging digest food and nutritions materials appropriation. Carbohydrates exclude energy. Fats is concentrated energy and protein is new cells materials. Health food is fruits, vegetables and next food with vitamin. Ill food is difficult food. Difficult food is Lithuaniain zeppelins, mushrooms and next difficult digestible food. To health life enter and sports. We must been sporting. As we beeng sporting we obligatorily goes to sports clubs and practise. When we all that does then we live all desirable life.
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Having a pet
Touching some other bases, I must say that there are many reasons of having a pet. The most important is loneliness. However I can’t deny that some people keep pets for fun. There are strong arguments both for and against keeping a pet. I would like begin with advantages of owning a pet. The first reason of having a pet is that their benefits for children are undeniable. Keeping a pet is an important part of every child’s childhood and plays a big role in both their physical and mental development. It teaches children how to play, look after them, while at the same time aiding tolerance and understanding of each other. From a social standpoint, pets play a large role in many lonely people’s lives. Nowadays more than ever lonely people are fond of keeping pets, because it helps to raise their mood, when they are in low spirits, and not to feel so extremely lonely. The final advantage of having a pet is that it makes fun for people who are crazy about attending various animals’ exhibitions and showing the best points of their pets to others. However, there are many disadvantages of keeping a pet as well. Perhaps the most obvious one is that pets cause a lot of damage. In fact, a lot of people face with this problem. To avoid that they always have to look after their pet and try not to keep them in rooms which are full of valuable things. Secondly, some people can’t keep pets because of their health. Usually they are allergies and can not live with a pet in the same place. Furthermore, some pets, especially dogs, dislike little children and they are likely to bite them. So it is advisable to think twice before buying a pet and consider both advantages and disadvantages. Talking about pets, I am able to say that I have a pet too. I have big, fat cat. He is called Meilas. He is Persian race. All my family’s life changed when we got this cat. This cat brought to our lives more fun. I feel very happy when Meilas meets me coming back from school. He is my best friend. To sum it up, I must say that if you love your pet, he makes you life as fun as you can imagine.
Drugs, alcohol and tobacco using circulate between pupils in Lithuania. The most common and the most observable pupils harmful habit is smoking. In Lithuania about 55% of pupils’ smokes in 5- 8 form. Moreover, from 38% until 77% smokes in the higher classes. On the average boys began to smoke in 6- 7 class, or girls in 8- 9 class. Tobacco smoke from a cigarette contains more than 5000 chemicals. Sixty of them are known to cause cancer. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug that acts as a stimulant, causing your heart rate and blood pressure to rice. As you smoke, tar coats your lungs and increases your risk of lung cancer. Smoking causes about nine out of ten cases of lung cancer. In addition, it causes approximately one- third of all heart disease and strokes. Drugs are the other harmful habit. Drugs is mostly using in discotheques, parties, nightclubs, recreational centers. About 2- 3% of pupils have tried or sporadically is using it. Pupils use drugs to relax or sedate the central nervous system. They can cause cyanosis. In addition, they can paralyze the portion of the brain that controls breathing, and thus cause death. Using of alcohol is very common: about 92- 95% pupils are taste it and about 10- 21% use it regularly. Alcohol is a drug, a chemical that changes the way the body works because of the chemical reactions in the brain, and its affects the way people think, feel speak and move. Alcohol is the number one drug abuse problem today. It is a direct cause of liver disease, stomach ulcers, pancreatitis, brain damage and other physical illnesses. K To sum up, these habits is very harmful fore everyone and especially for pupils. Therefore, if we want to prevent it firstly we should begin from ourselves and take attention what is happening around us.
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Happiness is an emotional or affective state that is characterized by feelings of enjoyment and satisfaction. States associated with happiness include well-being, delight, health, safety, contentment and love. Contrasting states include suffering, depression, grief, anxiety, and pain. Happiness is often associated with the presence of favorable circumstances such as a supportive family life and economic stability. However,There are several factors of being contented. A very important trait of happy people is their social involvement with others. Close relationships with supportive friends and family and an interest in caring and loving relationships are a priority in the pursuit of happiness. Moreover, happy people are good at setting long-term goals at work. They find work to be a positive experience because they put themselves into work situations where they feel challenged and engaged. The most important trait common to happy people is positive self-esteem. Such people like themselves and believe in themselves to be smarter, healthier and more sociable than the average person. They are also more optimistic, extroverted, and tend to have more realistic perspectives. They feel like they are in control of their lives. Also, research proves that people who are active in religious organizations are more contmented because they cope better with various life experiences and are less vulnerable. In conclusion, hapiness is anyone and anything that's loved by you. To look at it in a simple way, contentment is when reality is better than your dreams.
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Gingivitis Inflammation of the gingival – gingivitis - is caused by accumulation of dental plaque on the teeth. If you don’t clean your teeth, plaque is formed on your teeth and at the gingival margin. Gradually the plaque covers all surface of gingival margin. Plaque left unremoved at the gingival margin will cause gingivitis after 3-4 days. Gingivitis is reversible, it may disappear and gingival may become healthy again. Most cases of gingivitis will heal within 1-2 moths. Untreated gingivitis and continuous penetration of the plaque may injury some supporting structures of the teeth. If you don’t treat gingivitis it could evoke progressively deeper inflammation in the tooth – supporting periodontal tissues, the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone. Also gingivitis without treatment could persist in chronic form. Clinical signs of gingivitis. Bleeding on tooth brushing is a warning sing, informing the patient that inflammation may be present. The redness of gingival intensifies in gingivitis and may eventually change to the deep red. The color changes usually begin in the papillae. Gingivitis – dantenu uzdegimas Margin - kraštas, pakraštys; riba. Approximal – besilieciantys Facilitate the retention – palengvinti islaikyma Salivary – seilių, išskiriantis seiles. Reversible – grįžtamasis Penetration - skverbimasis, prasiskverbimas, įsiskverbimas Injury – suzeidimas Recede - trauktis, atsitraukti; tolti Anchor - pritvirtinti; į(si)tvirtinti Puberty - lytinis subrendimas Underlying systemic predisposition - nekrintantis i akis sisteminis palikimas Papilla - papilė, spenelis, gumburėlis Initially - pradžioje, iš pradžių; nuo pat pradžios Edema - edema, pabrinkimas Spongy - akytas, korytas, korėtas, purus Sulcus – vaga Crevices –
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Friendship is above reason, for, though you find virtues in a friend, he was your friend before you found them. It is a gift that we offer because we must; to give it as the reward of virtue would be to set a price upon it, and those who do that have no friendship to give. If you choose your friends on the ground that you are virtuous and want virtuous company, you are no nearer to true friendship than if you choose them for commercial reasons. Besides, who are you that you should be setting a price upon your friendship? It is enough for any man that he has the divine power of making friends, and he must leave it to that power to determine who his friends shall be. For, though you may choose the virtuous to be your friends, they may not choose you; indeed, friendship cannot grow where there is any calculated choice. It comes, like sleep, when you are not thinking about it; and you should be grateful, without any misgiving, when it comes. So no man who knows what friendship is ever gave up a friend because he turns out to be disreputable. His only reason for giving up a friend is that he has ceased to care for him; and, when that happens, he should reproach himself for this mortal poverty of affection, not the friend for having proved unworthy. For it is inhuman presumption to say of any man that he is unworthy of your friendship, just as it is to say of any woman, when you have fallen out of love with her, that she is unworthy of your love. In friendship and in love we are always humble, because we see that a free gift has been given to us; and to lose that humility because we have lost friendship or love is to take a pride in what should shame us. We have our judgments and our penalties as part of the political mechanism that is forced upon us so that we may continue to live; but friendship is not friendship at all unless it teaches us that these are not part of our real life. They have to be; and we pay men, and clothe them in wigs and scarlet, to sit in judgment on other men. So we are tempted to play this game of judgment ourselves, even though no one has paid us to do it. It is only in the warmth of friendship that we see how cold a thing it is to judge and how stupid to take a pleasure in judging; for we recognise this warmth as a positive good, a richness in our natures, while the coldness that sets us judging is a poverty. Just as our criticism of a work of art begins only when we have ceased to experience it, so our criticism of our friends begins only when we have ceased to experience them, when our minds can no longer remain at the height of intimacy. But this criticism is harmless if we know it for what it is, merely the natural reaction, the cold fit that comes after the warm, and if we do not suppose that our coldness is wiser than our warmth. There are men who cannot be friends except when they are under an illusion that their friends are perfect, and when the illusion passes there is an end of their friendship. But true friendship has no illusions, for it reaches to that part of a man's nature that is beyond his imperfections, and in doing so it takes all of them for granted. It does not even assume that he is better than other men, for there is egotism in assuming that. A man is your friend, not because of his superiorities, but because there is something open from your nature to his, a way that is closed between you and most men. You and he understand each other, as the phrase is; your relation with him is a rare success among a multitude of failures, and if you are proud of the success you should be ashamed of the failure. There is nothing so fatal to friendship as this egotism of accounting for it by some superiority in the friend. If you do that you will become a member of a set, all, in their assertion of each others' merits, implying their own, and all uneasy lest they are giving more than they get. For if you insist upon the virtues of your friend, you expect him to insist upon your virtues, and there is a competition between you which makes friendship a burden rather than a rest. Criticism then becomes a treachery, for it implies that you are beginning to doubt these superiorities upon which your friendship is supposed to be based. But when no superiorities are assumed, criticism is only the exercise of a natural curiosity. It is because a man is your friend, and you like him so much and know him so well, that you are curious about him. You are in fact an expert upon him, and like to show your expert knowledge. And you are an expert because in the warmth of friendship his disguises melt away from him, and he shows himself to you just as he is. Indeed, that is the test of friendship and the delight of it, that because we are no longer afraid of being thought worse than we are we do not try to seem better. We know that it is not our virtues that have won us friendship, and we do not fear to lose it through our vices. We have reached that blessed state of being nearer to heaven than anything else in this life, in which affection does not depend upon judgment; and we are like gods, who have no need even to forgive, because they know. It is a rare state, and never attained to in its perfection. We can approach it only if we know what friendship is and really desire it, and especially if we admire the man who is a friend without ever wondering at his choice of friends or blaming him for his faithfulness to them whatever evil they may do.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (5,81 kB)
One of my favourite thing is poetry which helps me to understand the outside world, brings to my mind the strength of the human spirit, the beauty of man. Poetry helps me to educate myself. When I have some spare time I create poems too. I’m going to publish my creative work in the future. But I know I must work very hard if I want to charm my readers. I wont to appeal to people’s hearts & minds of people, to their feeling & ideals. I’m also interested in architecture so I like to visit the places where I can see how people lived in the past, old buildings, castles. I like Gediminas castle, which foundation is guarded by the “Iron wolf” legend, in Vilnius. The vaults Of Vilnius cathedral attract me too. The castle of Grand Duke Kęstutis in Trakai admires me very much. If you want to visit the places of interest you have to travel. And I like travelling with my family during our holidays & on weekends. We visit a lot of places in the countryside by our bikes. I think biking is even better than riding in a car because you can follow narrow trails in the fields & in the woods where there are no roads. I like ride a bike because I can hear birds sing, listen to the sounds of nature & enjoy the fresh air then. I’m interested in photography too. I always take my camera with me when I’m on holiday. I keep a photograph record of family events. I like to correspond. I have a lot of pen-friends in all over the world. I have a pen-friend in Greece & I have been corresponding for 3 years. I like listen to the radio. My favourite radio station is “Radio centras” . In my opinion this station is for people of all ages, interests & tastes. I like listening comments & discussions on current affairs, interviews with various people. I like different kind of music. The programs of “Radio centras” are followed by music, & that’s why it interests me. TV is very popular in my life. I like to watch TV in the evenings. Entertainment programs are my favourite. I like : “Šou bulvaras”, “Dviračio Šou”, “Taip & Ne”. Very often I watch films too. I don’t go to the cinema because today we can see a lot of interesting films at home. Today cinema attendance fall because many people have video recorders at home. But I like to go to the theatre because it helps me to get back my energy. It’s one of the ways of getting out of depression. In my opinion entertainment makes our life more beautiful.
Formal letter (2)
Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to complain about your restaurant, which I visited on May 6th. Firstly the one of main problem was that food which I ordered was badly cooked, because steak was tough and chips were greasy. What is more your restaurant waiter which took my orders was very rude, and he even did not apologize me for spilling coffee on my jeans. I trust that you will give the matter serious consideration and that this will not be repeated. I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Yours sincerely, Arnoldas Mauragas
Formal letter
Dear sir or Madam, I read advertisement about WWF. I am interested in it. And I would like to ask more information about this job. First of all, how old do volunteers need to be? I am fifteen and I live in Rusne. I like watch movie about wildlife. My favorite subject is biology. Also, could you please tell me, about work in afternoon, because I have lessons in the morning. I do not have much experience of this job, but I like going to try it. Finally, how can I spend my money for help WWF organization? I keep this money, just for that. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Gabriele Kolpertaite.
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (2,68 kB)
Formal letter
I am twenty-year-old student at International business school. I have a diploma from computer science school. Also few months ago I finished psychological course. In addition, I would like to point out that I have got some experience in recruitment sphere. Last winter I worked in the “Darbo birža” and I have enclosed references from my previous employers. I know three languages well. The first, English, I speak fluently. I also speak fairly well Latvian and some Estonian. I feel this would be useful in this position as the firm work with all three Baltic countries. Also you can rely on my versatile and responsibility. I believe that I am suitable for the job for a number of reasons. Firstly having worked in recruitment sphere, I now feel ready to take on challenge and responsibility of being recruitment consultant in your organization. Furthermore, I would like to use my knowledge of psychological working with yours clientele. And finally, I would like to get acquaint with yours organization personnel.
Food and drink
Food is any substance(medžiaga) that can be consumed (suvalgyti), including liquid drinks. Food is the main source of energy and of nutrition (maistas) for animals, and is usually of animal or plant origin. Such description you could find in encyclopedia. However, food and drink aren`t only essential substance for us, but may be a great pleasure. Of course, we should know how to choose food to be healthy and lively. In this instance.I`d like to mention popular fast food menu which items are unhealthful. To illustrate these health concerns, the 2004 documentary film Super Size Me had the director, Morgan Spurlock, eat nothing but McDonald's fast food -- and stop all exercise -- for 30 days. He gained weight and became frequently sick. So to avoid such this, you have to know The Food Pyramid which guides you to healthy eating. The Pyramid diet is very simple. Different kinds of food are placed at different levels of the pyramid. The higher up the pyramid, the less of the foods you should eat. Bread, pasta, rice, and other whole grains are at the bottom of the pyramid. These foods contain complex carbohydrates, which provide us the energy and heat. Carbohydrates should make about 50 % of your diet. Fruit and vegetables are the second level of the pyramid. These should be 30% your diet. Above fruit and vegetables are the protein-rich foods like meat, fish, milk, chesse, yoghurt. your diet. At the top of the pyramid are fat, oil, sweets and sugar. We should eat as little as possible of things at this level. These foods have damaging effect on teeth. It is also recomended to drink 6 glasses of water a day and have daily physical activities in order to be healthy and fit. In conclusion, it is not easy to eat healthy foods.However take the first step toward healthier eating and a healthier lifestyle on the very next day.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (5,66 kB)
. In addition to this, even if you buy the most expensive clothes at “Apranga”, you will look absolutely the same as other people around you. Moreover, “Gariūnai” market does not differ from “Apranga”. Clothes which you buy at “Gariūnai” have even the same labels as “Apranga” clothes. Thirdly, the quality of “Apranga” clothes is not the best. Usually, after some time you have to throw away those clothes. “Gariūnai” does not suggest better quality either, but at least the prices are reasonable. To sum it up, “Apranga” and “Gariūnai” fashion does not differ at all.
Essay tips
In several paragraphs, develop the position that you stated in your introduction. Your reasoning must be supported by background knowledge in the form of evidence: experiences, examples, references to other readings, etc.
First, nowadays the life in our country is very difficult and a lot of young people don’t go to school, they haven’t even got secondary education. There are a lot of young people, children especially in big town’s streets. Some of them work washing cars, selling papers, some beg and some have nothing to do. These youngsters very often commit crimes. It is very important that every youngster would attend secondary school. They would be busier and couldn’t commit crimes. Second, Lithuanian children start attending secondary school when they are six or seven years old. They go to the primary schools which are in the kindergartens mostly. When they are ten or eleven years old they go to a secondary school. Pupils can stay at a secondary school for twelve years, but some of them leave secondary school at the end of the ninth form. They go to vocational junior colleges or manual training schools, where they can get both secondary education and the qualifications necessary for a job. Before that these pupils must take the examinations for the General Certificate of Secondary Education. But not only these, all pupils must take examinations. Everybody can go to a university after graduating from a secondary school, vocational junior college or manual training school. Third, best students of universities can go to study abroad. There are a lot of exchanges programmes. Abroad university make good services to study there. Plus students get legal job for your spending. Exchanges programmes are very interesting because students look another countries, to meet with other peoples and to find new friends. Finally, education is very important in person’s life. The years when we attend at school are the happiest. Educated people are intelligent. Then you are educated - life is better.
Education 2
Some years ago secondary schools taught the same subjects, had the same organization of education. Today they are very different: some of them teach humanitarian subjects, some - science. The school curriculum, the organization of the lessons, the timing of the holidays, dressing vary from school to school. Subjects can be taught in three levels even at one school. You can take your examinations in three different levels too. Lithuanian children start attending secondary school when they are six or seven years old. They go to the primary schools which are in the kindergartens mostly. When they are ten or eleven years old they go to a secondary school. Pupils can stay at a secondary school for twelve years, but some of them leave secondary school at the end of the ninth form. They go to vocational junior colleges or manual training schools, where they can get both secondary education and the qualifications necessary for a job. Before that these pupils must take the examinations for the General Certificate of Secondary Education. But not only these, all pupils must take examinations. Everybody can go to a university after graduating from a secondary school, vocational junior college or manual training school. The brightest students have a chance of studying abroad. Pupils can transfer freely from one school to another. Secondary education is free. Pupils get their textbooks free, too. But some of higher schools and universities are not free. Students who have not very good marks in their Certificates of Secondary Education can study there too. But they have to pay money. Those pupils who are not very good at learning can go to evening school. It is easier to study there. As for me I attended secondary school No.5 in Marijampolė. I start attending my school when I was six years old. I have been going to this school for twelve years now. Our school is 24 years old. It is not very large: there are about 1000 schoolchildren and about 5 teachers in it. I like my school because there are my friends in it, because my school is famous for skilled teachers. I am on a good footing with them. Some teachers are not very tolerant to schoolchildren who don’t agree with them, but most of them are very generous and nice people; I can go if I have a problem to them. So I am sad at the thought of leaving my school, teachers and class friends. It is definitely our last year at school so I have to do my best. We have a canteen, a library, some cloak rooms, a big sport hall, a school hall in our school. We have a large playing field near our school. Inside the school building we have a lot of special classrooms where different subjects are taught. The biology room is my favourite because there are many dummies in it. My favourite subjects are English, Biology and Literature. There are some clubs at our school. We have got basketball and football teams. There are some singers and a lot of dancers at our school. On Saturdays we often have dances. We always celebrate various celebrations: The Day of Valentines, The Day of liars, The Day of teachers. We have a nice egg exhibitions in spring. But the most impressive is our New Year carnival. My parents want me to be a doctor. It is their ambition, and I am planning to study medicine in Kaunas. I want to become a midwife. It’s a very responsible and significant profession. I hate having to ask my mum and dad for money. So I must study. But I don’t want to leave my family and friends. Anyway, I’m scared of living on my own in a big town. I must continue learning for the rest of my life. Education is very important in person’s life. The years when we attend at school are the happiest. Educated people are intelligent. The school year begins on the first of September and finishes in June. The school year is divided into three terms.
These pupils usually go to vocational junior colleges or trod schools where they can get both secondary education and the qualification. Education is free, everybody can go to a university or any higher school after finishing secondary school. In Lithuania children go to school five days a week. There is no school on Saturdays and Sundays. The school year begins in September and ends in the middle of June. There are three terms in a school year. I attend school called Gerosios Vilties. I have been going this school for twelve years now. Our school was build In 1965. It is a white, three storied building. There are about a 1500 pupils and hundred teachers in it. Our school is situated in a nice and quiet place. It is surrounded by beautiful lawns and playgrounds. Near the school there is a large sports field. In front of the school you can see a lot of young trees planted by our school leavers. My school is rather large, so it is very noisy inside during breaks. We study Lithuanian, English, Russian, history, mathematics, chemistry, biology, music and other subjects. There are lessons of handicrafts for girls and manual training for the boys. As well as special classrooms for most of the subjects taught at school, we have also got woodwork and metalwork shops, a gymnasium, a school hall and a library. There are two chorus in our school. The atmosphere in the school is rather friendly and democratic. I think I’ll remember my classmates, my teachers for a long time.
