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American people
And they wanted nothing back. Later we hitched a ride to Salinas with a truck driver. He was also worried about our safety and tried over his CB radio to fix us up with a ride with another trucker from Salinas to San Francisco. When he could not, he told us, “I do not want to leave you on the street, so I will take you up myself to make sure you get there safely.” And then he drove us to San Francisco and dropped us off on Market Street where we were going to stay. And he didin’t want anything back. He would not let pay him. That trip was a highlight of my stay in America. Richard Ingrams, a reporter for the Illustrated London News, enjoyed a memorable encounter with a street beggar near Watington: On our way down the hill from Monticello, Alexander remarked on another curios fact about Americans: “If you look at them, they always smile. I find that rather disconcerting.” Personally, I said I found it rather nice, and a pleasant change from the dour and suspicious looks one gets from one’s fellow countrymen. In fact what is nice about America is not the scenery or the skyscrapers…. It is the smiling, open attitude of the American people. On my last morning in Georgetown I found myself confronted in the main street by a large, beaming, bearded man. “Good morning, sir,” he cried. “I’m a bum! Would you give me some money?” No cringing. No pretence about cups of tea. A frank, straightforward approach to the situation. I immediately fished in my pocket for all available change – something I would never do in England – and decided I would probably be back quite soon. From “Stars and Gripes,” in the Illustrated London News, September 1987 The Violent American “The best thing about Americans their violence-oriented country is the fact the Atlantic is between us,” insist a retired British journalist. “American foreign policy pervers the advance of humanity and culture by creating a weapon-oriented life for all of us.” One aspect of American behavior which provokes numerous hostile comments from foreign observers is what they perceive as our tendency toward aggressive and violent actions. Dr. Hugo Molteni, a Buenos Aires physician, has never visited America but draws his conclusions from the newspapers, films, and television shows he has watched: The information I have about the U.S. demonstrates that they are a people who are clearly aggressive. For example, in all the movies I see, violence predominates. The there are the television series, police stories, crimes, assassination, drug deals. I think they have commercialized individual passition. The people of the United States have a wartime mentality. Quoted in Dallas Morning News, July 6, 1986  The Russian comic Yakov Smirnoff has found in America’s criminal violence a rich source for witticisms: Police departaments, like those in the United States, are created to protect you and keep you safe. As a matter of fact, thanks to them, Americans have many wonderful things we never had in the Soviet Union. Like warning shots. I think they’re great. In Russia the police don’t shoot up in the air. They shoot you!… and that’s the warning for the next guy. From America on Six Rubles a Day American Provincialism Christina Ruffini had complaint about the Americans she met during her stay in Southern California: Many Americans are much too provincial. They have no sense of what my Italy is like. I have had Americans ask me if we have freeways in Italy. This is crazy! I think this ignorance of a world beyond their borders is a big problem for many Americans. From an interview with the author, June 17, 1988  Anita Mandrekar, who lives in Bombay, alsofound the ignorance ofmost Americans regarding her native India appalling on her recent trip to the United States. Americans are generally ignorant on international matters. People there do not know much of the world outside. Even upper income groups still think that we in India live in jungles and have wild animals and snakes crawling all over. From a letter to the author, dated August 7, 1988 Literature: James C. Simmons “AMERICANS. The view from abroad” Harmony books New York 1990
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Around the world, computer hackers illegally access computer systems by taking advantage of system vulnerabilities. In Canada, hackers who access a computer system without authorization commit an offence under section 342.1 of the Criminal Code. Individuals participate in this type of activity for a number of reasons. For example, some hackers are driven by curiosity and others by peer recognition. Some claim that enhanced computer security is their motivation. Others have political motivations and use hacking as a form of activism.
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Ieškant įvairių iliustracijų, fotografijų, diagramų, grafikų, patentų brėžinių, prekių ženklų ar kitokios vaizdinės informacijos, neretai bendrųjų žinių apie paiešką voratinklyje nepakaks. Vaizdų paieška jame puikiai organizuota ir kasdien tobulinama. Todėl pravartu susipažinti su tokios paieškos ypatumais ir galimybėmis.