Drink and food
Approximately ten years ago there was a day when I had nothing to do and fortunately I found a cooking book. It was old German cooking manual with the nice pictures. Although I could not read German but the pictures were very informative. After few hours my kitchen looked as a ruin and all food-stuff was damaged. In spite of this I have become an enthusiastic cooking fan. Since then my cooking knowledge and experience has improved a lot. Now I specialize in cold meal especially in salad and sandwiches. In fact to make cold snacks you do not need much time and preparation. My favorite salad is made from walnuts and rise. On weekends or holidays I make dinner for my girlfriend or family. Trout in lemon and white vine sauce I cook the best. Several years ago I have begun to use vines as an ingredient of my dishes. Therefore I analyzed many sorts of it. Furthermore vines are very good addition to meal. I drink white vines while I am eating fish and in my minds eye the best choice is Merceau bur it is expensive and rare. More often I drink Chateau du Paper. With meet I prefer red vines such as Pomerol, red Burgundy and red Bordo. Cooking is good and interesting hobby. No doubt it is beneficial to know how to make food because you never know what kind of woman you would get.
Dress code
We would like to present for you business dress code. Of course, we know, that your knowledge about clothing is really wide, but in the lecture there were a lot of discussions about it, so we are going to explain why the dress code is so important in the offices or in another workplace. First of all, I think, that everyone knows, this old phrase: "You will never get a second chance to make the first impression”. As a business executive, you have a responsibility to send the best professional message you can be successful. Well, let‘s think about such a thing when you see a person for the first time, what eyes catch firstly. Of course, it would be clothes. It is simple, you don‘t know about that person anything else. But then you form the first impression about that person. In business workplace it‘s very important, that the first impression would be excellent, but sometimes you can do really awful impression because of your clothes and you don‘t have the second chance to show your best. Finally, that‘s why is so important to know what clothes help you to have a good success. So plan your wardrobe carefully and it will be the first step in your success. So, now Indre tell you about the business dress code trends, after that, Viktorija will say you about the women‘s business dress code, and finally Skaiste will tell you about men‘s business dress code. So now let’s follow fashion trends and how they relate the workplace. Well, in the 70s, people dressed just for success. But in the 80s, people were high styled and fashion-conscious. And in the 90s, times were more relaxed, creating an atmosphere where business casual flourished. Furthermore, it can be seen in the new millennium that what used to be just casual Fridays is turning into every day casual. Well, there are three levels of business casual: Elegant casual; Business casual; Comfortable casual; The first level is the most formal business casual, which consists of classic styles and is the closest to traditional business dress. What is more about this “elegant” level for men and women still includes the jacket in the wardrobe. So a blazer or sport coat for men is worn with a shirt (with or without a tie) or a sweater. Talking about women, the suit is worn with a sweater, blouse or knit top. The second level of business casual and probably the most widely accepted is known as smart one which consists of two-piece coordinated outfits with or without a jacket. For men, a sweater or vest worn with shirt (tie optional), of course, shirt with collar. Furthermore, blends worn with leather shoes that have leather or rubber soles. What is about a woman’s wardrobe, it consists of sweater sets, unobstructed jacket and dresses. Blouses and knit tops are worn with short or long sleeves. Shoes are low heel leather pumps. The third level of business casual, the least accepted by most businesses, is the “comfortable” level, which consists of denim jeans, t-shirts and sneakers are always worn with socks. The woman’s wardrobe is similar, but also includes jumpers and skirts in denim. As you can understand, in various periods of time fashion trends have changed a lot of; at first people dressed for success, or relax, but in the new millennium Fridays casual changed into every day casual. Finishing, I want my audience to know that there are three most important levels of business casual: elegant, business and comfortable which are really different.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (6,78 kB)
Dream house
To begin with I must say that many people usually dream about the castle on the bank of the sea with many huge rooms and bathrooms. But I don’t. My dream house is quite different. So my dream house is located about few kilometers from the big city in a very picturesque place near the endless river and forest. When you are in a bad mood you can go for a walk in a forest or along the river. There you can recover your strength and take a breath. My dream house is not as big as a castle, but it is airy and up-to-date. There are a huge flower-bed and orchard outside. Also there is a swing for unrepeatable moments. Inside there are just a few and necessary rooms. There are living-room, kitchen, lavatory and studio on the ground floor. Walls are full of color. Every room is different. One is painted with striking color, other with blind. There is a huge aquarium in a living room in order to relax. On the first floor there are my bedroom, bathroom and spare room. You can see that there is nothing special in my dream house. The main thing in my house is the atmosphere. If the atmosphere in you house is unfriendly and unpleasant, no matter how many rooms and bedrooms you have, you wont be happy of living in this house. That’s all about my dream house. I hope that one day my dreams will become a true. It would be great to live in house which is in my dreams.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (2,97 kB)
Dream house
My dream house is located about few kilometers from the big city, in a very picturesque place near the endless river or bottomless lake. I dream about place like this as I prefer clean fresh air and unpolluted water. I don’t find myself very happy in little and uncomfortable house, so my dream house is very cozy, comfortable, well planned, with lost of gigantic windows. If you asked about rooms, I must say that I don’t need many of them, but it is very important that all these rooms were as large as it is possible. The modern front door opens into a spacious hall, where are many portraits of family members, exotic flowers. As far as bedrooms they are very large, comfortable and elegant as well. There are soft, huge beds and many antique things. It makes me to feel comfortable. By the way, every bedroom has bathroom and toilet, which are spacious and modern. There are a majority of mirrors and wardrobes. There is no question that the accent of the house is living room, as it is the place where I can relax, watch TV, listen to music or just sit and look at the fire. In case I am speaking about my dream house, I must say that there without fail are sports hall with all modern and expensive sports equipment, and little relaxing sauna. There I could get a great rest for my body after hard day. In addition to this, I am able to add that there is a big kitchen in my dream house. The kitchen must be light and have all modern equipment such as huge fridge, microwave, modern oven, vacuum saucepans, dishwasher and some other things as dresser with amazing dishes. Oh, it just occurred to me that I’ve forgot to tell about furniture. My dream furniture is upholstered, comfortable, and elegant. Usually, it must make my dream house as cozy as it is possible. Another important thing which needs to be mentioned is that dominating color in my dream house is blue, as blue color is beautiful like a dream and I love this color. That’s all about my dream house. I hope that one day my dreams will become in to a true. It would be great to live in house which is in my dreams.
Discover Australia
. Shaped by the geography of the land and its spatial isolation, the uniqueness and sheer diversity of this nation-continent-island does not go unnoticed by its denizens or visitors. Where else are you presented a choice among wine tasting, getting dangerously close to a saltwater crocodile, fashioning yourself a didge, snorkeling in vast expanses of ancient coral reef, and dancing the night away in the largest club in the Southern Hemisphere? What other continent offers the bustling metropolis of Sydney on the same platter as the vastness of the Outback, the rainforests of Cape York, and the sands of Fraser Island? It is by no means a stretch to say that Australia is a place like no other, and any Aussie (or wide-eyed tourist for that matter) will tell you they'd have it no other way.
Anglų kalba  Referatai   (32,24 kB)
But if that place is some 100 or more km. away, then everyone prefers a faster way of traveling. OK, I agree that traveling on foot is good for your health, but just imagine that you have to go to Kalvarija and return using only your foot - I do not think, that it will be very healthy for you. Anyway, everyone can try.
. In high school, you couldn’t do that much as a freshman. You really didn’t know what to expect coming from middle school, just that it was a new place to learn. Following the rules was a necessity. If you didn’t get in good with a couple of teachers, the rest of your high school years could be treacherous. Although, if you could get through your freshman year, the other three are a breeze. During your sophomore through senior year, you had made friends with most teachers and could get by with almost anything. If you were in any class with that certain teacher, she would probably let you do favors for her to get you out of class. She would also let you go do things you needed to do, always giving you a good grade, and you didn’t even have to show up to class most of the time. I thought high school was the easiest part of my school days. College is a totally different atmosphere. You still have the same freedom you had in high school, but you don’t have to go to class if you don’t want to. The disadvantage is, you can’t make up any work you missed either. In high school, if you missed three or four days you got the same amount of time to make it up. Here at Maple Woods, there are very few sports you can get into. I think the only sports they have are baseball and softball. In high school, you can get into any sport you can think of. Another thing is that you don’t have to be on time, or stay the whole time. You can get up and leave at anytime you want. The reason for that is, you are paying for your credits, if you don’t pass you don’t get the credit. That is a waste of money, and no one likes to waste money. I prefer college, because you get to make your schedule. You can come in as early as eight in the morning, and leave as late as eight at night. It makes it much more convenient for those who work forty or more hours a week. Even though I prefer college now, I still think high school was the best years of your life.
Christmas in USA
People also buy Christmas trees. Almost every man decorates tree in a different way. The decorations mostly are made of glass: angels, various figures, soldier and balls they also put a fire in the fireplace and puts stockings over the fire place also they put beautiful light bulbs on they’re houses and windows. Little children believe that there is Christmas Father or Santa Claus who comes down the chimney on the night of Christmas Eve and brings presents. Most families put presents around or under Christmas tree and in the stockings they put candy and these are opened on the first Christmas day in the morning. The biggest part of people thinks that Christmas is the time for families. For many families, this festival is the only time when they are all together. On the Christmas morning the tearing of wrapping paper is heard as gifts are exchanged, opened and admired. As the turkey, goose or chicken is sizzling in the oven, their delicious aroma fills all houses. The family is dressed in their best clothes; sit down to enjoy a delicious meal, which puts a smile on everyone’s face. America celebrates Christmas almost the whole week until the New Year, but the first day is extraordinary and you must spend it at home with your family members. This is the time when the warm feeling of Christmas spirit fills the home as the children play happily with their new toys and the adults relax, all family members feel closest to each other after sharing a day of love and joy.
Cities and villages
Talking about differences between the life styles of people in cities and villages, I must say that they are various. According to the information I have, townspeople have absolutely narrow-minded views. Usually, their lifestyle is as active as people can take it. They are always in a hurry, have many things to do, and never forget about interesting ways of spending their free time. I am sure many would agree that they socialize more than country-people. On the other hand, towns-people tend to live unhealthy life and eat not wholesome food. If you asked me about country-people, I want to say that their lifestyle is very different from town-people. Some people say that country people live secluded life, do not socialize to each others. They don’t have cultural needs and don’t care about parties and other celebrations. Certainly, in cities popular careers are lawyers, teachers, and auto mechanics. Usually, country people are farmers or have no profession. Very low variety of jobs in villages is one of the biggest problems in Lithuania. Seasonal jobs are most popular in villages. At the same time to find a job in city is easier, as there are many organizations and commercial firms, which give jobs to many people. Of course, and salary differs. If people work in village, their jobs are very hard, but they don’t get better salary. Everything is on the contrary. Their salary is less than workers in city. To sum it up, I must say that there is no matter where you live, life always seems very difficult.
Children rights
Even in the same nation children rights were equally respected, and violated. For example in ancient Egypt one of the pharaohs ordered to kill all male, new-born Jewish children, because he thought, that the Jewish (Hebrew) people became more powerful than they, Egyptians were. According to the Bible, he said unto his people: Behold, the people of Israel Are more and mightier than we. And he said, when ye do the office Of a midwife to the Hebrew women, And see then upon the stools; If it be a son, then ye shall kill him: But if it be a daughter then she shall live. Of course, it was the roughest breaking of children rights. But in the same country, almost at the same time, small - aged prince Tuthanchathon sat on the throne. His aunt wanted to occupy the throne herself , that means to break his , as pharaoh's child's and throne heir's, rights, but this time child's rights defence worked really strongly , because Tuthanchathon was an Egyptian , not Jewish child , and , of course , pharaoh's son. The same kind of violation of children rights was in Sparta - they killed children too, but this time - for another reason. From five years age Spartans took their male children to the military trainings. And if a child was too weak for such trainings, they killed him. It’s a strict breaking of child's rights, because children can't chose, what physical or mental shape will they born. But the times were changing, so the attitude towards children rights was changing too. Masive and cruel children’s killing was stopped. Of course, that doesn't mean, that the violation of child's rights was stopped too. For example in Middle-ages in Europe parents could hand over their just - born children to abbeys , could chose them any profession they want or even to set up a marriage without asking them. Also children often had to work very hardly, and at work they had to keep up equally with adults, otherwise they were punished. But after some hundreds years passed , that kind of kind of child's neglect had vanished too , and step by step children were admitted to the circle of all people , who have full rights. Despite of such relief, children rights and their defence remains a unsolved problem. Now-a-days our civilization has reached very high levels, but it can't deal with it .We still have lots of situations, where child's rights are neglected. One of them has occurred and continues to worry world's society in China. It's linked with the number of people, who live in China, because that number increases, and already has reached more than 1.2 billion! So, in that country all families, that have underage children, must pay additional taxes. That badly worsens social situation of such families, so parents can't support their children as good as they require .Other countries are indignant at such situation. In Saudi Arabia the government even pays more then $ 20.000 to the mothers, who born children, because they respect child's rights and want the children of their country to live happily. The Constitutions of many countries contain some points about child's rights. Lithuanian Constitution has such points too .For example they say , that :" Government takes care about families , what raise up their children at home , while they are underage ". That shows that Lithuania respects child's rights too. So, we've travelled through the history from ancient times to our days. You should've mentioned that I've missed one thing, which from time to time occurred and died out during the human civilizations history. It's war. War is the exception from all rules, because it has no rules. During a war there's just one right - the right of the strongest - he can do whatever he wants, not respecting other rights, even child's rights. The best example is the Balkan war, where from illnesses, hunger and aggression die children. The United Nations Organization is really concerned about that. They proved that by establishing a fund, which is called “Help Children of Sarajevo” As you see, when wars occur, all the success that was reached during thousands of years in child’s rights protection vanishes. But when wars die out, those rights regain their former respect, that’s why wars are just rude exceptions, which can't stop the whole process. We think that history goes the right way, because there are more and more laws, confirming child's rights in lots of countries. And we are happy about the development of those laws, because living in good circumstances lets us to become freer, more intelligent and educated generation.
Sobel was uneducated; however, he read a lot: “He had once asked him, Sobel, why you read so much? And the assistant could not answer him. Did you ever study in a college someplace? He had asked, but Sobel shook his head. He read, he said, to know”. As we can see, he was not educated at any college or university, but he educated himself by reading books. From the line 116 the narrator directly presents Sobel’s appearance: “He was a stocky man, poorly dressed, with a bald head that had once been blond, a severely plain face and soft blue eyes prone to tears over the sad books he read”. We also know the exact age of Sobel: “So what has my daughter to do with a shoemaker thirty – five years old who works for me?” At the end of the story, in line 326, Mr. Feld did an conclusion and presented Sobel’s appearance in two words: “She will never marry a man so old and ugly like you”. The characters’ qualities are presented indirectly through Sobel’s actions. Sobel is hard working assistant. There are many scenes in this short story where we can see Sobel working. Even the beginning is about his hard work: “He gave him a look, but Sobel’s bald head was bent over the last as he worked and he didn’t notice”. We can notice that he is not a materialist as he does not ask better wage: “Yet his conscience bothered him for not insisting that the assistant accept a better wage than he was getting, though Feld had honestly told him he could earn a handsome salary if he worked elsewhere, or maybe opened a place of his own”. However, in line 306 the real reason of his hard working appears: “‘Why do your think I worked so long for you?’ Sobel cried out.’ For the stingy wages I sacrificed five years of my life so you could have to eat and drink and where to sleep?’ ‘Then for what?’ shouted the shoemaker. ‘For Miriam’ he blurted – ‘for her.’ These lines show us that Sobel loves shoemaker’s daughter Miriam. Also, Sobel managed to combine his hard work with his hobby which is reading. But reading for Sobel was not only a hobby, but also the way that he could tell his feelings to Miriam and effect her feelings as well: “ In some devious way, with his books and commentary, Sobel had given Miriam to understand that he loved her.” The last lines from 349 – 358 show us that Sobel was sure about his love, and his love was so strong that he decided to wait two years more: “But the next morning, when the shoemaker arrived, heavy – hearted, to open the store, he saw he needn’t have come, for his assistant was already seated at the last, pounding leather for his love.” One more Sobel’s character’s feature is that he is trustworthy. That we can see in line 126: “Feld could trust him with anything and did, frequently going home after as hour or two at the store, leaving all the money in the till, knowing Sobel would guard every cent of it.” To sum it up, from this character sketch of Sobel we can see that Sobel was hard working, reading a lot and loving. And that love was so important for him that he even could wait for that love as long as he had to.
Business Culture
Doing business in the US could be quite different from the way it is done in your home country. The greetings, dress codes, and schedules may vary from what you are habituated to. Here are some proper approaches to conduct business in a proper way in the US: Business Dressing Every individual company sets certain standards for business outfits. Usually, as a general rule, most of the large companies and organizations require a more formal dress. Most companies have a formal dress code for their particular business. Some companies may supply uniforms for some, or all of their employees. You could check with your employer whether they have any policy on dress code and what they feel is the most appropriate outfit for your position. If you choose to wear jewelry, it should be minimum and compliment your outfit. Large, flashy jewelry is usually not appropriate for a business environment. Business hours The normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8.30 or 9.00 a.m. to 5 or 6 pm, with a 30 to 60 minute lunch break. Punctuality Being on time is a very important rule of business etiquette. Every effort should be made to arrive on time to any scheduled meetings or appointments. If you would be late for an appointment, then a call should be made announcing the expected delay. On the other hand regularly arriving late or missing appointments would have a negative impact on your business. Greetings & Introductions It is customary for business meeting with people from outside your company to begin and end with a firm handshake. Eye contact should be maintained during the handshake and whenever someone is speaking to you. During introductions, listen carefully to the pronunciation of the persons name so that you could address properly. While introducing yourself, give your full name not just the first name. You could take help of others in your company to find out when it would be appropriate to address someone by their first name only, or whether they should be addressed in a more formal manner (i.e. Mr. Robin). Avoid using nicknames until the person permits you to do so. The appropriate way of addressing someone may depend partly on his or her position in the company. For instance, it could be acceptable if you address your coworkers by their first name but not the senior officers of the company. This is a bird's eye view of the US business culture to help you assist you for your first visit. Your employers and coworkers could be of great help for you to adjust and make your work experience enjoyable and successful.
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More and more people are beginning to open new business ventures (sumanymas). It seems like it is becoming the popular move. By opening a business there could be big profit(nauda)to be made, depending(atsizvelgiant) on the market. On the other hand, there are risks(rizika). It is said that there are two reasons why people start a business. The first reason is because they have inspiration(ikvepimas) for what they believe would be a great idea and the second is from desperation(neviltis).. There are various different ways to start a business. Not all entrepreneurs(verslininkai) begin their business by the thought of an idea. There are many other ways to go about starting a business. Buying a franchise, buying an existing company, the inventions of a product are all other ways to begin a business. People often start a business in a field that they know well. Although this is true, it is important not to limit the perspectives(perspektyva) of the kind of business to open. The areas outside of your interests may just be the right opportunity(galimybe) for you, which is why it is important to explore(istirti)other areas. This paper will talk about the general ways in which to start a new business and how to go about doing it. Included will be how to get ideas to open a business, planning out the business structure, ways to get money to start the business, getting prepared(pasiruosimas), hiring(samda the staff, and getting the word out to the public. Getting ideas to Open a Business the business idea plays a critical role in the overall(apskritai) success of the business venture chosen.. There are many considerations(pamastymu) that must be thought of before determine(nulemti) the success of an enterprise, including the entrepreneur, financing and other external forces. In order to have a good business idea it should:  satisfy personal goals and interests, (patenkinti personalo tikslus ir..)  find a success place in the market,  making sure it is possible to produce the necessary quality of the product or service,  Meet or exceed your financial goals.(atitikti ar virsyti ) In order to meet all of these criteria, it is important to complete research(uzbaigti nagrinejima) on the business idea that has been chosen. Research information can be gathered(kauptas) from various different sources(saltiniu). Some of these sources being the library, looking at existing businesses, word of mouth, reading books, watching television, going to government departments, talking to university professors etc. If the research has not been completed then it more likely that the business will become a failure(bankrotas) Planning out the business structure The one basic question facing all new business owners is “what business structure is the best for me?”. There are three main types of business structures:  sole proprietorship, (private nuosavybe)  partnership,(kompanija partneryste)  corporation. All of these different structures are different and require(reikalauja) different things to make them work. The sole proprietorship is a business that has only one owner and for the purpose of his/her own profit, the partnership is a business which has two or more people and all of the workers work as co-owners(bendra nuosavybe), and the corporation is an artificial entry with obligations(netikras iejimas su isipareigojimais Ways to Get Money to Start the Business There are various different funds available for new business ventures to try and create more jobs. Entrepreneurs are more then welcome to come into economy. To get these funds the business plan has to be completed. The funds available are for many different types of people. There are special ones for immigrant entrepreneurs, women’s entrepreneurs, and young entrepreneurs. Loans(paskola) from the government are available in several different places. The loans from the Government are mostly interest free and unsecured(negarantuotas) loans. This, in comparison(palyginus) to a bank loan, is much better for the fact that there is no interest. If the only opportunity left is the bank then it is necessary to get a low interest loan. When there is the most common questions in starting a business is: “where do I start?”. The questioner below will help answer that question for new business people. This checklist (katakogas) will be the road map for starting a business. Most business owners should use this to make sure that everything is done before the opening of the store. Prepare a business plan. Prepare a marketing plan.