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Paklausos ir pasiūlos modelis. Paklausa. Pasiūla . Rinkos pusiausvyra . Vyriausybės įtaka rinkos pusiausvyrai. Paklausos ir pasiūlos elastingumas. Paklausos elastingumą kainai lemiantys veiksniai. Kryžminis paklausos elastingumas. Vartotojo elgesio modeliavimas. Gamybos teorija. Pelno maksimizavimas. Kaštu teorija. Konkurencines rinkos modelis. Monopolines rinkos modelis. Oligopolines rinkos modelis. Gamybos veiksniu rinkos. Pusiausvyra mainuose.
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Here are facts showing the dangers of eating meat because of the large amounts of antibiotics fed to livestock to control staphylococci (commonly called staph infections), which are becoming immune to these drugs at an alarming rate. The animals that are being raised for meat in the United States are diseased. The livestock industry attempts to control this disease by feeding the animals antibiotics. Huge quantities of drugs go for this purpose. Of all antibiotics used in the U.S., 55% are fed to livestock.
Visitors to the US often think either that there is no real American food, only dishes borrowed from other countries, or else that Americans eat only *fast food. While there is some truth in both these impressions, real American food does exist. The British also have a poor reputation for food. Visitors to Britain often complain that food in restaurants is badly presented, overcooked and has no taste. But the best British food is not generally found in restaurants but in people's homes.
Charles Dickens
English novelist, generally considered the greatest of the Victorian period. Dickens's works are charactericized by attacks on social evils, unjustice, and hypocrisy. He had also experienced in his youth oppression, when he was forced to end school in early teens and work in a factory. Dickens's lively good, bad and comic characters, such as the cruel miser Scrooge, the aspiring novelist David Copperfield, or the trusting and innocent Mr. Pickwick, have fascinated generations of readers.
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Paslaugų įmonių veiklos sritys ir rūšys: įmonės procesai. Veiklos sritys: įmonių klasifikavimas ir tipizavimas. Įmonių rūšys. Įmonėje vykstantys procesai. Pirma grupė – pagrindiniai procesai, tiesiogiai susiję su produktu/paslauga. Tai projektavimas (paslaugos teikimo proceso sudarymas, prekės dizainas), paslaugos teikimas, gamyba, pardavimas. Antra grupė – verslo valdymo procesai, susiję su išteklių valdymu. Tai strateginis planavimas, finansų valdymas, žmogiškųjų išteklių valdymas. Trečia grupė – aptarnaujantys procesai, skirti aptarnauti pagrindinius ir verslo valdymo procesus. Tai patalpų apsauga, patalpų valymas ir pan.
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Tarptautiniai ekonominiai santykiai – viena iš svarbiausių valstybių tarpusavio bendradarbiavimo formų, be kurių praktiškai neįmanomas sėkmingas bet kurios pasaulio valstybės gyvavimas. Pasaulio ekonomikai tapus globaliai, jos funkcionavimas visiškai neįsivaizduojamas be tarptautinių ekonominių santykių – tarptautinio darbo pasidalijimo, gamybos specializavimosi ir kooperavimosi, tarptautinės prekių ir paslaugų prekybos, tarptautinių sutarčių sistemos, reglamentuojančios ekonominius santykius bei tarptautinių finansinių ir ekonominių organizacijų. Tokiu būdu valstybės atsiribojančios nuo globalios ekonomikos tuo pačiu metu lieka pasaulio vystymosi pakraštyje.
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Į tarptautinį verslą įeina komerciniai veiksmai, išeinantys už nacionalinių sienų. Ši sąvoka apima tarptautinį prekių, paslaugų, darbo jėgos ir technologijos judėjimą; importą ir eksportą; tarpvalstybinius prekybinius susitarimus dėl intelektinių teisių (patentų, prekybos ženklų, know-how, kopijavimo); licencijų išdavimą ir frančizę; investavimą į fizinį ir finansinį turtą užsienio šalyse; susitarimus su gamintojais dėl jų prekių realizavimo užsienio rinkoje arba reeksportavimo į dar kitas užsienio šalis; pirkimą ir pardavimą užsienio šalyse; prekybos centrų ir tiekimo sistemos įkūrimą užsienio šalyse; importavimą iš vienos užsienio šalies į kitą vietiniam pardavimui.
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Informatikos darbas apie 2008 m. technologijų naujoves.