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Breast Cancer
Mammograms What you can expect after the mammogram: 1) The radiologist may explain your results at the time of mammogram/ ultrasound (If this is not offered, you can request it, but often you may need to schedule a consultation.) 2) The detailed report of the findings is usually sent directly to your primary or referring physician. If you want it, you may have a copy of this report. Ask the doctor who received it. 3) You will also receive a brief report by mail of the radiologist’s findings and recommendations for needed follow-up. (This report is mandated by law.) Some possible recommendations by the radiologist or primary doctor if there is a suspicious area or lump found on the mammogram: 1) Wait 3-6 months and have another mammogram to see if there are any changes 2) Referral for ultrasound which will show whether a cyst is fluid-filled or solid 3) Referral to surgeon for biopsy. (At some mammography centers the mammogram and the biopsy may be done on the same day. It depends on the capability of the particular center.) 4) Referral for a ductogram (For this procedure, the radiologist takes a very fine plastic catheter and with a magnifying glass, threads it into the duct, squirts dye into it, and takes a picture. A ductogram provides a map for the surgeon to use for a biopsy and may also show the source of your breast discharge, if you had discharge.) Possible questions to ask/things to advocate for: 1) If you have a palpable lump, the mammographer should put a marker on your breast to make sure the lump is identifiable on the film. 2) If you have calcifications, a magnification view is often taken. Sometimes this step is skipped and you are sent directly for a biopsy. (You should ask why, if this is the case, especially if surgical biopsy is recommended.) 3) If referred for biopsy, consider a second opinion of the mammogram at another center. (For some people a center that specializes in mammography is a better option.) Take your original mammography films with you. 4) How much time do I have to make a decision about what to do next? 5) Ask how many mammograms the radiologist reads in a year. The accuracy of the reading varies depending in part on the number of mammograms someone reads. 6) Check for the FDA/National Mammography Quality Assurance Advisory Committee certification. It should be posted in the center. Biopsies If you need to have a biopsy, there are several types you could have. The type of biopsy depends in part on whether the lump is palpable (you can feel it) or not. If the lump can only be seen on a mammogram, it can be approached by a stereotactic fine-needle biopsy, stereotactic core biopsy, mammotome, or wire localization biopsy (see below for descriptions). These procedures use the mammogram or ultrasound to locate the lump before sampling it. If the lump is palpable, then it can also be tested with fine-needle aspiration or a core biopsy. Finally, the lump can be removed entirely with an excisional biopsy or a piece of it can be removed with an incisional biopsy.
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Bikes I will tell you a story which i called –bikes. Actually I don’t remember my first bike but I will try to recreate my memories about it. As I remember it was green collored with pink wings. It was present from my good neighbour friend .She presented that bike to me because she bought new one and that old one she didn’t want to through away. Now I remember clearly how I was riding with that bike and my mother was holding me behind it. The first time was enough hard because I could not to concentrate me attention but day after day I was learning to do it well and finally I learnt. Ride bicycle was very funny . I remember when my friends bought bikes too then we were riding through the all city until midnight, without any lights or helmets . I know that it was dangerous, but I was cool. And every day the same. That bike was my casuality. I remember that once we were riding and we were in very good mood , we were screaming something like cannibals or crazy people. Next time we were screaming like that – Hey young lady Danguole which lives in Salomeja 51, where are you going? I don’t ride bike so often as I used to. Maybe the reason is that I don’t have so much time. But I have extra case that I am riding when my best friend comes to me then we take our ancient grandmothers bikes and after that we are going to scare people. I can describe how looks my bike like. It is yellow, with big wheels, extra seat on the back and with breaks which don’t work. My mum calls that bike – The masculine bike. It looks really terrible. And when I am cycling with that beauty ( rasyti kabutese) through the city that moments are very funny when people pay attention on you because you made them laugh of your bike appearance … So… That was the story about two bikes which weren’t my own, but with them I was riding mostly.
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Avril Lavigne
Rock & roll wild child Avril Lavigne hit big in summer 2002 with her spiky-fun debut song "Complicated," shifting pop music into a different direction. Lavigne, who was 17 at the time, didn't seem concerned with the glamor of the TRL-dominated pop world and such confidence allowed her star power to soar. The middle of three children in small town Napanee, Ontario, Lavigne's rock ambitions were noticeable around age two. By her early teens, she was already writing songs and playing guitar. The church choir and local festivals and county fairs also allowed Lavigne to get her voice heard, and luckily, Arista Records' main man Antonio "L.A." Reid was listening. He offered her a deal, and at 16, Lavigne's musical dreams became reality. With Reid's assistance and a new Manhattan apartment, Lavigne found herself surrounded by prime songwriters and producers, but it wasn't impressive enough for her to continue. She had always relied on her own ideas to create a musical spark and things weren't going as planned. Lavigne wasn't disillusioned, though. She headed for Los Angeles and Nettwerk grabbed her. Producer/songwriter Clif Magness (Celine Dion, Wilson Phillips, Sheena Easton) tweaked Lavigne's melodic, edgy sound and her debut, Let Go, was the polished product. Singles such as "Complicated" and "Sk8er Boi" hit the Top Ten while "I'm With You" and "Losing Grip" did moderately well at radio. Butch Walker of the Marvelous 3, Our Lady Peace frontman Raine Maida and Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Good Charlotte) signed on to produce Lavigne's second album, Under My Skin, which appeared in May 2004. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, All Music Guide. Unapologetically original. Unabashedly in your face. Avril Lavigne's 2002 debut Let Go gave young women a defiant voice and set it to music they could rock out to. Fourteen million albums and eight Grammy nominations later, the Canadian chanteuse returns with Under My Skin but if you're expecting a whole lot of the same, you've got another thing coming. This is not a girl who rests on her laurels. Under My Skin opens with the dramatic tracks "Take Me Away" and "Together," which set the scene for the kick-ass guitars and radio-ready chorus of "Don't Tell Me," a song of willful female empowerment that picks up where "Complicated" left off. From there it's a one-two punch of three-chord guitar licks ("He Wasn't") and head-bopping optimism ("Who Knows") alongside swirling, brooding melodies ("Freak Out") and moody tracks ("Forgotten," "Nobody's Home") that reveal a darker side of Avril Lavigne. "I grew up so much in the past two years," admits the Napanee, Ontario, native. "I've been through a lot, I've learned a lot, and experienced a lot both good and bad. These songs are about all of that, and each is very personal to me." Working with producers, Butch Walker (of the Marvelous 3), Raine Maida (of Our Lady Peace), Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Pearl Jam), Avril co-wrote the dozen introspective songs on Under My Skin in near secrecy. "I'd just come off my world tour and got back to Toronto and was writing right away," the 19-year-old says. "I had no idea what I was going to do. No one did. People wondered if I'd run out of things to write about, but it was the opposite." After a lunch date with fellow Canadian singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk turned into a major chick-bonding session, Avril and Chantal sat down to write. The chemistry was ineffable. "We got together one night and all of a sudden we had a song," she says. "No one knew what I was up to, not my management, not my label." The duo got together the next night and wrote another song. "We did that for two weeks and wrote 12 songs." Momentum took over and by summer Avril was moving into Chantal and her husband Raine Maida's Malibu house to record. "I was only off my tour for a couple of weeks, and I was ready to record," Avril recalls. The California air provided a needed escape from Avril's frantic life. "It was a great time for me, living out there, being out of the public eye, and having my independence. And my friendship with Chantal evolved into one of the best I've ever had." Chantal and Avril would spend all night in the studio perfecting the songs. During the day, Avril learned the city by driving to and from the studio and where ever she needed to be. No photos, no interviews, no pressure. Eventually they recorded most of the songs in Raine's studio, and those songs appear unaltered on Under My Skin. The rest of the tracks, co-written with her guitarist Evan Taubenfeld (and one track with former Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody), were cut just up the road. "I was involved in every aspect of making this record. I'm very hands-on," she says. "I knew how I wanted the drums, the guitar tones, and the structures to be. I understand the whole process so much better this time because I've been through it. I'm really picky with my sound."
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DUTIES: making agreements, such as work agreements, loan agreements, supplying agreements (with a physical person and a juridical person), warrant letters concerning work activities, registration of work agreements in a Work Agreements Journal, working as a representative of the company in making distributing contracts in Lithuania, and other small deals; management of staff of the company; working as a representative of the company in courts (preparation of civil actions, claims, suits as well as retorts for courts and plaintiffs and taking part in the investigation of civil cases) and other legal institutions of Lithuania; forming a legal base of the company (accumulating of juridical literature); Also, I have an experience in establishing and eliminating of companies. 2. POST: lawyer, May 1999 - October 2001. A private firm the main activity of which is wholesale in cosmetics, personal hygiene means, babies diapers and other products of paper. DUTIES: making agreements, such as work agreements, loan agreements, supplying agreements (with a physical person and a juridical person), warrant letters concerning work activities, registration of work agreements in a Work Agreements Journal, working as a representative of the firm in making distributing contracts in Lithuania, and other small deals. 3. POST: administrator, June 1999 - October 2000. A company the main activity of which is rent of premises and wholesale in foodstuffs. DUTIES: a) typical office work - keeping up documentation, typing orders, making work agreements, correspondence with other institutions (initiative, receiving and responding notes), recording the minutes, warrant letters and other notes concerning work relations. b) communication with foreign suppliers in Poland, Latvia, Finland, Sweden; ordering goods, searching for transport and its ordering, credit of imported goods, making price lists and other activities concerning trade. From May 1998 to June 1998 and from November 1998 to February 1999 I did practical work on accounting in the commercial bank “Hansa bankas”. SPECIAL SKILLS 1. Computer skills: NC, MS Excel versions 6,7, MS Windows versions 3,5, MS Word versions 6,7, the special accounting program “Rivilė”, MS Word Perfect version 6.0, Multi Edit, PC Tools, Pager Maker, and others. 2. Work experience with a fax-modem, a fax and copying machines. 3. English and Russian. 4. Juridical knowledge. 5. Good typewriting. 6. Valid driver’s license. MY STRONG PECULIARITIES: 1. A wish to improve myself. 2. A will to make a career. 3. Deep knowledge of work, civil and criminal code, economic law, notaries and constitutional law as well as legal, standard bills. 4. Work experience. A short summary of the reasons why l am inquiring about a vacant work place in Your company: 1. A desire to broaden my outlook and deepen my knowledge. 2. An opportunity to make a career. 3. A wish to get an attractive salary which meet with my qualification and good conditions of work. 4. Communicating with new people. Thank You for Your attention. If You have got interested in my application, please contact me.
PRESENT SIMPLE PRESENT CONTINOUS PAST SIMPLE PAST CONTINOUS SUDARYMAS Veiksmažodžio 1 forma Veiksmažodžio be forma ir veiksmažodis su galūne -ing Veiksmažodžio 2 forma arba veiksmažodis su –ed galūne Was/Were ir veiksmažodis su galūne -ing Pvz. Teigiamam sakiny; I play; You play; He plays; I am playing; You are playing; He is playing; I/You/he/etc walked I was studying; You were studying; He was studying. Neigiamam sakiny; I/You don‘t play; he doesn‘t play I am not playing; You are not playing; He is not playing; I/You/he/etc did not walk I wasn‘t studying; You weren‘t studying; He wasn‘t studying. Klausime; Do I/You play? Does he play? Am I playing? Are You playing? Is he playing? Did I/You/he/etc walk? Was I studying? Were you studying? Was he studying? NAUDOJIMAS • Kasdienei rutinai; (I catch the bus to work at 7 o‘clock every day ) • Pasikartojantiems veiksmams (he cleans the house every week ) • Įpročiams, pomėgiams (She usually stays at home on Sundays) • Pastoviai būsenai (He works in a bank) • Dieneotvarkei, tvarkaraščiams (The train leaves at 7 o‘clock) • Bendros, neginčijamos tiesos, gamtos dėsniai (water boils to 100C degrees) • Sporto, knygos komentarams, peržiūrai, pasakojimui. • Veiksmui, kuris vyksta dabar, tuo metu kai kalbama. (She is talking on the phone now) • Veiksmui, kuris vyksta šiomis dienomis (Peter is staying at his friend‘s these days) • Netolimoje ateityje suplanuotiems veiksmams; (I am flying to Paris tomorrow) • Situacijoms, kurios nėra pastovios ir keičiasi; (The climate is becoming warmer and warmer) • Per dažnai pasikartojantiems veiksmams, kurie erzina. Su žodeliais allways, constantly, continuously. (She is always talking in the lessons) • Veiksmui, kuris vyko nustatytu laiku praeityje. (Bob bought a car last month) • Veiksmams, kurie įvyko vienas po kito praeityje. (First he took a shower and then he went to bed.) • Praeities įpročiams Tam galima naudoti ir used to. (My grandmother read/used to read me bedtime stories when I was little) • Veiksmui, kuris vyko žinomu laiku praeityje. Mes nežinome kada jis prasidėjo ir kada baigėsi. (At eight o‘clock yesterday evening Tom and Mark were doing their homework) • Praeities veiksmui, kuris vyko kai kitas veiksmas jį pertraukė. Veiksmui, kuris vyko naudojame Past Continous, o veiksmui, kuris pertraukė- Past Simple. (He was exercising when he felt a sharp pain in his lower back) • Dviems ar daugiau veiksmų, kurie vyko tuo pačiu metu praeityje. (sarah was watching TV while I was reading a novel) • Suteikti pasakojimui „foną“, prieš aprašant pagrindinius faktus. (The band was playing and the people were singing and dancing when we arrived in the concert.) ŽODELIAI Every; at noon; at night; always; usually; often; sometimes; seldom; never. Now; at the moment; at present; these days; tomorrow; today; tonight; etc. Yesterday; yesterday morning/evening/etc. last; ago, in 1984. While; when; as; all day/night/morning; all day yesterday; etc. PRESENT PERFECT PRESENT PERFECT CONTINOUS PAST PERFECT PAST PERFECT CONTINOUS SUDARYMAS Have ir veiksmažodžio 3 forma arba veiksmažodis su galūne -ed Have/has been ir veiksmažodis su galūne -ing Had ir veiksmažodžio 3 forma, arba veiksmažodis su –ed galūne. Had been ir veiksmažodis su –ing galūne. Pvz. Teigiamam sakiny; I/you have booked; He has booked; I/You have been cycling; He has been cycling. I/You/had started I/You/he had been listening. Neigiamam sakiny; I/you haven‘t booked; He hasn‘t book. I/You haven‘t been cycling; He hasn‘t been cycling. I/You/he hadn‘t started I/You/he hadn‘t been listening. Klausime; Have I/you booked? Has he booked? Have I/You been cycling? Has he been cycling? Etc. Had I/You/he started? Had I/You/he been listening? NAUDOJIMAS • Veiksmams, kurie prasidėjo praeityje, ir tęsiasi dabar. (I have been techer for five years) • Praeities veiksmams, kurių rezultatus matome dabartyje.(He has washed his car) • Veiksmams, kurie įvyko praeityje, nenustatytu laiku. Veiksmas yra svarbesnis už laiką. (she has sold her house) • Petyrimams (have you ever slept in a tent?) • Veiksmams, kurie vyko tam tikru laiko periodu ir šis periodas dar nėra pasibaigęs tuo metu kai kalbama. (He has visited three museumsthis morning. Morning is not over yet.) • Veiksmams, kurie prasidėjo, kurįlaiką tęsėsi ir baigėsi praeityje. Rezultatas matomas dabartyje. (They have been sunbathing) • Veiksmams, kurie prasidėjo praeityje ir tęsiasi dar ir šiuo metu. (She has been cooking for two hours.) • Išreikšti pasipiktinimui, susierzinimui (Who has been using my computer?) • Veiksmui, kuris įvyko prieš kitą veiksmą praeityje. (She had painted the room by 5 o‘clock. (She finished painting before 5 o‘clock)) • Veiksmui, kuris įvyko prieš kitą būtąjį laiką. (She had booked a hotel before she arrived in Paris) • Veiksmui, kuris prasidėjo ir pasibaigė praeityje, ir rezultatas buvo matomas praeityje. (He had broken his arm, so he couldn‘t write) • Pabrėžti tąsą veiksmo, kuris prasidėjo ir pasibaigė praeityje.(She had been playing tennisfor ten years by the time she was eighteen.) • Pabrėžti tąsą veiksmo, kuris pasibaigė prieš kitą praeities veiksmą. (He had been studying for seven years before he got his degree.) • Veiksmui, kuris kurį laiką tęsėsi praeityje, ir jo rezultatas buvo matomas praeityje. (She was tired because she had been cleaning the house all day.) ŽODELIAI Ever, never, already, yet, just, so far, for, since, recently, lately, before. Ever, never, already yet, just, so far, for, since, recently, lately, before. Before; after; already;just; till/untill; when;by...; by the time; never; etc. For; since; how long; before; until; etc. FUTURE SIMPLE FUTURE CONTINOUS FUTURE PERFECT FUTURE PERFECT CONTINOUS BE GOING TO SUDARYMAS Will ir bendratis (be to) Will be (am, is, are) ir veiksmažodis su –ing galūne. Will have ir veiksmažodžio 3 forma arba veiksmažodis su –ed galūne. Will have been ir veiksmažodžio 3 forma arba veiksmažodis su galūne –ed. Be going to NAUDOJIMAS • Ateities spėjimams, kai remiamės tuo, ką manome ar ko tikimės. (I believe Bill will get a job) • „Greitiems sprendimams“. (We‘ve run out of milk. I will go to the supermarket and get some.) • Pažadams, grąsinimams, įspėjimams, reikalavimams, viltims, pasiūlimams. • Veiksmams, atsitikimams, situacijoms, kurios būtinai įvyks ateityje, ir kurių negalima kontroliuoti. (Ben will be five years old in August.) • Veiksmams, kurie vyks nustatytu laiku ateityje. (I am going to Spain. This time next week I will be lying in the sun.) • Veiksmams, kurie tikrai įvyks ateityje kaip rezultatas kokios nors rutinos arba pasirengimų. • Kai klausiama mandagiai apie netolimos ateities planus, dažniausiai siekiant sau naudos. (Will you be driving to the party tonight? Would you be able to give me a lift?) • Veiksmui, kuris bus pasibaigęs iki tam tikro ateities momento. (They will have arrived in London by 5 o‘clock) • Pabrėžti tąsą veiksmo, kuris tęsėsi iki tam tikro momento ateityje. (By June, he will have been teaching in this school for fifteen years) • Ketinimams, planams, ambicijoms ateičiai. (I am going to go to India one day.) • Veiksmams, kuriuos mes jau nusprendėme atlikti netolimoje ateityje. (Nicky is going to visit her friends in London next week.) • Sprendimams (spėjimams), kurie remiasi tuo, ką matome ar žinome, ypač kai yra įrodymai, kad kažkas tikrai nutiks. (There isn‘t a cloud in the sky. It is going to be a beautiful day.) ŽODELIAI Think, believe, probably, certainly, parhaps, expect... etc. Before; by; by then; by the time;until/till By ... for Tomorrow; the day after tomorrow; tonight; soon; next week/month/year/sommer/etc; in a week/month/etc.
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American people
And they wanted nothing back. Later we hitched a ride to Salinas with a truck driver. He was also worried about our safety and tried over his CB radio to fix us up with a ride with another trucker from Salinas to San Francisco. When he could not, he told us, “I do not want to leave you on the street, so I will take you up myself to make sure you get there safely.” And then he drove us to San Francisco and dropped us off on Market Street where we were going to stay. And he didin’t want anything back. He would not let pay him. That trip was a highlight of my stay in America. Richard Ingrams, a reporter for the Illustrated London News, enjoyed a memorable encounter with a street beggar near Watington: On our way down the hill from Monticello, Alexander remarked on another curios fact about Americans: “If you look at them, they always smile. I find that rather disconcerting.” Personally, I said I found it rather nice, and a pleasant change from the dour and suspicious looks one gets from one’s fellow countrymen. In fact what is nice about America is not the scenery or the skyscrapers…. It is the smiling, open attitude of the American people. On my last morning in Georgetown I found myself confronted in the main street by a large, beaming, bearded man. “Good morning, sir,” he cried. “I’m a bum! Would you give me some money?” No cringing. No pretence about cups of tea. A frank, straightforward approach to the situation. I immediately fished in my pocket for all available change – something I would never do in England – and decided I would probably be back quite soon. From “Stars and Gripes,” in the Illustrated London News, September 1987 The Violent American “The best thing about Americans their violence-oriented country is the fact the Atlantic is between us,” insist a retired British journalist. “American foreign policy pervers the advance of humanity and culture by creating a weapon-oriented life for all of us.” One aspect of American behavior which provokes numerous hostile comments from foreign observers is what they perceive as our tendency toward aggressive and violent actions. Dr. Hugo Molteni, a Buenos Aires physician, has never visited America but draws his conclusions from the newspapers, films, and television shows he has watched: The information I have about the U.S. demonstrates that they are a people who are clearly aggressive. For example, in all the movies I see, violence predominates. The there are the television series, police stories, crimes, assassination, drug deals. I think they have commercialized individual passition. The people of the United States have a wartime mentality. Quoted in Dallas Morning News, July 6, 1986  The Russian comic Yakov Smirnoff has found in America’s criminal violence a rich source for witticisms: Police departaments, like those in the United States, are created to protect you and keep you safe. As a matter of fact, thanks to them, Americans have many wonderful things we never had in the Soviet Union. Like warning shots. I think they’re great. In Russia the police don’t shoot up in the air. They shoot you!… and that’s the warning for the next guy. From America on Six Rubles a Day American Provincialism Christina Ruffini had complaint about the Americans she met during her stay in Southern California: Many Americans are much too provincial. They have no sense of what my Italy is like. I have had Americans ask me if we have freeways in Italy. This is crazy! I think this ignorance of a world beyond their borders is a big problem for many Americans. From an interview with the author, June 17, 1988  Anita Mandrekar, who lives in Bombay, alsofound the ignorance ofmost Americans regarding her native India appalling on her recent trip to the United States. Americans are generally ignorant on international matters. People there do not know much of the world outside. Even upper income groups still think that we in India live in jungles and have wild animals and snakes crawling all over. From a letter to the author, dated August 7, 1988 Literature: James C. Simmons “AMERICANS. The view from abroad” Harmony books New York 1990
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American English speaking without a lot of effort How To Learn American English Speaking Easily? Everyone learns to speak their native language. Is there some things that kids are missing when they are emerging? Dr. J. Marvin Brown says that “both adults and children can do it right, but only adults can do it wrong.” So why we can not use the same approach with a second language? Why we can’t learn American English speaking like children? Easily and without a lot of effort. In fact we can. There are a lot of researches which shows that adults can learn languages even more easily and fast. But here‘s the thing. We need forget all that we were learning in school. Because it is the most important reason why we can not speak American English at all. That’s the reason why we don’t understand anything when American people are talking to each other. Yes, we can read American and English newspapers, but this language is not the same. The people are not speaking that way. Their speech is different. If we want to understand native American speakers and speak with them, we must find the different way. In 1984, the American University Language Center in Bangkok started using a new approach to teach the Thai language. The method is known as “Automatic Language Growth”. The first mistake they noticed is that adults are trying to speak in new language to early. They don’t have enough exposure to language yet and they are struggling and feel uncomfortable. They are bringing patterns from their first language and later they are speaking with a strong accent. Children in the beginning are just listening to the new language. They starts to speak when they are prepared. That’s the big difference. The second mistake adults make is that they are thinking, that they must study grammar. That’s a huge mistake. A vital mistake. Children do not studying grammar and that’s the key. If we want to learn American English speaking we must learn speaking. Not grammar. Learning grammar does not make you fluent. You must train your ears and you must train your mouth. So how we can learn speaking without grammar. Simply. First of all we must listen. Every day one or two hours. The more is the best. We must listen to easy and understandible content. That builds our confidence. And we must begin to speak when we are prepared only. When we can do this without struggling. It commes authomatically. Believe me. I have done this with Original Effortless English Lessons. It is totally new approach in learning English. It is real language. You can learn English speaking naturally. You can do the same. You can learn American English speaking just like I did.
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Adjustment letter
From your account of the problem, I am quite sure that your request for the $240 adjustment on the damage to the 2 crates of Valjean Cristal stemware will be granted. A certain amount of breakage of this sort does unavoidably occur in cross-country shipping; I am sorry that it was your company that had to be the one to suffer the delay. I must remind you to keep the damaged crates in the same condition in which you received them until one of our representatives can inspect them. That inspection should take place within 2 weeks. If all is in order, as it sounds to be in your letter, you can expect the full reimbursement within 2 weeks after our representative's inspection. I hope this unfortunate accident will keep you from having merchandise shipped by Green Tree Freight in the future.
A mock date
Then I’m thinking about that crazy day now, everything looks so funny, but then I felt really especially. The day started as always and my mood was quite sad. I wanted something new, something different, something adventurous. And God listened to my prayers. When I was slowly walking to school I met my old friend Jack, who suggested me going to the cinema in the evening. I thought that it would be an interesting event in my boring routine, so I applied quickly. After that invitation I felt like in the 7th heaven, because I had admired Jack since we met the first time. I was smiling from ear to ear and during all lessons because I thought only about amazing evening, which we were going to have. Also, I told about my happiness to my best friend, who gave me a special advice what to wear and which make-up would look best on me. I was so in a dither, I wanted to make a good impression and couldn’t wait until school ends. When I heard the last bell ringing I felt like I had wings and could fly. I quickly went home to prepare myself for my very first date. First, at home mother suggested eating something hot and stodgy, but I rejected this clever proposal, because I though, that I had no time for that. I looked over my wardrobe, but I couldn’t find anything fit for this occasion. My outfit was old and outworn. Then I looked over my sister’s wardrobe and found a wonderful skirt, which looked stunningly on me. After this dress-rehearsal I put on some make-up and brushed my long black hair. At last I was ready to meet him. In the cinema’s lounge Jack was standing and waiting for me, when I finally arrived with an old slow bus. But when I came up to him, two other girls joined us. At first I couldn’t understand what was happening. But then he said: “Great to see You here, one moment and there will come two my friends!” I was wonder-struck. “Which one of three of us is really with him?” But I stayed in silence. I thought that those were the longest minutes in my life. All was forgotten when I saw them coming. Tommy and Bill were coming slowly, but proudly. They were dressed by latest fashion and looked beautiful. Then I thought: ”What is the difference – Jack or those two?” And until now I and Tommy are together. Maybe it looks like paradox, but it is life – you never know what to expect.
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A blue Christmas
It was Christmas Eve and Mrs. Wilson, an elderly woman, was sitting in her rocking chair, listening to Christmas carols on her radio. This was a family tradition that went on for many, many years. Christmas just wasn't Christmas in the Wilson household without listening to carols on the radio. "Oh my!" she sighed. "I'm so lonely. I wish my son, Paul were here to share Christmas with me!" Mrs. Wilson lived alone in a small apartment. This particular Christmas was very rough on her. Normally, Christmas was spent with Paul, his wife Nelly, and their son Johnny. However, this could not happen this Christmas. Paul had lost his wife and son in a car accident earlier that fall. It was a very difficult time for Mrs. Wilson, but especially for Paul. Oh how he had loved his wife and child! A few days ago, Mrs. Wilson had called her son to ask him to join her for Christmas. "Ma, I can't," Paul had told her. "I miss them so terribly. I keep expecting them to show up at the doorstep." "Oh Paul," cried Mrs. Wilson. "I know this is difficult for you, but do you honestly think that you should be alone at a time like this." "I don't know," said Paul. "Right now, yeah, I do think that being alone is the answer." "Well dear," she replied sadly. "If you change your mind, I'll be here." "Thanks Ma," said Paul. "And, Ma, Merry Christmas." "Merry Christmas to you too, son," said Mrs. Wilson. The radio program was just finishing up for the night. Mrs. Wilson, yawning, got up and turned it off. "The radio program just wasn't the same this year," she sighed as she went into her bedroom. "It's just not the same without Paul, Nelly and Johnny. I sure wish Paul would change his mind." Later that night, she was awakened by a strange sound coming from her living room. Quickly, she grabbed her house coat and went to see what was going on. There, standing by the Christmas tree, with his arms full of presents, was Paul. "Oh Paul!" cried Mrs. Wilson. "I'm so glad to see you." She embraced her son as tightly as she could. "I just got to thinking that maybe being alone wasn't the right thing," said Paul. "After all, aren't we supposed to spend Christmas with family." "Yes, dear, we are," said Mrs. Wilson, happily. "I'm so glad you came." "You know," said Paul. "I'm glad I did too." "Can I get you something to eat, Paul?" asked Mrs. Wilson. "I have some apple pie and ice-cream." "Now that sounds good," said Paul. "Come to think of it, I'm starved." Mrs. Wilson dished Paul out a heaping dish full of homemade apple pie and a huge serving of vanilla ice-cream.
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1. Personal identification I’m Darius. I was born in 1978 on the 21th of February in Kaunas. I don’t remember anything about the weather that day, but I know that it was about 2:30 p.m. I was the first child in the family. Our family is not very big, I have a brother. When I was a child I can't say, that I was a good boy. My parents always want me to be a good man, and now I'm very thankful for that. At that time I didn’t understand that my parents wanted good for me, and I made my mother worry about me very often. I think, that my character isn’t bad now and I’m a good, sincere and tolerant teenager. In 1985 I started school and now I'm graduating it. I was good at all subjects. I am fond of school. I liked my class. I always felt like at home here. Everybody was so friendly and easy to get a long with. I was on good terms with my classmates and we always spend our free time together. I think, that school years maybe remain in my heart forever. I want to say a few words about the future. I'm going to take entrance exams and enter KTU. I would like to study Computer Science. My parents are engineers - programmers and I like this profession too. That's all about myself. 2. Services Services aren't important as food, drinks or home, but it's enough important to as. One of them we use more frequently others we don't use. There are many services in my region. There is post near my house. You can use all services that post can offer: to send a postcard, letter or parcel, make postal - order, to buy stamp or postcard. There are petrols where you can buy gas. Also there are hospital and police station in my region. Police station is one of the unpleasant services. You get there when you commit something bad. If you want to do photos it's no problem, because there are some places there you can make photograph. A Very important service for people's beauty is hairdressing saloon. But there is only one saloon in my region. Bank is very important for people, which have their own business. Usually they open checking account. But a lot of firms haven't enough money so they take loans. Diplomatic services are useful, when you are in foreign country or when you want to go there. And garage - service use people who have a car. Here they can check and put right their cars. The most important services are hairdressing, photography, post, and hospital. So all services are very useful. They make our life easier. 3. House and home I live in apartment house. This house is in _____ street. I have an apartment in a nine-story building I live on the second floor. The livers keep house in order. There are many trees near my house. My house was built in 1991. The number of my flat is 17. I live in the two rooms flat. The area of my flat is about 60 square meters. There is a balcony in my flat. I have a fine view from the balcony and windows. I have two bed-sitting rooms, a bathroom, a toilet, a corridor and kitchen. There are bookcases, wardrobes, beds, tables in the bed-sitting rooms. My walls are papered. On the floor there are carpets. I have all amenities hot and cold water, gas, electric light, central heating, lift. In the kitchen there is gas cooker. There are gas meter, electric meter and water meter. I would like to have a detached house in some solitary place, far away from the town's noise, smoke and polluted air. Sure it'll be a two-stored house with a big yard and garden. 4. Flora Lithuania's flora is rich and varied, because of its geographical position and climatic peculiarities, but we can't boast that it's peculiar to it alone. We have typical northern plants such as conifers, deciduous trees. Forests cover one fourth of its territory. 3 centuries ago, they were twice as extensive. Nowadays more woods are cut down than replanted. We have lots of spruce, birch and alder woods as well. It's a pity such trees as oaks, ashes and limes are decreasing, because they were used as timber. Now we can hardly find oak, ash or lime woods. The preservation and restoration of forest hasn't been given great attention. Every year hectares of forest are planted, but more hectares are felled. Timber is still the chief article of export. Some trees are remarkable as natural rarities. In East Lithuania at Stelmuze grows an old oak, that according to botanists, about 1,5 thousand years old. Forests cover one half of the territory in east and South Lithuania. The Varena-Druskininkai forests spread on area of thousands square km. These forests abound in mushrooms, berries and beasts. The Rudininkai forest remind as of historical events. The rebels of 1831 and 1863 against the Russian czar found refuge in it. The Cepkeliai swamp, covering 5000ha is the largest in Lithuania. Broad and beautiful are the Labanoras, Kazlu Ruda and other forests. 40% of Lithuanian's territory is occupied by arable land. 5. Fauna The Lithuanian forests have inspired many poets, writers and composers. They devoted their works to the charm of woods. The fauna has no particular species peculiar to it alone. There are various species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. For various reasons many kinds or them became extinct. This fate befell aurochs, bisons, bears, etc. All forests can boast of the giant of woods - the antlered elk. Elk meat is exported abroad. Deer are less common. Roe and hares are abundant everywhere. Wild hogs, foxes, squirrels, martens are rather numerous. The number of wolves has shrunk. The beaver was entirely exterminated, but now it has been reacclimatized. Their houses are frequent on the banks of many rivers. New species of animals such as punctate deer, minks have been acclimatized. They feel quit at home and bear offspring. We have 300 species of birds. In forests we can hear voices of woodpeckers, cuckoos, owls, hawks and others. In rivers, lakes and swamps are various species of ducks, geese, and swans, where they hatch their young. In Neringa there is a settlement of grey herons, rare birds. There are about 50 species of fish in Lithuania. We can't boast that abound in our lakes and rivers. Bream, roach, salmon, eels, carps are caught. Salmon comes to our rivers to spawn.
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Personal identification I’m Marius. I was born in 1981 on the 28th of January in Kaunas. I don’t remember anything about the weather that day, but I know that it was about 2:30 p.m. I was the first child in the family. Our family is not very big, I have a brother. When I was a child I can't say, that I was a good boy. My parents always want me to be a good man, and now I'm very thankful for that. At that time I didn’t understand that my parents wanted good for me, and I made my mother worry about me very often. I think, that my character isn’t bad now and I’m a good, sincere and tolerant teenager. In 1987 I started school and now I'm graduating it. I was good at all subjects. I am fond of school. I liked my class. I always felt like at home here. Everybody was so friendly and easy to get a long with. I was on good terms with my classmates and we always spend our free time together. I think, that school years maybe remain in my heart forever. I want to say a few words about the future. I'm going to take entrance exams and enter KTU. I would like to study Computer Science. My parents are engineers - programmers and I like this profession too. That's all about myself. 2. Services Services aren't important as food, drinks or home, but it's enough important to as. One of them we use more frequently others we don't use. There are many services in my region. There is post near my house. You can use all services that post can offer: to send a postcard, letter or parcel, make postal - order, to buy stamp or postcard. There are petrols where you can buy gas. Also there are hospital and police station in my region. Police station is one of the unpleasant services. You get there when you commit something bad. If you want to do photos it's no problem, because there are some places there you can make photograph. A Very important service for people's beauty is hairdressing saloon. But there is only one saloon in my region. Bank is very important for people, which have their own business. Usually they open checking account. But a lot of firms haven't enough money so they take loans. Diplomatic services are useful, when you are in foreign country or when you want to go there. And garage - service use people who have a car. Here they can check and put right their cars. The most important services are hairdressing, photography, post, and hospital. So all services are very useful. They make our life easier. 3. House and home I live in apartment house. This house is in _____ street. I have an apartment in a nine-story building I live on the second floor. The livers keep house in order. There are many trees near my house. My house was built in 1991. The number of my flat is 17. I live in the two rooms flat. The area of my flat is about 60 square meters. There is a balcony in my flat. I have a fine view from the balcony and windows. I have two bed-sitting rooms, a bathroom, a toilet, a corridor and kitchen. There are bookcases, wardrobes, beds, tables in the bed-sitting rooms. My walls are papered. On the floor there are carpets. I have all amenities hot and cold water, gas, electric light, central heating, lift. In the kitchen there is gas cooker. There are gas meter, electric meter and water meter. I would like to have a detached house in some solitary place, far away from the town's noise, smoke and polluted air. Sure it'll be a two-stored house with a big yard and garden. 4. Flora Lithuania's flora is rich and varied, because of its geographical position and climatic peculiarities, but we can't boast that it's peculiar to it alone. We have typical northern plants such as conifers, deciduous trees. Forests cover one fourth of its territory. 3 centuries ago, they were twice as extensive. Nowadays more woods are cut down than replanted. We have lots of spruce, birch and alder woods as well. It's a pity such trees as oaks, ashes and limes are decreasing, because they were used as timber. Now we can hardly find oak, ash or lime woods. The preservation and restoration of forest hasn't been given great attention. Every year hectares of forest are planted, but more hectares are felled. Timber is still the chief article of export. Some trees are remarkable as natural rarities. In East Lithuania at Stelmuze grows an old oak, that according to botanists, about 1,5 thousand years old. Forests cover one half of the territory in east and South Lithuania. The Varena-Druskininkai forests spread on area of thousands square km. These forests abound in mushrooms, berries and beasts. The Rudininkai forest remind as of historical events. The rebels of 1831 and 1863 against the Russian czar found refuge in it. The Cepkeliai swamp, covering 5000ha is the largest in Lithuania. Broad and beautiful are the Labanoras, Kazlu Ruda and other forests. 40% of Lithuanian's territory is occupied by arable land.
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About languages (apie kalbas) My native language is Lithuania. So he must know its history, grammar, literature spelling. When I was on the fourth form I began to learn the English language. From the very first days I understood that it is very difficult to learn. English, as it has different pronunciation and spelling. If you want to learn new words, grammar, how to form the sentence. It is necessary to know the history, culture, traditions of the country which language, you study. It is very difficult to learn any foreign language when you do not hear it in the street at house. The film which we see on TV are translated into native language and we can’t hear the English language. The English language is very popular in the world and what country you visit you can communicate in England. The role of the foreign languageshas inereased in the last years, as Lithuanian keeps good relations with other European countries and is going to biome a member of European Union and NATO. So every young person must think about his future and the use of the foreign language. The European Union(apie europos sąjungą) The European Union is the European supranational organization dedicated to increasing economic integration and strengthening co-operation among its member states. The European Union was established on November one, nineteen ninety three. The treaty on European Union was ratified by the twelve members of the European community. They were Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. The citizen of the European Union countries received the right to immigrate From owe country to another and they got a greater freedom to live, work or study in any of the member states and there were no borders to travel from are European Union State to another. The main body of the European Union is the European Parliament, which is elected by the citizens of the European Union States. The main body works in Strasburg, but most work of its committee is done in Brussels. Finland, Austria and Sweden joined the European Union in nineteen ninety five. In this year May first day Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia will become the members of the European Union. There are seven other countries which will become the members of the European union. They are: Poland, Cheek, Cyprus, Malta, Hungary, Slovakia, and Slovenia. About myself(apie save) My name is Justina and surname is Šaučiūnaitė. I live in Anykščiai in Stoties street No eleven. I was born on the fiveof march nineteen eighty six in Anykščiai. I am eighteen, I am the citizen of Lithuania. I am a schoolgirl and I learn in the twelve form of Antanas Baranauskas secandary school. So I am a school-leaver.I live with my family: father, mather, I have one sister and one brother. All my Familymembers are cathalics.We the memders of our family are very friendly. We celebrate all Lithuanian holidays together. My favourite group is B‘avarija. My favourite singer is Andrius Mamontovas and also every yang person has a favourite pop graup.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (17,09 kB)
100 day party
Z. Oh, this party was pretty cool, but I and My friends were only in official part. I come home at 5 o’clock in the morning and what do you think about this party? M. Oh, this party was not bad but I was only in official part too and after this I with my class-mates went to the garden and celebrated this wonderful festival very well. But in my opinion to do the official part is a serious job. Z. Of course. Planning the 100-Day party was very hard. I and two my friends were responsible for the party. I had to invite primary school teachers. My friends were responsible for making speeches. M. Whose idea was to plan the funny part? Z. I think that this idea belongs to my friend Dainius. M. And who advised him? Z. I don’t now, but I think this part was original and fun. M. And who suggested doing the party decoration of the hall? It was nice. Z. Oh, it was Ramunas idea. But I think that it were a bit boring, because here were no disco. M. Oh, don’t worry, the party was wonderful.