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Ekonominio ekvivalentiškumo skaičiavimai. Ekvivalentiškumo samprata. Ekvivalentiškumo skaičiavimai, įvertinant vieną faktorių. Vienkartinių mokėjimų būsimosios sumos koeficiento skaičiavimai. Vienkartinių mokėjimų esamosios sumos koeficiento skaičiavimai. Lygių (vienodų) mokėjimų serijos sudėtinės sumos koeficiento skaičiavimai. Rentos nario radimas. Rentos trukmės nustatymas. Rentos palūkanų normos nustatymas. Skaičiavimai, įvertinant pinigų srautus. Pinigų srautų lentelinis vaizdavimas. Ekvivalentiškumas tarp pinigų srautų. Ekvivalentiškumas tarp įplaukų ir išlaidų. Obligacijos ir jų reitingas. Obligacijų rūšys. Obligacijos kursas. Obligacijų reitingas. Ekvivalentiškumo skaičiavimai, įvertinant paskolas. Efektyvios palūkanos paskolai. Paskolos balanso likutis. Infliacija ir pinigų perkamoji galia. Infliacijos apibūdinimas. Infliacijos matavimas. Montekarlo analizė.
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My company
"Oil" internationally differentiates in its high operational and moral principles; the company is easy- to- reach for customers working within Europe and in other regions; it not only represents their interests, but also constantly searches for the possibilities to fulfill them better. With our regularity and high level of forwarding services, we seek to contribute to the inclusion of the Baltic region into the international transport corridors.
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Privatization process was launched in Lithuania in September 1991 and since then it has constituted an integral part of Lithuania's economic reforms. The entire privatization process may be divided into three major stages: • The first stage covers the privatization that took place from September 1991 until July 1995. This phase may be called a mass privatization for vouchers with some elements of cash sales. The voucher method was chosen as the most effective way of transferring the ownership of the state-owned enterprises.
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Finansu rinkos
Ekonomikai būtinos investicijos. Komercinėms firmoms, atskiriems asmenims, valstybinėms institucijoms dažnai būtina didinti kapitalą. Dėl to, padidėja poreikis piniginėms lėšoms ir atsiranda būtinybė ūkio subjektams išeiti į kapitalo rinkas. Rinkos ekonomikos šalyse ekonominiai subjektai įsigyja tiek materialinių, tiek finansinių išteklių.
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Kreditas arba paskola, tai sandoris, kurio metu nuosavybės savininkas (skolintojas) leidžia kitai šaliai (skolininkui) naudotis savo nuosavybe. Pinigų skolinimas yra viena pagrindinių banko funkcijų. Tai pati pelningiausia, tačiau ir pati rizikingiausia banko veiklos sritis. Prieš išduodamas paskolą bankininkas privalo gauti atsakymus į tokius klausimus: 1. Kiek pinigų reikia? Tik įsigilinęs ir atidžiai išnagrinėjęs projektą, bankininkas gali pasakyti, kiek ir kokios paskolos reikia.
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Svarbiausias rinkos santykių subjektas yra vartotojas. Vartotojas (consumer or buyver) – tai kiekvienas, kuris naudoja prekes ir paslaugas. Jo norai ir ekonominės galimybės formuoja prekių ir paslaugų paklausą, kuri sąlygoja pasiūlą. Turėdamas darbo, kapitalo, žemės ir kitų išteklių, žmogus siekia juos panaudoti taip, kad tenkintų savo poreikius. Viena vertus, tai priklauso nuo žmogaus individualių fizinių ir dvasinių savybių, prioritetų ir pasirinkimo, kaip, kuo ir kada tenkinti savo poreikius, antra vertus nuo turimų piniginių pajamų dydžio, prekių ir paslaugų kainų lygio, rinkoje siūlomų prekių kiekio ir kokybės bei kitų ekonominių, politinių ir socialinių sąlygų (3. 76).
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Šį darbą darau, kad susipažinčiau su praktika įmonėje, jos aprašymu. Darydamas šį darbą aš manau daugiau sužinoti apie aprašomą įmonę, geriau sugebėti rinkti reikiamą medžiagą ir aprašyti įmonę. Bizpak — tai puiki galimybė plėsti įmonės tarptautinę veiklą, paskirstant savo prekes ne tik po Lietuvą, bet ir pristatant siuntas „nuo durų iki durų” į Latviją, Estiją ir Lenkiją. DPD - tai siuntų iki 31,5 kg vežimo kelių transportu "nuo durų iki durų" paslauga. DPD sistema per dieną keliauja daugiau kaip 1 milijonas siuntų.