Since the times of Roman Empire, London was one of the greatest commercial and social cities. What makes London famous nowadays is its historical heritage, kept many centuries, and modern buildings, built for the pleasure of the visitor.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (1 psl., 4,42 kB)
Lithuanian flora consists of deciduous trees, coniferous wood, mixed forests and bushes. Deciduous trees are oak, birch, alder, lime and others. Fir and pine are from coniferous wood. Mixed forests compose the biggest part of Lithuanian flora. Many animals are involved in Red book in Lithuania. Hunters don’t think about damage which they make hunting animals. In my opinion, national parks and conservation areas are necessary in Lithuania. These places protect our forests from cutting, animals don’t disappear.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (2 psl., 9,38 kB)
To start with, I would like to say that I grew up in country which is called Pikteikiai. So I am country’s child. My home country is in Klaipėda district, 38 kilometres from Klaipėda..... I finished secondary school in Gargždai, so it is like my native town. Because of it I would like to talk more about this town. Gargždai is 16 kilometres from Pikteikiai. It is one of the oldest living places in whole Lithuania.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (5 psl., 10,06 kB)
Angliški išsireiškimai, visi turėtų būti teisingi, nes dirbta su gera anglų mokytoja.
Anglų kalba  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (5 psl., 12,88 kB)
My dream house
To start with as I know many people usually dream about the castle on the bank of the sea with many huge rooms and bathrooms. But I don’t. My dream house is quite different.
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (1 psl., 2,81 kB)
Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear from you! I hope everything is okay. Have you started your exams yet? Good luck!
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (1 psl., 5,97 kB)
Pollution problems
Today pollution is very important problem in the world. What we can see on television, or hear on the radio about our environment is only wishful thinking, because in the real life, around us, there is lots of rubbish, water is unhealthy and air is not very clean. People drop litter around and they don’t think about consequences. We should take thought about saving the environment, because it is one of the biggest gifts of the life.
Anglų kalba  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (1 psl., 3,46 kB)
A book review
Tai recenzija Collen McCullough knygos "The Thorn Birds". Turinys atitinka visus reikalavimus. na manau toki pateikus mokytojai tikrai gausite gerą įvertinimą.
Anglų kalba  Pateiktys   (1 psl., 3,63 kB)
15 anglų kalbos tekstų kalbėjimui.
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (5 psl., 15,04 kB)
IP semantika. IP yra nekontaktinis: datagrama turi savyje galutinį adresatą, kiekviena datagrama siunčiama ir apdorojama nepriklausomai. Maršrutai gali pasikeisti bet kuriuo metu. IP leidžia datagramoms: vėluoti, kartotis, būti pristatomoms ne ta tvarka, pasimesti. Todėl IP vadinamas best effort delivery. Motyvacija – apjungti visus įmanomus tinklus. ICMP – Atskiras protokolas klaidoms ir informacijai, būtina IP dalis. Siunčia klaidas datagramų siuntėjui – pradiniui, o ne tarpiniams. Atraportuoja tik klaidų sąlygas, bet nenurodo, kokie veiksmai turi būti imamiesi jų taisymui
Informatika  Konspektai   (5 psl., 73,3 kB)
Teorinėje dalyje trumpai apžvelgiamos tarptautinės ir nacionalinės Internet paieškos sistemos, jų galimybės, privalumai ir trūkumai. Detaliau išnagrinėtos viena tarptautinė ( ir viena lietuviška ( paieškos sistemos: vykdant paiešką pagal įvairiai suformuotus paieškos raktus atskleidžiamos jų teigiamos, neigiamos pusės, įvertinamas rezultatų tinkamumas. Analitinėje darbo dalyje pateiktas temos “Antivirusinės programinės įrangos analizė” aprašymas, remiantis surinkta interneto medžiaga. Taip pat keliamas tikslas išsiaiškinti ar galima išsiversti be antivirusinės programinės įrangos ir kokia antivirusine programa galima pasikliauti.
Informatika  Referatai   (14 psl., 20,79 kB)
Vocabulary. Definitions of key vocabulary. The means of marketing. Advertising. Advantages and disadvantages of major advertising media. Formulating of the advertising message. The role of the advertising in the promotional mix. Advertising as persuasion. Marketing influences and often actually controls almost every part of company's activities. Everyone who works for the company must “think marketing”. To think marketing we must understand in the right way what is the marketing concept.
Rinkodara  Konspektai   (32 psl., 212,25 kB)
Apraš sudaro dvi dalys. Pirmojoje dalyje (MySQLlt1.doc) rasite tokius skyrelius: literalai, vartotojo kintamieji, stulpeliai, SELECT ir WHERE operatoriuose naudojamos funkcijos. Antrojoje dalyje rasite įvairių sintaksių aprašymus.
Informatika  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (46 psl., 283,18 kB)
Here are facts showing the dangers of eating meat because of the large amounts of antibiotics fed to livestock to control staphylococci (commonly called staph infections), which are becoming immune to these drugs at an alarming rate. The animals that are being raised for meat in the United States are diseased. The livestock industry attempts to control this disease by feeding the animals antibiotics. Huge quantities of drugs go for this purpose. Of all antibiotics used in the U.S., 55% are fed to livestock.
Visitors to the US often think either that there is no real American food, only dishes borrowed from other countries, or else that Americans eat only *fast food. While there is some truth in both these impressions, real American food does exist. The British also have a poor reputation for food. Visitors to Britain often complain that food in restaurants is badly presented, overcooked and has no taste. But the best British food is not generally found in restaurants but in people's homes.
Alcohol can play a major part in many people's social lives. That's why it's easy to forget that it's actually a very powerful drug. Technically speaking, it's a depressant which means it slows down your body's responses in all kinds of ways. Just enough can make you feel great, too much and it's all over.
Biologija  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (1 psl., 4,43 kB)
Darbo tikslas: Susipažinti su I-View ISDN videokonferencijos įranga ir jos galimybėmis, suinstaliuoti ir sukonfigūruoti videokonferencijos įrangą, sudaryti telefono ir videokonferencinį ryšius. Videokonferencijos per ISDN nusakomos ITU-T standartu H.320. H.320 – tai standartas videokonferencijoms siaurajuosčiais tinklais su kanalų komutacija (ISDN). Jis apima specifikacijas balsui (G.711, G.722 ir G.728), video (H.261), duomenų perdavimui (T.120), duomenų srautų multipleksavimo (H.221), sujungimo sudarymo ir galinių įrenginių valdymui (H.230, H.242), daugiataškės videokonferencijos valdymui (H.231, H.243).
Informatika  Laboratoriniai darbai   (8 psl., 147,08 kB)
Any examination of the history of the EV inevitably asks the question: "Why were they overtaken in popularity by gasoline -powered vehicles?" Let me take a few paragraphs to give you my opinion as to why electric vehicles have lost the war of numbers to their petrol - powered cousins and get this question out of the way. There is no one simple answer, but many facts contributed to the rise of the internal combustion engine and decline of the electric motor for the primacy of driving on road transportation.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (6 psl., 23 kB)
Buriavimo terminų žodynas su paaiškinimais angliškai ir lietuviškai. Longitude - Ilguma - viso 180 laipsnių į rytus ir 180 laipsnių į vakarus nuo Grinvičo meridiano. Meridian - Meridianas - menama linija, einanti nuo vieno žemės poliaus į kitą. Latitude - Platuma - viso 90 laipsnių į šiaurę ir 90 laipsnių į pietus nuo pusiaujo. Colregs - Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.
Sportas  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (15 psl., 29,03 kB)
Lithuania is a very beautiful country. It is very rich with many plants and animals. But of course we must save what we have. The most beautiful part of nature is our thick forests. They cover 27,9% our all territory. So we can admire our woods. But they are not like they were 5 or 6 hundred ago. Then our forests were just inpassable and full of different animals. But many people have cut these beautiful woods and now we have only 18,000 separate plots. But now when people understand the threat of extinction and many organisations plant new pine forests.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (2 psl., 4,6 kB)
What does it mean to recycle? Recycling is the return of material to a previous stage of a cyclic process, especially conversion of waste to reusable material. Glass, paper, and aluminium are materials which are successfully recycled from domestic waste. In contrast, plastics, which are an increasing component of waste, present many problems in recycling, associated with the difficulties in identifying and separating different types and a relatively low demand for the recycled material.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (1 psl., 2,85 kB)
My dream country
If I would get a chance to emigrate, I would like to go to live to USA. I think I would choose Hawaii. This paradise consists mainly of the Hawaiian Islands and other islets unrelated geographically to the archipelago. In all, there are eight main islands and 124 islets, reefs, and shoals. I would choose biggest island. This island is in southeastern Hawaii State; it’s the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, in the central Pacific Ocean.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (1 psl., 3,19 kB)
My native town
I live in Lithuania. In town that is called Kaunas. Kaunas is second city in Lithuania. Kaunas is almost exactly in the center of Lithuania. It is highlighted by the valleys of the Nemunas and the Neris - two longest rivers in Lithuania. There live 600 thousand people. I think Kaunas is the most Lithuanian town, because there are about 90 percents people who are Lithuanian. Archaeologists determined that there were people living at the crossing of the Nemunas and the Neris rivers already in the 3rd or 4th century.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (2 psl., 6,16 kB)
English Tenses
Anglų kalbos laikų lentelė.
Anglų kalba  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (2 psl., 12,06 kB)
Speaking phrases
Anglų kalbos kalbėjimo frazės.
Anglų kalba  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (1 psl., 5,28 kB)
100 anglų kalbos transformacijų. Gale yra atsakymai.
Anglų kalba  Testai   (13 psl., 34,24 kB)
Gramatikos taisyklės: Types of Questions, Writing a Letter, Modal Verbs, Writing a Paragraph, the English Tenses in the Active Voice, the English Tenses in the Passive Voice, a Letter of Complaint, the Usage of the Article in English, the Adjective, the Noun, Linking Words/Phrases, Conditional Sentences, Wishes, the Gerund.
Anglų kalba  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (19 psl., 32,46 kB)
Teenagers criminals
Now teenagers commit more crimes then adult ones. Gangs of young criminals are increasing every day. What is the reason of that? The answer is one: family's instability, alcoholism, economical problems, depreciated schools and education, imperfect law system. In 1997 13 children aged from 5 to 10 year committed crimes and burglaries. In 1998 more then 28. Last year teenagers committed about 535 crimes. During one-year period delinquency raised 16.6%.
Teisė  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (3 psl., 17,22 kB)
Anglų kalbos kalbėjimo tema.
Anglų kalba  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (1 psl., 3,59 kB)
My Ideal Home
Anglų kalbos kalbėjimo tema.
Anglų kalba  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (1 psl., 4,45 kB)
Anglų kalbos kalbėjimo tema.
Anglų kalba  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (1 psl., 3,46 kB)
Having a Pet
Anglų kalbos kalbėjimo tema.
Anglų kalba  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (1 psl., 3,43 kB)
Being Healthy
Anglų kalbos kalbėjimo tema.
Anglų kalba  Straipsniai   (1 psl., 4,2 kB)
Present Indefinite. Past Indefinite. Future Indefinite. Future Indefinite In the Past. Present Continuous. Past Continuous. Future Continuous. Future Continuous in the Past. Perfect Tenses Present Perfect. Past Perfect. Future Perfect. Perfect Continuous Tenses. Present Perfect Continuous. Past Perfect Continuous. Future Perfect Continuous. Future Perfect Continuous in the Past. Present Indefinite vartojamas su laiko aplinkybėmis always, often, usually, regulary, daily, etc. Pavyzdžiui: I usually get up at 7 o’clock. Nick always helps his friends.
Anglų kalba  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (5 psl., 9,25 kB)
I remember my days in the primary school. My first day, my first lesson in the school stacked in my memory very well. It was early morning of 1 September in 1988. My father saw me to my new school. I was terrified in that big building. I did not know anyone in my new school. I had no friends, because I had not ever been to the kindergarden. I remember very well, when I came to my first classroom. It was very big and full of toys, books and strangers. My father gave to me a pen and pencil and I sat into my first desk.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (1 psl., 3,2 kB)
Sostinės grupė Biplan, grojanti smagią gitarų muzikėlę ir varanti iš proto Lietuvos paaugles, susikūrė 1994 metų rugsėjį ir savo karjerą pradėjo dainuodama rusiškai. Jauni vaikinukai, pakerėti vienos roko dainininkės balso ir šiaip neturėdami ką veikti, nusprendė tapti muzikantais. Maksimas Bambras, dabar grojantis Lemon's Joy, būgnijo pirmoje Biplan sudėtyje, vėliau nusistovėjo dabartinis kvartetas: Maksimas Melmanas (vokalas, gitara), Artiomas Miškinas (bosinė gitara), Olegas Aleksejevas (gitara), Viačeslavas Aleksejevas (mušamieji). 1995 metų spalio 1 dieną grupė pirmą kartą koncertavo drauge su Merlin ir Šiaurės kryptimi.
Muzika  Pagalbinė medžiaga   (6 psl., 52,21 kB)
Clean up the World
The work of ecology. Air’s pollution. Earht’s pollution. Water’s pollution. The End. Olden time’s people lived in accord with the nature. Later, when the humanity have created powerful machines, various chemical materials, learned to govern the nuclear energy, there appeared lots of ecological problems. The most important elements of our surroundings ­- air, water and soil are more and more polluted.
Anglų kalba  Referatai   (4 psl., 9,09 kB)
3D Graphics cards. Keywords: 3D graphics, acceleration, antialiasing, alphatransparency, depth cueing, fogging, mipmapping, AGP, PCI, DirectX®, OpenGL®, Glide®, texture, frame buffer. Annotation.
Informatika  Namų darbai   (3 psl., 5,31 kB)
The relationship between crafts and design is difficult to define. You are faced with several issues as context and the definition of both: design and craft. According to the dictionary craft means- a special skill or ability. An occupation especially when that demands manual skills. And design means- a decorative or artistic work to plan by making preliminary sketches or outlines". Intentionally the dictionary makes both: craft and design sound like the same thing but really they are not, and in my essay I would like to look at their relationship through their differences and the context in which they are interpreted.
Dailė  Referatai   (3,56 kB)
In every century, in every age, after hard working people needed to do things that are making them feel good. This is what we call – entertainment. As every epoch has its own fashion, music style, political system, so it also has very distinctive types of entertainment. Let’s start with the very beginning of the human evolution. Yes, even Stone Age had several types of distraction. As we know, people of that time, used to hunt animals for food. It was not easy to hunt mammoths, wild boars or bears.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (2,84 kB)
London is packed full of accommodation options. You can stay in a five-star hotel, an intimate B&B (Bed & Breakfast), a self-catering apartment or a quality hostel. There is no shortage of beds and even in the luxurious and fashionable areas you might find something to suit your price range. Type of Room Double rooms, single rooms, twin rooms, family rooms… the choice can be overwhelming. Just know that London’s hotels offer a range of standard room configurations. Your hotel or B&B might offer simple singles and twins or may stretch to luxurious suites covering hundreds of square feet.
Anglų kalba  Referatai   (4,49 kB)
Vilnius is the gateway to Lithuania and the Baltic States, being situated in an advantageous geographical location in Europe. The airport is within half an hour of the centre of the city. It has direct links with 18 cities and there is regular bus service to 7 countries. Vilnius is famous not only for its historical past, monuments, churches and green surroundings.
Anglų kalba  Referatai   (4,75 kB)
The Aim is to make a review on scientific literature. The Problem of the report is: The main causes of suicide; people’s condition who usually make it. Research methods used: I used closed questions because they allow respondents to answer the question very quickly, not using much time. In reason that findings would be more reliable I choose random sample. The majority of my respondents were students. There were 25 respondents, 68% of them were females and 32% males. The average of their age was 20.
Anglų kalba  Referatai   (4,91 kB)
Air pollution
I would like to talk about air pollution, becouse it is one of the major problems of the planet. Air pollution is made up of many kinds of gases, droplets and particles that reduce the quality of the air. Air can be polluted in both the city and the country. In the city, cars, buses and airplanes, as well as industry and construction may cause air pollution. In the country, dust from tractors plowing fields, trucks and cars driving on dirt or gravel roads, rock quarries and smoke from wood and crop fires may cause air pollution. Ground-level ozone is the major part of air pollution in most cities.
Anglų kalba  Referatai   (4,85 kB)
Body language
Believe it or not, we speak to the world without saying a word through non-verbal communication. Almost every facet (aspect) of our personality is revealed (atskleisti) through our appearance, body language, gestures, facials expressions, demeanor (maniera), posture and movements. In our professional and personal lives, we’d like to think we could make friends and influence people if we verbally articulate our message with optimism, enthusiasm, charisma, poise (ramybe) and charm (zavumas).
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (1,82 kB)
The duke Gediminas who ruled in 1275-1341 built this castle. It was build after the dream of Gediminas. The duke dreamed en enormous iron wolf, who was howling very loud in the junction of the river Neris and Vilnia. The precursor predicted that in this place would grow powerful and strong town. He also added that Gediminas had to build a castle in the place where he so that wolf. Now the Gediminas castle is a historical museum. There you can find many interesting exhibits of Lithuania’s history.
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (2,87 kB)
The True Religion
The first thing that one should know and clearly understand about Islam is what the word "Islam" itself means. The religion of Islam is not named after a person as in the case of Christianity which was named after Jesus Christ, Buddhism after Gotama Buddha, Confucianism after Confucius, and Marxism after Karl Marx. Nor was it named after a tribe like Judaism after the tribe of Judah and Hinduism after the Hindus. Islam is the true religion of "Allah" and as such, its name represents the central principle of Allah's "God's" religion; the total submission to the will of Allah "God".
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (6,02 kB)
Describing people
A descriptive essay about a person should consist of: a) an Introduction in which you give general information about the person, saying when, where and how you first met them; b) a Main Body in which you describe their physical appearance, personal qualities and hobbies/interest. You start a new paragraph for each topic; c) a Conclusion in which you write your comments and/or feelings about the person.
Anglų kalba  Konspektai   (1,86 kB)
If someone were to look through your bedroom, what do you hope your possessions would convey about you? A typical teen’s room? In some respects, yes, but in many ways, my room has become an extension of my personality, interests and values. Upon entering, one would probably notice the lack of any music group, scantily clad female model, or indeed, any adornment at all on my walls. I prefer the unsoiled look of clean walls, which provide a sense of calm. However, my room is far from military precision and order;
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Mass Media
For our ordinary life are very important informations. We need informations about local, home and international political, social and sporst events. The biggets and most important sources of information are mass media. To mass media belong nawspapers, radio,television and internet. Newspaper. In Britiain the national newspapers are very important.
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Sun Myung Moon gimė 1920, vasario 25 dieną, Šiaurės Korėjoje, Pyungan Buk-Do provincijoje. "Naujasis Mesijas" buvo penktasis vaikas, tuo metu dar tradicinę Korėjos religiją išpažįstančioje šeimoje. Tėvai jam davė Young Myoung Moon ("Švytintis Drakonas") vardą, kurį tik vėliau pats Susivienijimo įkūrėjas pasikeitė į Sun Myung Moon ("Saulės ir Mėnulio švytėjimas"). "Drakono" vardas šioje tradicijoje turėjo globoti vaiką nuo blogų dvasių įtakos. Moon’o šeimos gimtosiose vietose buvo apsčiai krikščionių – misionierių, o ir gyventojų jau per 40% buvo priėmusių krikščionių tikėjimą.
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Hip-Hop istorija
HIP-HOP - šis dviejų paprastų žodžių junginys šiandien yra įgijęs nepaprastą reikšmę ne tik muzikoje, bet ir nemažos dalies jaunimo gyvenime. O viskas prasidėjo visiškai nekaltai - nuo mažos kibirkšties. Kai Niujorko gatvėse vaikai šoko breiką, ar kažką panašaus į tai, kai didžėjai vakarėlių metu "išsidirbinėjo" su plokštelėmis, o MCs su mikrofonais, kai namų sienos ir traukinių vagonai nusidažė įvairiomis spalvomis, niekas net neįsivaizdavo, kad visa tai išaugs į tokį kultūrinį judėjimą, kuris išpopuliarės visame pasaulyje.
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Lithuania is situated on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea and borders Latvia on the north, Belarus on the east and south, and Poland and the Kaliningrad region of Russia on the southwest. It is a country of gently rolling hills, many forests, rivers and streams, and lakes. Its principal natural resource is agricultural land. Government. Parliamentary democracy. History. The Liths, or Lithuanians, united in the 12th century under the rule of Mindaugas, who became king in 1251.
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Įvairūs šalių mokslininkai vis didesnį dėmesį skiria sociokultūriniam gyventojų ugdymui bendruomenėje. Pasak olandų mokslininko M.Spierc, sociokultūrinio ugdymo tikslas - leisti žmonėms socialiai ir kultūriškai dalyvauti visuomenėje . Pateiktame paveiksle sociokultūrinis ugdymas yra suprantamas ne siaurąja prasme. Jis apima daug sričių: poilsį ir laisvalaikį, švietimą ir lavinimą, darbą, kultūrą bei darbą bendruomenėje .
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All living things, plant or animal, need vitamins for health, growth, and reproduction. Yet vitamins are not a source of calories and do not contribute significantly to body mass. The plant or animal uses vitamins as tools in processes that regulate chemical activities in the organism and that use basic food elements-carbohydrates, fats, and proteins-to form tissues and to produce energy.Vitamins can be used over and over, and only tiny amounts are needed to replace those that are lost.
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Bill Gates
William Henry Gates III (born October 28, 1955) is the co-founder, chairman, and chief software architect of Microsoft Corporation, the world's largest software company (as of April 2006). He is also the founder of Corbis, a digital image archiving company. Gates is the wealthiest individual in the world according to the Forbes 2006 list. When family wealth is considered, he is second behind the Walton family, which The Sunday Times represents by Robson Walton.
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Living Well
There are two big problems in our life: people eating bad balanced food ar outher thei smoking. Health is the most important thing in a person’s life. Eating habits is a big part of a healthy life, so to keep yourself in a healthy way you have to eat only healthy and well-balanced food. In the first place, I should say that fruit and vegetables is the main component of food which you have to eat in order to stay healthy.
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"[W]e find that testing students who participate in extracurricular activities is a reasonably effective means of addressing the School District’s legitimate concerns in preventing, deterring, and detecting drug use." Justice Clarence Thomas U.S. Supreme Court JUNE 27, 2002 Board of Education of Independent School District No. 92 of Pottawatomie County v. Earls Foreword In June 2002, the U.S. Supreme Court broadened the authority of public schools to test students for illegal drugs.
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About dinosaurs
One of the smallest dinosaurs known, Compsognathus grew only about as large as a chicken, but with a length of about 60–90 cm (2–3 feet), including the long tail, and a weight of about 5.5 kg (12 pounds). A swift runner, it was lightly built and had a long neck and tail, strong hind… The Compsognathus is the smallest dinosaur in the Jurassic Period. It only ran on its two back legs. Its shape allows it to run fast and swiftly. This can help it to run from all the predators. Its top speed was twetny-five miles per hour. It was the size of a chicken. It was only two and a half feet long including the tail. its height was only one foot tall. It weighed only ten pounds.
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Laikų naudojimas
Present Simple Use 1.To express an action that happens again and again, that is a habit. I usually get up at 7 o’clock. Nick always helps his friends. 2.To express a fact which is always true. Rockets fly faster than airplanes. Expressions: always every day usually sometimes never Present Continuous Use: express an activity that is happening at the moment of speaking What are you doing now?
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Present Unreal Conditional If I have time, I study English. (Sometimes I have time.) If I had time, I would study English. (I don't have time.) Past Real Conditional Past Unreal Conditional If I had time, I studied English. (Somtimes I had time.) If I had had time, I would have studied English. (I didn't have time.) Future Real Conditional Future Unreal Conditional If I have time, I will study English. If I have time, I am going to study English. (I don't know if I will have time or not.
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Coca Cola company
Today we won‘t take up more that 20 minutes of your time so won‘t waste time and let‘s get down to business. Our first point is to give some background information about Coca Cola history and heritage. Then we‘ll give you some facts about companies products and their changes over existence. We are sure you will be of particular interest to those products. And finally we will reveal the secret formula of coca cola company success. So I am pleased to be able to welcome you to our company.
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Nightclub is a business that is open at least twice a week and provides some type of regularly scheduled entertainment. It usually has an area for dancing if it is a dance club or a stage where patrons may observe entertainment such as live bands, comedy, magic, exotic dancers, etc. Most clubs serve alcoholic beverages and may or may not have dining. Night clubs have become the new fad in town!
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The Tower Of London
The Tower of London has a very interesting story behind it. It was begun by a man who was not even English, William of Normandy. At the time he was the cousin of England's King Edward. It all started because William became outraged when Edward backed down on his promise to give the throne to William and ended up giving the throne to his English brother-in-law, Harold. William sailed his army across the English Channel to conquer England.
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American English
In the early part of the seventeenth century English settlers began to bring their language to America, and another series of changes began to take place. The settlers borrowed words from Indian languages for such strange trees as the hickory and persimmon, such unfamiliar animals as raccoons and woodchucks. Later they borrowed other words from settlers from other countries – for instance, chowder and prairie from the French, scow and sleigh from the Dutch.
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Adjective clauses
To understand what an adjective clause is, we need to understand what adjectives and clauses are. Most of you probably know what an adjective is. In English, adjectives are used to modify or describe nouns. For example, adjectives can show size, color, emotion, and quantity. Here are some sentences with adjectives. Can you identify them?
Foreign languages
Nowadays it is truly important to learn languages. To begin with, knowing foreign languages broadens one‘s outlook and develops mentality. The more languages we know the more intelligent we are. Moreover, knowing foreign languages gives us an oppurtunity to socialize and correspond with people from other countries. For intance, we can travel abroad and communicate with other people easily which gives us great satisfaction. It also helps to understand traditions and customs of the country better.
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A blue Christmas
It was Christmas Eve and Mrs. Wilson, an elderly woman, was sitting in her rocking chair, listening to Christmas carols on her radio. This was a family tradition that went on for many, many years. Christmas just wasn't Christmas in the Wilson household without listening to carols on the radio. "Oh my!" she sighed. "I'm so lonely. I wish my son, Paul were here to share Christmas with me!" Mrs. Wilson lived alone in a small apartment.
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Sparkling river in front of your eyes, blinding sunshine, a few boats rowing in the calm water and 35 degrees above zero. You’re just lying on the lawn near some kind of palace… You turn right, look at your friend and think, that it is a marvellous day. People are staring at you, but you don’t care… Actually you should be at the caves of stalagmites and stalactites at this moment, because you planned this yesterday, but such a beautiful day you won’t miss in some kind of cave… Aren’t you amazed?
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Lithuanians like to eat good, tasty and filling foods. The tradition of eating well is inherited from our ancestors, who would say, he who eats well, works well. Lithuanian cooks prepare simple but tasty foods. A good cook can create delicious meals using simple ingredients. It is said that each cook stirs the cookpot in her manner. The traditional food preparer was and is mother, her knowledge and capabilities are handed down to the next female generation. Before food was prepared using only seasonal products, however during the last twenty-five years, fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs have been available all year round, imported or grown locally.
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Food and drink
Health is the most important thing in a person’s life. Eating habits is a big part of a healthy life, so to keep yourself in a healthy way you have to eat only healthy and well-balanced food. Lithuanians like to eat good, tasty and filling foods. The tradition of eating well is inherited from our ancestors, who would say, he who eats well, works well. Lithuanian cooks prepare simple but tasty foods. A good cook can create delicious meals using simple ingredients.
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Managing people
Nowadays managing is very important in our life. Everyone wants to manage, but not everybody can be good managers. John Peet, British Management Consultant said that management problems always turn out to be people problems. In our life are three main styles of managing: it is authoritarian, democratic and liberal. Good managers must have a cross-cultural awareness. It is very important to realize other country’s mores and understand differences between countries.
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One of the most striking features about India, which any foreign traveler must appreciate, is the size and diversity of this country. India is the seventh largest country in the world in terms of size, with a total landmass of 3,287,590 sq km. Located in South Asia, it has land boundary of 14,107 km with its neighbours [Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal and Bhutan] and a coastline of 7,000 km, which stretches across the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean. India is a country of both diversity and continuity.
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An idiom is a special kind of phrase. It is a group of words which have a different meaning when used together from the one it would have if the meaning of each word were taken individually. If you do not know that the words have a special meaning together, you may well misinterpret what someone is saying, or be puzzled by why they are saying something that is untrue or irrelevant.
Lithuania's nature is as beautiful as it is diverse. The country's national parks reflect the landscape and culture of its large geographical areas. The thirty regional parks protect and represent the most valuable ecosystems and cultural treasures of different regions from natural, ethno cultural, recreational and aesthetic points of view. The wide variety of wildlife in the parks includes the protected species of animals listed in THE RED DATA BOOK (Lithuania's endangered species list), and rare plants. Research programmes are being carried out in the parks' sanctuaries and reserves. Large areas have been designated as recreational sites.
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Business Dress code
We would like to present for you business dress code. Of course, we know, that your knowledge about clothing is really wide, but in the lecture there were a lot of discussions about it, so we are going to explain why the dress code is so important in the offices or in another workplace. First of all, I think, that everyone knows, this old phrase: "You will never get a second chance to make the first impression”. As a business executive, you have a responsibility to send the best professional message you can be successful.
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New Year
New Year - conditional start of the Calendar year. Ancient Lithuanian, national holidays calendar, shows that the beginning of the New Year during ancient times had no fixed date. According to ethnographers’ thinking, the abundant agrarian rites with sun and fire elements of worship, winter’s burial, preparation for spring works traditions could signify the New Year start. Later the new Year was identified with Easter, which is bound with plant vegetation and start of outdoor work.
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Capital – CAIRO Area – 1001 450 km² Populate number – 66 100 000. Language – Arabic. Basic religion – Islam 94% , Other 6% Government – Many parties democracy. Monetary unit – Egypt pound. Literate – 50% Life duration – 61 years. People for 1 doctor – 1320. TVs for 1000 people – 109. Longest river – Nile (this river longest in the world). Egyptian History. gypt is one of the most fertile areas of Africa, and one of the most fertile of the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Because it is so fertile, people came to live in Egypt earlier than in most places, probably around 40,000 years ago.
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The term déją vu is French and means, literally, "already seen." Those who have experienced the feeling describe it as an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that shouldn't be familiar at all. Say, for example, you are traveling to England for the first time. You are touring a cathedral, and suddenly it seems as if you have been in that very spot before. Or maybe you are having dinner with a group of friends, discussing some current political topic, and you have the feeling that you've already experienced this very thing -- same friends, same dinner, same topic.
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Interesting Jobs
The fact is well-known that unemployment is the most important and threatening problem in the whole world. In addition to this I am able to add that unemployment in Lithuania is still growing. This fact illustrates that choosing the type of career is the most responsible decision in person's life. In case I have a possibility to choose computer programmer's, lawyer's or teacher's profession, I am absolutely decided to choose teacher's profession when I was in nineth form. There are many reasons why I chose this profession.
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Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio. Nickname Leo. Height 5' 11" (1.80 m). Mini biography. His name allegedly derives from his German mother Irmalin's having experienced a sudden kick from her unborn boy while enjoying a DaVinci painting at the Uffizi. In the year following his birth, she and his Italian father, George, were divorced. He grew up in Echo Park, then a particularly seedy, drug-dominated area of Los Angeles.
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William Bradley Pitt. Height 5' 11" (1.80 m). Mini biography Brad Pitt was born in Oklahoma and raised in Springfield, Missouri. His mother's name is Jane. His father, Bill, worked in management at a trucking firm in Springfield. At Kickapoo High School, Pitt was involved in sports, debating, student government and school musicals. Pitt attended the University of Missouri, where he majored in journalism with a focus on advertising.
Once lived boy named John. He was 14 year old. The boy was very friendly and helpful. John and his parents lived in a villge. They had a big farm with a lot of land and livestock. One morning John and his father were going to the market to sell some vegetables and fruits they had grown. It was very cold. The roads were iceovered. However they were being late so they were in a hurry. The engine were roarring. Suddenly the car stardet skiding from side to side.
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Did you know that the can opener was invented 48 years after cans were introduced? Cans were opened with a hammer and chisel before the advent of can openers. A Londoner, Peter Durand, invented the tin canister, or can, in 1810 for preserving food. There were no can openers yet, and the products labels would read: "cut around on the top near to outer edge with a chisel and hammer." The first can opener was invented in 1858 by American Ezra Warned. The well-known wheel-style opener was invented in 1925. Beer in a can was launched in 1935.
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Discuss the following statements. Which of them could be used to define culture? Before reading the text, explain in your own words what is meant by culture. Work in small groups or pairs and then share your ideas in the classroom .
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Signs of the Zodiac
Aries (March 21-April 19) Element: Fire Modality: Cardinal Ruling Planet: Mars, Pluto Part of Body: Head, skull sinuses, jaws. Herbs: Pepper, garlic, hemp, poppy, holly, thistle, onion, fern, mustard. Stones: Bloodstone, ocher, diamond, ruby. Keywords: Self, ego, imitative, action, courageous, pioneering, adventurous, freedom-loving, independent. Business Types: Exploration, design, engineering, athletics. Aries starts off the Zodiac, and it is self-motivation that is the hallmark of this sign.
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If you are on the move, America is the home of fast food. Enjoy a certain déjà vu as you sink your teeth into a McDonald's, Burger King, KFC or Pizza Hut menu or just a faint recognition at Jack in the Box, Wendy's or Taco Bell, the Mexican food takeaway. The hamburger is still king of fast food. For a healthier kind of fast food, don't miss America's legendary delicatessens (delis) - the best of which serve fantastic gourmet sandwiches and salads. Chose your sandwich - hoagie or sub (French bread), club (three slices of toast with fillings sandwiched in between), rye (black rye bread) or bagel and fill it up with cream cheese and lox (smoked salmon), chicken, pastrami (smoked beef), tuna or egg. As befits the American "melting pot" the range of ethnic cuisine on offer is vast - both at fast-food take outs and serious restaurants.
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The World Organization of Volcano Observatories was established as the result of a meeting of representatives from world-wide volcano observatories, held in Guadeloupe in 1981. WOVO became International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior Commission in the following year.
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Today’s teenagers have many drugs in their bodies crack, cocaine and many deadly weapons in their hands. Guns in the guns of teenagers and violence on TV and in films may be problems, but they are not the only ones. Children spend too much time hanging out. The positively example of family, shool, religion have grown weak and ineffective. Young single mothers are unprepared for child rearing… Many boys do not have the example to a strong positive male model.
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Anglų kalba
Everyone wants to live clean, nice and tidy. We like to look at somewhere and say: “What a niece place! How wonderful! Just like in heaven!”. But what are we doing to make the surrounding like this? To my mind just nothing… On the contrary – we do much more to destroy our environment. Living conditions in the world are getting worse and worse. Exhaust fumes and smoke from factories are polluting the air, trees are cutting down, and streets are full rubbish and grime. Furthermore rivers are being polluted by chemicals from factories too.
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Defoe hopes that Moll Flanders will be taken for what he says it is, a true history, despite the fact of its heroine's real name being concealed and the multitude of novels being published at the time. He explains that he has altered Moll Flanders' style to make it more polite and modest, as befitting her supposedly reformed character. Originally its language had been "not fit to be read," as a result of Moll's debauched lifestyle.
Marius is my best friend. He is twenty - five years old and has got short, brown hair, blue eyes and a lovely, warm face.It seems like he and I are always talking or laughing about something. He has a very nice personality and a wonderful sense of humor but he can also get a little depressed from time to time. I can always count on him to be honest and to give me the best advice. We like going to the cinema but sometimes can't agree on which movie to see. Sometimes we just walk around, trying to find a new area of the city to explore.
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Flat or house
During the short time of period I would like top speak about what is better to live in a flat or in a house. I will try to consider good and bad points about living in both. Also I will try to express my opinion what is better flat or a house and opinion about what is the future perspectives on accommodation in Lithuania. And finally I will try to give you short summarize about all my speech.
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In the high antiquity everybody respected and glorified strong, fearless, brave people. In ancient Greece athletic festivals were very important and had strong religious associations. The Olympian athletic festival, held every four years in honor of Zeus, eventually lost its local character, became first a national event and then international. So, we could say, that all sport history started in Antiquity.
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Crime in Lithuania
Nowadays crime is very associated with our modern world. Unfortunately, it’s not as safe as we would like to be so we must do everything we can in order to improve our own safety. Crime is a very serious problem in nowadays Lithuania. The criminal situation in my country is much worse than in other western European countries. It’s quite difficult to feel safe late at night or even in the evening in the streets as you can simply be mugged. Much more dangerous can be walking in the streets alone also in the evening, so people are advised to go by cars instead of walking alone and not to have a lot of expensive things such as mobile phones, cameras, watches, huge amounts of cash or other valuable things which might catch the offenders eye.
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The capital of the United Kingdom can be divided into three distinct parts. The main commercial area is around The City, where Roman London was founded and where the medieval township grew up, dominated by the massive fortress of the Tower of London. Further west along the Thames lays Westminster, the centre of government and administration. The West End—running west from Covent Garden to Oxford Street—is the main shopping and entertainment area. Surrounding this core are districts such as Kensington, Chelsea, and Marylebone, that joined London in the 18th century, but retain a separate identity.
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We can’t imagine our life without friends without talking with them. The communication and friendship take a huge place in our life. It wouldn’t be a happy life without it. It would be just an existence and people like robots, it would be boring and absolutely uninteresting. Nowadays communication is one of the most valuable skill. Because we live in the time when it is really important to express your own opinion, to say what you like or not, to share your ideas with others.
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Canada and all of the developed countries in the world produce some kind of toxic waste(s). It doesn't matter whether it's a chocolate bar wrapper or a canister of highly radioactive plutonium, they're potentially dangerous to us and/or our natural environment unless properly disposed of. Toxic waste is defined as any waste that is hazardous to human health or to our natural environment. According to the Institute of Chemical Waste Management, about 15% of our garbage is classified as toxic, and only 85% (approximately) of that is disposed of properly. The rest is either illegally dumped or accidentally mixed up with non-toxic garbage.
Modal Verbs
The great German poet Goethe once said, “He, who knows no foreign language, doesn’t know his own once”. Today English language is the language of the world. English is not only the national or official language of some thirty states that represent different cultures, but it is also the major international language of communication in such areas as science, technology, business and mass entertainment. It is also the major language of diplomacy. No doubt that we must know English very well.
London - the grand resonance of its very name suggests history and might. Its opportunities for entertainment by day and night go on and on and on. It's a city that exhilarates and intimidates, stimulates and irritates in equal measure, a grubby Monopoly board studded with stellar sights. It's a cosmopolitan mix of Third and First Worlds, chauffeurs and beggars, the stubbornly traditional and the proudly avant-garde.
I’m going to speak about some kinds of pollution, for example air pollution or acid rain, water pollution. Now different kinds of trees, many of the animals, birds, fish are in serious danger. What should government do to stop the polluting, nowadays? First of all I would like to speak about water pollution There is no ocean or sea which is not used as a dump. Many rivers and lakes are poisoned, too. Fish and reptiles can’t live in them.
About languages
My native language is Lithuania. So he must know its fourth form I began to learn the English language. From history, grammar, literature spelling. When I was on the the very first days I understood that it is very difficult to learn. English, as it has different pronunciation and spelling. If you want to learn new words, grammar, how to form the sentence. It is necessary to know the history, culture, traditions of the country which language, you study.
About Paroc
We have almost 50 years' experience of developing, manufacturing and distributing stone wool products for use by the building industry and other industries. We are currently the leading stone wool manufacturer in the Baltic region, with Sweden and Finland as our main markets. Our annual turnover is more than 235 million euro. Paroc has plants in Finland, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania and the United Kingdom, plus sales companies in fourteen European countries. Paroc offices are located in Vanda (head office) and Pargas, Finland, and in Skövde, Sweden. We employ some 1,700 people.
The most common kind found in Europe is the ordinary oak (Quercus robur), and in America - the red oak (Quercus rubra). Ordinary oaks grow naturally in forests of Lithuania, taking 1.8 % of total forest area. The greatest number of oak-woods is located in Middle Lithuania Lowland; their number is slightly lesser in south-eastern part of the country, and even more so - in the south. Oaks reach 30-40 m in height, and 1,5-2 m in diameter. This tree lives for 500-1,000 years, sometimes even for 1,500 years. Oaks are suitable for cutting down at the age of 120-160 years.
UAB Megrame was established on 26 March 1992 and was the first in Lithuania to start the production of plastic windows. The President of the company is Juozas Magelinskas. Megrame has been a member of the Lithuanian Builders' Association since 1996. The company has two subsidiaries, i.e. Vakarų Megrame and Pietų Megrame, and its representatives in twelve cities and towns of Lithuania.
For over 60,000 years men and women have been communicating. Yet we still feel the need, perhaps more than ever, to find ways to improve these skills. According to numerous research studies, for your entire life you have spent about 75 per sent of each day engaged in communication. Therefore, you may be wondering why you need to study communication in the first place.
Referatas VU. Įvertinimas 10. Labai geras darbas. Language studies traditionally have emphasized verbal and written language, but in the late dozens of years have begun to consider communication that takes place without words. In some types of...
Where was the famous poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe born? Where were German emperors crowned? Why do Frankfurt's traditional apple wine glasses carry such a unique pattern? Which is the tallest skyscraper in Europe? Where does the European Central Bank have its headquarters? Frankfurt's superbly trained and certified tour guides present our wonderful city in a total of 20 languages.
As we all know, there are all sorts of food. Of course there are a lot of facilities where we can eat. Breakfast, supper, dinner, custom dishes and national ones, I could list them for ages, but now let’s talk about fast food. Fast food? How can food be “fast”? Different meals take different time to be prepared. But we aren’t talking about normal dishes here.
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Some people think of it as a form of justice. Others think of it as a disgrace to humanity. I strongly believe that there should not be a death penalty. The death penalty deters murder and prevents murderers from killing again by putting the fear of death in to would be killers. A person is less likely to do something, if he or she thinks that harm will come to him. Another way the death penalty may help deter murder is the fact that if the killer is death, he or she will not be able to kill again.
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Lithuania is a small piece of land at the Baltic Sea in the geographical centre of Europe. On the map of Europe Lithuania can hardly catch your attention, because its area is only 65,000 sq. km. The borders of our country stretch for more than 1800 km. In the North it borders Latvia, in the East and in the South Belorussia, in the South - West Poland and the Kaliningrad Region of the Russian Federation.
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Feast of St.John
From ancient times people marked the time of the return of the sun, the shortest and longest night. In olden times it was called the Feast of the DEWS, [ a.k.a. RASOS ]. When Christianity was established in Lithuania, the name was changed to Feast of St. John, according to agrarian folk calendar, the start of haying. The rituals of the longest day were closely related to agrarian ideas and notions.
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (8,08 kB)
Children start to go school at age of seven. They can stay at secondary school for 12 years but some of them leave it after tenth form. These pupils usually go to vocational junior colleges where they can get secondary education and profession. But these schools are getting less popular now, because more and more students want to study at the University.
Anglų kalba  Referatai   (2,07 kB)
Delivery of speech
It is known that public speaking is a transaction between you and your audience. Just as the language you choose for your message should reflect the nature of your audience, so too should your delivery. Specifically, we discuss choosing an appropriate method of delivery, adapting to diverse audiences, and adapting delivery to the speech occasion.
Anglų kalba  Referatai   (9,62 kB)
Avril Lavigne
Rock & roll wild child Avril Lavigne hit big in summer 2002 with her spiky-fun debut song "Complicated," shifting pop music into a different direction. Lavigne, who was 17 at the time, didn't seem concerned with the glamor of the TRL-dominated pop world and such confidence allowed her star power to soar.
Anglų kalba  Referatai   (2,65 kB)
Present Simple – everyday/year, often, sometimes, usually, seldom, always, never, at weekends, on Mondays …Po when, as, while, before, after, as soon as, until, if; taip pat po who, which, that pgr. sakinys būsimasis, o šalutinis būtinai esamasis. Present Continuous (to be talking) – now, at the(this) moment; su įsiterpusiais always, constantly, for ever. Present perfect (to have talked) – just, already, yet, lately, recently, so far, ever, never, before. Baigtam veiksmui su today, this morning/afternoon/evening/week/month/year, kai jie reiškia nepasibaigųsį laiką. Nepasibaigusiam veiksmui su for ir since.
Anglų kalba  Konspektai   (4,32 kB)
Quantifiers - Some rules of thumb on the use of little, a little, few and a few. LITTLE : only used with UNCOUNTABLE nouns, synonym for hardly any, not much e.g. Look at the sky, there is little hope for bright and sunny weather tomorrow. A LITTLE:only used with UNCOUNTABLE nouns, synonym for a small amount, some e.g. Is there ? The weather forecast says there is still a little hope.
Anglų kalba  Konspektai   (4,12 kB)
Present Simple – esamasis paprastasis veiksmažodžio laikas. Šis laikas naudojamas kalbant apie veiksmus kurie vyksta dažnai = often, kiekvieną dieną = every day, bendrai = generally, įprastai = usually, kartais = sometimes, kaip taisyklė = as a rule, savaitgaliais = at weekends ir pan. Visi veiksmai, kurie išreiškiami šiuo veiksmažodžio laiku, vyksta dabartyje, tačiau ne konkrečiu einamuoju momentu. Pvz. sakinyje “Aš skaitau knygas kiekvieną dieną.”
Anglų kalba  Konspektai   (3,1 kB)
Kalbos ypatybės
The formal patterns of correct reasoning can all be conveyed through ordinary language, but then so can a lot of other things. In fact, we use language in many different ways, some of which are irrelevant to any attempt to provide reasons for what we believe. It is helpful to identify at least three distinct uses of language: 1. The informative use of language involves an effort to communicate some content. When I tell a child, "The fifth of May is a Mexican holiday," or write to you that "Logic is the study of correct reasoning," or jot a note to myself, "Jennifer—555-3769," I am using language informatively.
Anglų kalba  Konspektai   (1,64 kB)
People on our planet can’t live without travel now. Tourism has become a highly developed business. There are express trains, cars and jet-air liners all of that provide you with comfort and security. What choice to make? It’s up to you to decide. There are great varieties of choices available for you. If you travel for pleasure you would like by all means to enjoy picturesque places you are passing through, you would like seeing the places of interest, enjoying to sight seeing of the cities, towns and countries.
Anglų kalba  Konspektai   (1,63 kB)
Sometimes, when it comes to the situation that you have a foreign guest, you have nothing else to do as make him interested in Lithuania. I am strongly against speaking about poor economical situation as it is not very interesting, especially for the rich foreigners. The fact is well known that Lithuania is a small piece of land at the Baltic Sea in the geographical center of Europe.
Anglų kalba  Konspektai   (1,82 kB)
The Flowers decorate our daily life. To present or buy the flowers unnecessary needs the cause (for instance when lad than that was guilty against his girl, they present her flowers). But more often flowers are bought on holidays, birth day, weddings and so on. Also flowers are used for gift not only but also embellishment (for instance on wedding to decorate the machine).
Finansai  Analizės   (2,99 kB)
Baigimasis darbas parašytas 2004 metais Lietuvos žemės ūkio universitete, darbas apgintas 8 balams, darbas geras, darbe atlikta bankų veiklos analizė įmonių kreditavimo srityje.
Ekonomika  Diplominiai darbai   (21,28 kB)
Socialinė apsauga yra neatsiejama žmogaus gyvenimo dalis. Jos pagrindą sudaro Valstybinio socialinio draudimo sistema, užtikrinanti apdraustiems šalies gyventojams pajamas senatvės, ligos, invalidumo, nedarbo, nelaimingų atsitikimų darbe atvejais. Pensinis draudimas – svarbiausia ir reikšmingiausia Lietuvos socialinio draudimo dalis. Pensinis draudimas apima beveik visus šalies gyventojus: vieni moka socialinio draudimo įmokas busimai pensijai, kiti gauna pensijas. Suteikdamas žmonėms socialinį saugumą senatvėje, invalidumo bei našlystės atvejais, pensinis draudimas yra svarbus kiekvieno žmogaus gyvenime.
Ekonomika  Diplominiai darbai   (18,54 kB)
Darbas anglų kalba apie anglevandenius, vitaminus, riebalus. What you eat has a life long effect on your health and well-being. To look and feel your best, you have to eat adequate amounts of the proper foods. Many teenagers don't always choose the food that is best for them. They may not want to eat what the rest of the family is eating or they may eat poorly at school. The food at the school cafeteria is required by law in the United States to meet certain nutritional standards, but you may not be eating their food. There are six types of nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.
Pramonė  Referatai   (5,85 kB)
1897-ieji buvo "orlaivių" metai. Balandžio mėn. lėtai skridęs orlaivis sudužo Auroros miestelyje, esančiame į šiaurės vakarus nuo Worth forto (ir iškart į vakarus nuo Rhoma link Bridgeport), - atsitrenkęs į vėjo malūną. Apieškojus jo nuolaužas buvo, tariamai, rastas mažo ūgio ateivio kūnas. Pilotas iš pradžių buvo vadintas "marsiečiu" ir palaidotas vietos kapinėse. Taip pat nuolaužose rasta hieroglifų rašmenų. Ši istorija prisimenama ir po 100 m. 1986 m. pagal ją buvo susuktas filmas "The Aurora Encouter", kuriame vaidino Jack Elam.
Lietuvių kalba  Testai   (4,92 kB)
Introduce myself
First of all I would like to introduce myself. I am Andrius Narbutas student A. I am studying in the fourth A class of gymnasium. It means that this year I am the school-leaver. Talking about my personal characteristics I would like to say that I am frank, obstinate, persistent, good-tempered and sometimes moody. In my opinion it is very important to mention that I am studying English for nine years and now you have a chance to grade my English knowledge.
Kompiuterinis tinklas – kompiuterių ir periferinių įrenginių visuma, užtikrinanti informacijos keitimosi tarp kompiuterių tinkle nenaudojant jokių kitų informacijos pernešėjų [2]. Kompiuteriniai tinklai pagerina įvairių organizacijų valdymą bei veiklos koordinavimą, kadangi suteikia naujas galimybes vienu metu naudoti bendrą informaciją, saugomą toli nuo vartotojo, pagerina bendravimo tarp vartotojų sąlygas (elektroninis paštas, diskusijų bei naujienų grupės, WWW tinklapiai), sutaupo lėšas (didelis kompiuteris ir jo aptarnavimas yra brangesni, nei daug mikrokompiuterių, sujungtų į tinklą), didina informacijos patikimumą (duomenų failai turi kopijas skirtinguose kompiuteriuose ir, vienam jų išėjus iš rikiuotės, vartotojas gali tęsti darbą, naudodamas kitame kompiuteryje esančią kopiją) bei sudaro didesnes plėtimosi galimybes (esamą tinklą nesunku išplėsti, prijungiant naujus vartotojus).
Informatika  Kursiniai darbai   (14,75 kB)
Ką vadiname kompiuterio virusu? Terminą "kompiuterio virusas" pirmą kartą pavartojo amerikiečių mokslininkas Fredas Koenas (Fred Cohen) 1984 metais 7-tojoje informacijos saugumo konferencijoje (JAV). Praėjo nemažai laiko, bet virusų problema nė kiek nesumažėjo. Šis terminas įsigalėjo dėl to, kad kompiuterio virusai labai panašūs į biologinį prototipą. Biologinis virusas pažeidžia informaciją, slypinčią gyvosios ląstelės genetiniame kode, ir "užgrobia"ląstelės gyvybinių procesų valdymą.
Informatika  Projektai   (5,17 kB)
Folders – atidaro tinklo svetainės aplankų (katalogų) sąrašą, kuriame nurodyti ir failų bei juos atitinkančių tinklapių pavadinimai, dydis, paskutinio keitimo data ir kas keitė. Reports – atidaro informacijos apie tinklo svetainę santrauką (pvz., bendrą failų, paveikslėlių skaičių ir dydį, nuorodų skaičių). Navigation – leidžia peržiūrėti ir keisti tinklo svetainės struktūros diagramą.
Informatika  Konspektai   (17,87 kB)
Pensijų sistema
Europoje socialinis draudimas atsirado 19 amžiaus pabaigoje kaip pramoninės revoliucijos padarinys. Lietuva ilgai buvo agrarinė valstybė. Socialinis draudimas buvo įteisintas tik 1926 m., bet jis nebuvo visuotinis. Veikė tik atskiros draudimo rūšys. 1940 m. sovietų okupacija nutraukė dar nespėjusias susiklostyti socialinio draudimo tradicijas.
Sociologija  Kursiniai darbai   (18,78 kB)
Marketingas – tai ne tik rinkos tyrimo priemonių sistema, bet ir įmonės bei jos tarpininkų gamybinės ir komercinės veiklos valdymo filosofija, strategija ir taktika, nukreipta į atskirų vartotojų ir vartotojų grupių poreikių tenkinimą. Tai poreikių išsiaiškinimo ir jų tenkinimui reikalingų sprendimų priėmimo bei įgyvendinimo procesas, padedantis siekti žmonių ir įmonės tikslų. Kiekvienas verslas yra susijęs su sprendimų priėmimu ir veiklos rezultatų fiksavimu.
Rinkodara  Kursiniai darbai   (17,2 kB)
Rašinys "Kas geriau, žiūrėti filmus namuose ar kine", mano anglų kalbos mokytojos buvo įvertintas palankiai.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (0,99 kB)
It's difficult to imagine our life without shops. When we want to buy something we go to a shop. There are many kinds of shops in every town or city, but most of them have a food supermarket, a department store, men's and women's clothing stores, a grocery, a bakery and a butchery. Nowadays supermarkets and department stores are becoming more popular where people can reserve time and find a necessary piece of goods.
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Anglų kalbos temos
Personal identification I’m Darius. I was born in 1978 on the 21th of February in Kaunas. I don’t remember anything about the weather that day, but I know that it was about 2:30 p.m. I was the first child in the family. Our family is not very big, I have a brother. When I was a child I can't say, that I was a good boy. My parents always want me to be a good man, and now I'm very thankful for that.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (15,57 kB)
Įvairių dalykų pliusai ir minusai, gali praversti rašiniams, kalbėjimo įskaitai. Access a lot of information, do some jobs very quickly, communicate very quickly, word processors make it easier to write letters and reports, and to do work for school, make learning more exciting, large amount of information can be stored.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (2,31 kB)
We love nature so much as it gives us that change we need: cold winter gives way to charming spring that turns to generous summer and romantic autumn. I like spring. After winter with its nasty drizzle, melting snow, dark gloomy sky spring comes. It gets warmer and warmer every day.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (2,47 kB)
Ieškant darbo
Dear Sirs, I am writing in reply to your advertisement in the “Daily News”. I would like to ask you to find me a job as a tutor assistant in a children art campsite.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (0,73 kB)
Complain letter
Dėstytoja įvertino puikiai. Your adress... Dear, Sir/Madam, My family and I have returned from a two-week holiday at the Paradise hotel in Spain and I wish to complain about the bad accomodation, Briefly, my complaint is as follows: The tiles in the bathroom were cracked, and some were coming off from the wall; the shower did not work at all, the general standart of cleanliness and decoration was very poor.
Motivation letter
Application letter for a job. Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing this letter to apply for the position of student assistant that I saw advertised on your website. I am interested in working in the teachers' resource library, or in the accommodation department.
Laip pabaigti arba pradėti paragrafą. Set phrases for opening paragraph I am writing to you in connection with…. I am writing with regard to / in regard to / with reference to… I am writing to ask if you could informal me about…. I was interested in your advertisement in….
Anglų tema apie pramogas, hobius ir laisvalaikį. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the passive forms of entertainment (e.g. TV, video, computer games, etc.) and active leisure (traveling, sports, hobbies, etc.)?
Channels of communication What are ‘telecommunications’? This term refers to the transmission of information over long distances using the telephone system, radio, TV satellite or computer links. Examples are two people speaking on the phone, a sales department sending a fax to a client or someone reading the teletext pages on TV But in the modern world, telecommunications mainly means transferring information from one PC to another via modem and phone lines (or fibre-optic cables).
Almost everyone in Lithuania has a Christmas tree in their home which is decorated with electric lights and ornaments purchased in the store. There are some people who still follow the old traditions and use hand crafted ornaments to decorate the tree. It is done especially if the family has little children who like to make ornaments from paper or something else in order to put them on the branches of the tree.
Vertas 10. Have you ever thought about the advantages and disadvanteges of living in cities? It may seem, at first, that living in cities has only good sides, but further consideration shows that it also has negative sides. One point in favour of living in cities is that you don't have to go for shopping by car or bus- you have enormous department store nearby your house and you can do the shopping very quickly.
Anglų kalba  Rašiniai   (0,96 kB)
Nuclear energy
The relative costs of generating electricity from coal, gas and nuclear plants vary considerably depending on location. Coal is, and will probably remain, economically attractive in countries such as China, the USA and Australia with abundant and accessible domestic coal resources as long as carbon emissions are cost-free.
Application letter,order, complain letter, cv -exaples.
Pagrindinės anglų kalbos gramatikos taisyklės. Present Simple laikas vartojamas reikšti įprastam,pasikartojančiam arba nuolant vykstančiam veiksmui dabartyje ,bet nebūtinai vykstančiam kalbos momentu. Teigiamajame sakinyje veiksmažodis vartojamas pirmąja forma(bendratis be dalelytės to), tik vienaskaitos trečias asmuo(he,she,it) turi galūnę es. Klausiamieji ir neigiamieji sakiniai sudaromi su pagalbiniu veiksmažodžiu do, o trečias asmuo su did. Pats veiksmažodis nesikeičia.
The city of London
The City of London is a small area in Greater London. The modern conurbation of London developed from the City of London and the nearby City of Westminster, which was the centre of the royal government. The City of London is now London's main financial district.
Family Relationship
Psichologinė analizė apie santykius šeimoje. Families shape the quality of our lives. Emotional links among family members stretch across households and decades, influencing our outlooks on life, motivations, and strategies for achievement, and styles for coping with adversity. Family relations are the earliest and most enduring social relationships.
Įvertinimas 8,pristatytas kolegijoje, legalios verslo formos ir valdymo struktūra. New business planners do some serious thinking about what legal form to choose for their new endeavour. This means determining what status the business will be in the eyes of the law. The choice has very important consequences.
Adobe read
Adobe and its suppliers own all intellectual property in the Software. Adobe permits you to Use the Software only in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Use of some third party materials included in the Software may be subject to other terms and conditions typically found in a separate license agreement, a “Read Me” file located near such materials or in the “Third Party Software Notices and/or Additional Terms and Conditions” found at .
Anglų kalba  Kursiniai darbai   (10,68 kB)
Kings Canyon is situated within the Watarrka National Park, and is a huge canyon 270m high. The walk around the rim of the canyon is definitely worth it as the views are spectacular, although it can take 3-4 hours and should only be attempted early in the morning during the summer months.
Anglų kalba  Referatai   (2,95 kB)
Gavau 9. ranslation is an action of interpretation of the text that gives the same massage in other language. Translation is basically a change of form. When we speak of the form of the language, we use words, sentences, paragraphs, etc., which are written or spoken.
Šis darbas buvo pristatytas Portugalijoje, Bragancos IPB institute, 2008m. Darbas buvo įvertintas 8 - iems, reikia dar gilesnių idėjų, ir pasinaudoti didesne literatūra, kadangi tai buvo mūsų visiškai sugalvotos naujos idejos, literatūra naudojomės...
Hawaii is a group of islands located in the centre of the Pacific Ocean that became the 50th state of the United States of America in 1959. The 130 islands are of volcanic origin. Only seven of the eight major islands are inhibated :Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Hawaii's Big Island… GEOGRAPHY Hawaii is the most remote island chain in the world, over 2,000 miles from the nearest landfall. Distance makes for splendid isolation - these Polynesian islands are removed from all else but one another.
Anglų kalba  Referatai   (7,33 kB)
Gavau 10. Diana Spencer nickname Lady Di born: July 1st, 1961 birthplace of: Sandringham (Norfolk - England) parents: John Edward Spencer (1924-1992) Lady Frances Spencer (1936) divorced since 1969 sisters and brothers: Sarah, Jane, Charles length: 1.77 m weight: unknown colour of eyes: blue colour of hair: blond residence: Kensington Palace in London marriage: On July 29th Lady Diana married Prince Charles.
Anglų kalba  Referatai   (24,52 kB)
Oral speech for the topic peace. It takes about 3min to say it. It contains useful recent info and is based on Roosevelt's words.
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (2,11 kB)
Žmogus + kompiuteris... Prezentacija. Man-Computer relationship [presentation]: Will computers be able to make decisions for us? Maybe my presentation will help with the answer. 1: Man-computer relationship is a fast-growing field that draws upon several branches of social and information science, as well as medicine, computer science, and electrical engineering.
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (1,73 kB)
Dialogai, kuriuos tenka kalbėti įskaitos metu, temos iš egzaminų programos.
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (3,48 kB)
The rich should share all their wealth with the poor. Today’s world is not very easy. Many people are living poorly these days, some of them are even starving. Those people, who couldn’t have got the background because of particular reasons, now are saying, how they are unlucky and miserable persons. And those who earn a lot, who are reveling in their life and don’t count the money, don’t ever think how they could be generous by helping the poor’s.
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (1,15 kB)
Eiffel Tower
Gavau 10. Tai rašinys apie Eifelio bokštą. Eiffel Tower was built in the 1889, especially for a world mark. The mark was held in Paris. Three hundred workers joined together. Architects decided to build 300metres metallic Tower.
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (0,86 kB)
The media shows us millions pictures of "beautiful" people and gives us a lot of “lessons” on how to make ourselves more attractive: how to have better hair, better teeth, better makeup or a better body. Take any fashion magazine and you will see that almost every fashion advertisement company there uses a thin model who looks happy because she has bright skin, new lipstick, beautiful clothes or because she lost her weight because of some new magic pills. Have you seen an overweight male or female appear in the advertisement?
Anglų kalba  Referatai   (5,18 kB)
Williams syndrome
The most important treasure for peoples is health. Every body knows that, every body repeats it thousands of times. For parents sometimes the most important are them own child. They could do anything for them. But sometimes it is not enough to want or to do, because diseases do not ask or you could do for your child everything, it just appears and you need to fight with them. How much cost child’s health?
Anglų kalba  Referatai   (5,24 kB)
Charlie Chaplin, who brought laughter to millions worldwide as the silent "Little Tramp" clown, had the type of poor childhood that one would expect to find in a Dickens novel. Born in East Street, Walworth, London on 16 April, 1889, Charles Spencer Chaplin was the son of a music hall singer and his wife.
Anglų kalba  Referatai   (7 kB)
An industry is a group of businesses or corporations that produce a product or service for the profit. Because of the billions of dollars it generates, travel can certainly be categorized as an industry.
Anglų kalba  Konspektai   (7,78 kB)
Tai yra "sollution essay" apie stresą kurį patiria studentai prieš egzaminus. Tai buvo 12 klasės studento namų darbas pristatytas Druskininkų Ryto gimnazijoje.
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (1,04 kB)
Z. Oh, this party was pretty cool, but I and My friends were only in official part. I come home at 5 o’clock in the morning and what do you think about this party? M. Oh, this party was not bad but I was only in official part too and after this I with...
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (0,81 kB)
Business Letter
I am pleased to inform you that your bid for the supply of computer hardware has been successful and we will be submitting our firm order, under the terms contained in your bid, within the next few days.
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (0,69 kB)
Namų darbas, apie šių laikų technologijas ir taip visur paplitusį internetą. We live in the age of information. The latest technologies develop every day and even every minute. Now we can find a needed person in a very short time using e-mail, mobile technologies, paging system and others. There are no inaccessible places in the world, so the distances now seem not so big as it looked hundred years ago.
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (1,74 kB)
My dream house
The topic of my talk is my dream house. As an introduction to my talk I want to say that I feel fine in our house, but everyone wants to live better, I think. Firstly, I’d like to tell you about lifestyle of living in a city and living in a country. The townies are more private people than the villager. Often the peoples, who live in the city, know their neighbours just by sight.
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (1,61 kB)
Perhaps all of us have experienced both positive and negative feelings. We all have felt joy, sorrow or fear. All these feelings represent emotions – feelings that generally have both physiological and cognitive elements and that influence behavior. So when we experience a feeling it is likely that there are changes, for example, in our heart rate.
Anglų kalba  Namų darbai   (4,12 kB)
Ar kompiuteris reikalingas klasėse...Čia tinka anglų kalbos pokalbiui. 50 years ago people didn't even heard of computers, and today we cannot imagine life without them. Computer technology is the fastest-growing industry in the world. The first computer was the size of a minibus and weighed a ton. Today, its job can be done by a chip the size of a pin head. And the revolution is still going on. Very soon we'll have computers that we'll wear on our wrists or even in our glasses and earrings.
Anglų kalba  Konspektai   (0,97 kB)
Style in letter
Tai vienuolika skirtingomis temomis parašytų rašinėlių, kurie pravers besiruošiant anglų kalbos egzaminams ar kalbėjimo įskaitoms.
Anglų kalba  Konspektai   (10,77 kB)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, is about a young boy, Huck, in search of freedom and adventure.
Anglų kalba  Konspektai   (11,73 kB)
Anglų kalbos temos
Some people think that school years are the happiest days in people’s lives. Can you say that you have been happy at school? Why? School is the traditional place for acculturating children into our national life. In the modern age, the role assigned to our schools is to prepare children for the literate public culture.
Express your opinion on having a car. Is it a dream or a reality? What is the advantages and disadvantages (including environment) of having a car? gali prireikti ruosiantis valstybiniam anglu kalbos egzaminui. Įvertintas 10.
Darbas skirtas anglų kalbos egzaminą laikantiems moksleisviams. Although smoking is an unhealthily habit, about 20 percent of young people smoke. The number of smoking people is increasing every year and it creates problems for other people and for themselves. Smoking is very popular and among teenagers, especially among boys.
Childhood should be a happy time spent playing with friends, enjoying a favorite toy — even planning for the first day of school. But children in the developing world spend most of their childhood struggling to survive, without much hope for a secure, productive life.
Anglų kalba  Konspektai   (3,05 kB)
"Midi" World
Trumpai apie MIDI... My presentation can be useful for those who study music technologies, but the others may also find out something new and interesting. I am here to enlighten you about MIDI, in fact – a short history of it. MIDI is a standart for connecting digital electronic musical instruments. But before MIDI there were synthesizers...
Anglų kalba  Konspektai   (1,36 kB)
Tema apie Londoną
10 klasės tema apie Londoną. London is the capital of the United Kingdom. It is one if the largest cities in the world. The city extends an area over of 1500 square kilometers and has a population of over 7mln. Despite its turbulent development, London has retained its charm and unique character.
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Neblogai įvertinas tekstas. The main topic of my individual talk will be about living surroundings. In addition, I will give some pieces of advice how to live in a clean and healthy enviroment. First, I would like to say that no human could stand being apart from enviroment becouse each of us is a part of the natural world. As you know, we are dependable from enviroment.
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PI vartojamas su laiko aplinkybemis always, often, usually, regulary, daily, etc. Pvz. I usually get up at 7 o’clock. Nick always helps his friends.• Neigiamoji forma vartojama su prieveiksmiais never, seldom, rarely, sometimes.
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Foregn languages
According to the statistics, there are about 6-7 thousand languages. Six hundred languages are registered in the world atlas and three hundred of them are under the threat of extinction. English is one of the major language in the world, and...
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The United States of America. Australia. Great Britan. Russia. Sports in Great Britan. Education. The educational system of Great Britain. British education. Education in Russia. My favorite painter. My future profession. Mass media. Leasure time. The...
Kauno Saulės gimnazija, gauta iš kalbėjimo 10. I am from Kaunas, my address is Baltijos seventy-nine, flat nine, I was born on the ……………th of ………….. in Kaunas, thus I am nineteen now. I am male, and still single as I think I am not mature enough to marry. Thus, I have no children.
Moscow the capital of Russia is one of the world’s great cities. Its name was first mentioned in chronicles in 1147. Since that time M. has played an important role in R-an history. Today M. isn’t only the political center of R. but also the contry’s leading city in population, industry & in cultural importrance. M. stands on the M.R. in the center of the vast plain of E.R. The climate of M. is continental.
After having read “The Moon And Sixpense” by W.S. Maugham personally I feel really impressed and I still cannot recover from it. It amazed me much by its mystery and strangeness. The main character Charles Strickland is one of the most fascinating characters I have ever read about. His whole life story can be divided to two basic parts.
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Pagrindiniai anglų kalbos laikai santraukoje.
Už šį monologą gavau 9, sakįė labai geras turinys. I am going to speak about clothes. I really think that clothes are very important in our life and it has always been so. The statement that you can tell much about people from their clothes is true. When you meet a person you always judge about him from his clothes. For example, if a person is neatly dressed and wears clean clothes most probably he is tidy and diligent.
“Dynamite in Europe” is a documentary book. It contains fragments from the life of evangelist James Stewart who lived in the middle of XX century. We can divide the book into two parts: the first tell us about James’ difficult childhood and adoles-cence, the second – about his life, as devoted servant of God.
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The book is amazing true-life story of Henri Charriere, called "Papillon" because of the butterfly tattooed on his chest, exiled to Devils Island for a murder he did not commit. He is determined to escape, and the book takes us through many attempts until at last he attains his freedom and begins a new life in Venezuela. The power of the book lies in the humanity, honesty and sheer spirit of Charriere.
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Renaissance period described as the revival of the classical forms originally developed by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Renaissance artists created works of such authority that generation of later artists relied on these artworks for instruction. Renaissance art reduces the parts of a total form to a sequence of planes and the baroque art emphasizes the depth.
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Private schooling
Private Schooling Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that private schools offer a better education to children and better prepare them for college. Thesis Statement: Private school children are more involved in community service, are generally provided with a better education, and are more likely to apply and succeed in college.
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Fight Club
Filmo "Fight Club" analizė.
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Kinds Of Democracy
Šiame darbe yra aprašomos demokratijos rūšys, demokratijos sąvoka ir panašiai. Darbas gali būti panaudotas anglų kalbos projektui apie demokratiją.
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Neblogas tyrimas (research) apie kūno kultūros svarbą. Geras "main body", yra ir anketos pavyzdys. Tik grafikai išgalvoti, nes tikra apklausa nebuvo atlikta :)
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Market segmentation
In segmenting a market, marketers look for broad classes of buyers who differ in their needs. There is no one right way of segmenting markets. A marketer has several bases available to him/her for the segmentation of markets.
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In this tutorial I take you step-by-step through the process of creating this Flash MX movie. You will learn how to create graphics, work with layers, and add motion, sound, and text to your movie.
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Knygos "Karaoke akpitalizmas" analizė. Darbas anglų kalba, buvo įvertintas puikiai. Pristatytas KTU. 10 lapų.
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Samuel M. Thompson „The Nature of Philosophy“. The book was published in January, 1961 Monmouth, Illinois. Samuel M. Thompson- a member of Monmouth College. In Monmouth Colleg‘s faculty he became chairman of the Philosophy Department. His first book, A Modern Philosophy of Religion, as well as his second book, The Nature of Philosophy, became widely used in many colleges and universities.
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KTU socialinių mokslų fakulteto 1 kurso anglų kalbos tiriamasis darbas (gavau 10). "Government does not tax to get the money it needs; government always finds a need for the money it gets." That’s what once said Ronald Reagan about taxes and what it is collected for. Of course, it was a joke, but I may bet there are lots of people, who would agree with that thought. Sometimes they even feel that they are caught in the behemothian jaws of government.
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Agnes grey
“Agnes Grey” by Anne Bronte is a strongly autobiographical novel portraying the world of a governess in the mid-nineteen century and examining social manners and the lack of moral perceptions. Drawing on her own experience the author of this book tries to reveal the position of a young, educated girl who sets out into the world to take up the only respectable career open to her – that of governess.
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Media have a tremendous influence on family life. Consider that 99 percent of U.S. homes have a television. Ninety-eight percent have radios, and 69 percent have computers. Just sixty years ago the invention of the television was viewed as a technological curiosity with small black and white ghost-like figures on a screen so hardly anyone could see them. Today that curiosity has become a constant companion to many, mainly – children.
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Many people believe that religion occurs only in the church, temple, or other spiritual places of gathering. They see religion and society as complete, separate entities. While this view may appear correct on the surface, a closer look at religion and society reveals that the two are not separate at all, but intricately interconnected and codependent.
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Palyginimas darželių, mokyklų ir rebilitacijos klinikos Norvegijoje ir Lietuvoje. Darbas pristatytas Agderio universitete Norvegijoje.
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Pollution problems
Kalba apie gamtos problemas. Gavau 9. Klaidų daug, bet mokytoja sakė, kad turinys geras.
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Kompiuterio virusai
Virusų atsiradimas. Virusai ir antivirusai. Antivirusinių programų efektyvumas. Virus Hoax: netikri virusai. Pagrindiniai užkrėtimo šaltiniai. Virusų rūšys ir pavojingumas. Kompiuterių virusas – programa, kuri savavališkai trikdo kompiuterio programų darbą bei keičia kompiuteryje esančią informaciją: įrašo naują, ištrina esamą, modifikuoja vartotojo programas (ar bylas), įterpdama į jas savo pačios kopijas (ar perdirbtus variantus), ir šiaip pakenkia programų darbui.
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Advice letter
Advice letter in English
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Keli sakiniai kalbėjimui.
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Education on the whole. Education fees in schools and Universities. Famous high schools of Lithuania. Famous foreign high schools. Education obtainable in Vilnius University. Types of high education. Education and studies in Communication Departament. Education is compulsory in Lithuania. Children start school at age of seven. They can stay at secondary school for 12 years but some of them leave it after tenth form. These pupils usually go to vocational junior colleges (proftechos) and trade schools where they can get both secondary education and qualification.And also they leard a trade.
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Šiandieninėje pasaulio ekonomikoje vyksta nuožmi konkurencija. Sėkmės sulaukia tos organizacijos, kurios sugeba keistis, reaguoti į konkurenciją, sukaupti dinamišką, prie pokyčių gebančią prisitaikyti darbo jėgą bei ją išsaugoti. Kompanijos skiria dideles pinigų sumas darbuotojų motyvavimui, mokymui ir profesinių įgūdžių tobulinimui, todėl visiškai suprantama, kad organizacijos vadovai siekia išsaugoti darbo patirtį ir aukštą kvalifikaciją turinčius bei organizacijos tikslų siekiančius darbuotojus. Įmonėse itin vertinamą darbuotojų kompetenciją ir gerus tarpusavio ryšius, užtikrinančius veiksmingą bendradarbiavimą ir sėkmingą verslą, galima pasiekti tik per ilgalaikį darbuotojų įsipareigojimą organizacijai. Tai esminis kompanijos pelningumo ir ilgalaikės sėkmės veiksnys. Vienas iš požymių, rodančių, kad įmonėje egzistuoja organizacinio įsipareigojimo problemos, yra žemas darbuotojų pasitenkinimas darbu. Tai gali tapti prastos darbo kokybės, blogos drausmės bei didelės kadrų kaitos priežastimi. Organizacijos elgesenos tyrinėtojai nuolat domisi veiksniais, kurie įtakoja asmens įsipareigojimą kompanijai. Nustatyta, kad visų pirma yra svarbu išsiaiškinti, kokiam žmogui koks darbas suteikia pasitenkinimą ir kaip šis pasitenkinimas darbu yra siejamas su darbuotojo įsipareigojimu organizacijai.
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Centralized world
Now we live in the age of information. Latest technologies develop every day and even every minute. It is very important for us. Now we can find the needed person in a very short time using e-mail, mobile technologies, paging system and others. Maybe the most important of them is Internet. It started in 1960 when some governmental organizations in US wanted to connect their systems in a very reliable net, that couldn’t be affected by war. Later it developed and now we have a big computer network all over the world.
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My summer
I like summer as a season, but I hate it as a period of time. I get up and hear the birds singing reminding me to mow the lawn. I get down the stairs and see green vegetables reminding me to mow the lawn and then I go out and see nine ares of grass that must be mowed. And the whole story continues every week for the whole summer.
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Talkative people
People began communicating the very day they appeared. There wasn’t a precise speech or gestures, peopled tried explaining things pointing at something or maybe even drawing. Later this gift of communication grew stronger and wider. Now we use speech to express not only our needs we also explain our feelings, emotions, and anxieties.
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Great Britain
London. Wales. Windsor castle. London was not built as a city in the same way as Paris or New York. It began life as a Roman fortification at a place where it was possible to cross the River Thames. A wall was built around the town for defence, but during the long period of peace which followed the Norman Conquest, people built outside the walls. This building continued over the years, especially to the west of the city. In 1665 there was a terrible plague in London, so many people left the city and escaped to the villages in the surrounding countryside. In 1666 the Great Fire of London ended the plague, but it also destroyed much of the city.
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All parts of the body must work together properly to maintain physical health. A person who is in good physical condition has the strength and energy to enjoy an active life and withstand the stresses of daily life. The various practices that help maintain health include proper nutrition, exercise, rest and sleep, cleanliness, and regular medical and dental care.
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Types of travelling
Crossing: a journey by boat to the other side of the sea. Cruise: a holidau spent on a large ship wich visits a number of places. Expedition: an organized journey that is made for a particular purpose such as exploration.
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I like to spend my holidays when I'm travelling. There are various means of travel. We can travel by train, ship, air-plane, and finally we can travel on foot. For me there is no travel so fine as by aircraft. There are many things that make this travel fascination for me. We can see clouds , ocean or earth below you without any hindrance. I like it very much. On the air voyage you can feel how little you are in the globe or in the ocean. And of course this transport is very fast and useful .
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Nowadays a lot of people live in block of flats, which are in a smutty towns. They often don’t have time to be in nature. So eating out of doors is very relaxing and good way. When you are eating out of doors, you can breathe fresh air, enjoy open space, not to sit behind four walls at home. Associate with people is much more interesting outside than inside. You can make a bonfire and roast some hot dogs or meat.
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Kashmiri struggle
Those who are trying to project the present struggle as religious one are deliberately trying to confuse the issue. Their aim is very clear - they don't want the issue to be resolved. It is clear to everyone that by projecting the Kashmiri struggle as religious (which is known as "Islamic fundamentalist struggle"), we are only trying to deprive it from desperately needed internal and external support. Also by projecting it as a fundamentalist or extremist movement, an attempt is being made to frighten off the non Muslims of Kashmir. Already a lot of damage has been done to the social and community harmony, and such attempts are made to ensure that the minorities of Kashmir remain divided.
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Education. Health and body care. Free time, entertainment. Services. Shopping. Everybody has a right to education in Lithuania. The secondary education is compulsory. Nowadays the life in our country is very difficult and a lot of young people don’t go to school, they haven’t even got secondary education. There are a lot of young people, children especially in big town’s streets.
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The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of 27 member states, located primarily in Europe. Date of foundation: 1st November, 1993...
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I choose subject risk and benefit of starting a new business. This topic is quite interesting for me and necessary to know how it is developing recently. It is interesting, because many people are starting their business nowadays, they want to have independence and earn a lot of money. So it is useful to read articles of people which business was and is prosperous, how they succeeded. Why people start their business? Are they exceptional? What is the risk to lose everything?
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Charles Chaplin. Galileo. The elderly in America. A camping trip. Tips for travellers. Charles Spencer Chaplin was the comedian, the greatest film comic in the history of mankind. The actor was born in 1889 in the London East End. Sydney was his brother, fuor years older than Charles. Chaplin’s parents were actors. Two children adored their mother for her blue eyes and long light brown hair. Littlle Charlie cuoldn’t remember his father. Mother told him that he was a very good artist.
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The twelve months of the year are divided into four seasons. March, April and May are spring months. March is the month when the ground starts to thaw and the snow melts again. At the end of this month you can see many violets and anemones in the forests with some butterflies and bees on them Spring is my mother's favourite season.
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Britain customs
Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. Summer (June, July and August) is a relaxing time when the Brithish make the most of the warm sunshine. Nothing can be more pleasant that a leisurely picnic in the heard of the countryside, a peaceful cruise down the river or for the more active a hike along our dramatic coastline.
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Slow but wins the race. Take things as they come and be content. He that nothing questions, nothing learns. When things are at the worst, they begin to mend. Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to none: be able for your enemy. Rather in power that use, and keep your friend. Under your own life’s key: be checked for silence, but never taxed for speech.
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The American people
American Friendliness. The Violent American. American Provincialism. Americans can be very generous. Once a girlfriend and I hitchhiked from Los Angeles to San Francisco. What I liked was that the people who picked up were very worried about us. They always wanted to help us. One couple asked us if we wanted money so that we could take a bus instead of hitchhiking.
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One of my favourite thing is poetry which helps me to understand the outside world, brings to my mind the strength of the human spirit, the beauty of man. Poetry helps me to educate myself. When I have some spare time I create poems too. I’m going to publish my creative work in the future. But I know I must work very hard if I want to charm my readers. I wont to appeal to people’s hearts & minds of people, to their feeling & ideals. I’m also interested in architecture so I like to visit the places where I can see how people lived in the past, old buildings, castles. I like Gediminas castle, which foundation is guarded by the “Iron wolf” legend.
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Euro - disadvantages and advantages. Millenium. Vilnius – european capital of culture 2009. Politics. Olympic games. National parks.
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Missing lessons
Last school year 13 percent of secondary school pupils missed lessons because of spending time in Internet cafes. To tell the truth, I was shocked when found out this information. I think that nowadays need for entertainment wins against the necessity for knowledge.
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Letter of complain
Dear Madam, I am writing to complain about the pullover I bought in your shop two weeks ago. I am very dissatisfied with my bought because it was nothing like I expected.
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Anglų k. rašinėlis ("Informal letter" tipo). Jame kvieti savo draugą pas tave pasisvečiuoti.
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Anglų k. rašinėlis ("Book review" tipo) apie V. Mykolaičio-Putino knygą "Altorių šešėly".
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Kalbėjimas tema "Can we really lear to be happy". Turėtų ypač praversti žmonėms, kurie mokosi iš vadovėlio "Matrix. Upper-intermediate", nes tai kalbėjimo tema iš Unit 2.
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Kalbėjimas tema "Mass Media" (laikraščiai, televizija, internetas). Ypač turėtų praversti žmonėms, kurie mokosi iš vadovėlio "Matrix. Upper-intermidiate" (Unit 3)
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Topic about reading
Pagalba ruošiantis anglų kalbos egzamino kalbėjimo daliai.
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Pagalba ruošiantis anglų kalbos egzamino kalbėjimo daliai.
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