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Jau seniai vartotojas ir jo poreikiai tapę vienu iš svarbiausių objektų kiekvienos organizacijos veikloje. Vartotojų elgsenos pažinimas rinkodaros specialistams leidžia suprasti ir numatyti vartotojų elgesį pirkimo vietoje, taip pat suteikia galimybę suprasti, kokią įtaką vartojimas daro kiekvieno individo gyvenime. Vartotojų elgsena, jų poreikių žinojimas, organizaciją įgalina efektyviau juos patenkinti, taip pat kurti abipusę naudą.
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Ford Company
In the Beginning The story of Henry Ford is not of a prodigy entrepreneur or an overnight success. Ford grew up on a farm and might easily have remained in agriculture. But something stronger pulled at Ford's imagination: mechanics, machinery, understanding how things worked and what new possibilities lay in store. As a young boy, he took apart everything he got his hands on. He quickly became known around the neighborhood for fixing people's watches. In 1896, Ford invented the Quadricycle. It was the first "horseless carriage" that he actually built.
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Computers at home
People who have a computer at home say it makes them more productive at the office according to a new survey for the Office of the e-Envoy. And three-quarters say it helps them to achieve greater work-life balance. According to people polled in the survey who were asked how having a computer at home may have helped their employer, 61% have improved their IT skills, 65% are more familiar with the Internet and 51% have learned skills at home which help them at work.
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Sparkling river in front of your eyes, blinding sunshine, a few boats rowing in the calm water and 35 degrees above zero. You’re just lying on the lawn near some kind of palace… You turn right, look at your friend and think, that it is a marvellous day. People are staring at you, but you don’t care… Actually you should be at the caves of stalagmites and stalactites at this moment, because you planned this yesterday, but such a beautiful day you won’t miss in some kind of cave… Aren’t you amazed?
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European Union
The European Union is the European supranational organization dedicated to increasing economic integration and strengthening co-operation among its member states. It was established on November 1, 1993, when the Treaty on Eu was ratified by the 12 members of the European Community (EC) – Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain. Under the treaty on EU, customs and immigration agreements were enhanced to allow European citizens greater freedom to live, work, or study in any of the member states, and border controls were relaxed.
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William Bradley Pitt. Height 5' 11" (1.80 m). Mini biography Brad Pitt was born in Oklahoma and raised in Springfield, Missouri. His mother's name is Jane. His father, Bill, worked in management at a trucking firm in Springfield. At Kickapoo High School, Pitt was involved in sports, debating, student government and school musicals. Pitt attended the University of Missouri, where he majored in journalism with a focus on advertising.
Did you know that the can opener was invented 48 years after cans were introduced? Cans were opened with a hammer and chisel before the advent of can openers. A Londoner, Peter Durand, invented the tin canister, or can, in 1810 for preserving food. There were no can openers yet, and the products labels would read: "cut around on the top near to outer edge with a chisel and hammer." The first can opener was invented in 1858 by American Ezra Warned. The well-known wheel-style opener was invented in 1925. Beer in a can was launched in 1935.
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Business Ethics
Business ethics is a form of applied ethics, a branch of philosophy. As such, it takes the ethical concepts and principles developed at a more theoretical, philsophical level, and applies them to specific business situations. Generally speaking, business ethics is a normative discipline, whereby particular ethical standards are assumed and then applied. It makes specific judgements about what is right or wrong, which is to say, it makes claims about what ought to be done or what ought not to be done. While there are some exceptions, business ethicists are usually less concerned with the foundations of ethics (metaethics), or with justifying the most basic ethical principles, and are more concerned with practical problems and applications, and any specific duties that might apply to business relationships.
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The capital of the United Kingdom can be divided into three distinct parts. The main commercial area is around The City, where Roman London was founded and where the medieval township grew up, dominated by the massive fortress of the Tower of London. Further west along the Thames lays Westminster, the centre of government and administration. The West End—running west from Covent Garden to Oxford Street—is the main shopping and entertainment area. Surrounding this core are districts such as Kensington, Chelsea, and Marylebone, that joined London in the 18th century, but retain a separate identity.
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Knauf, a family name, and a corporate group of global dimensions. A leading manufacturer of building materials worldwide, including plasterboards, plasters, insulation materials and external renders, with a turnover of Euro 2.5 bn. With over 100 plants in Europe, Asia, USA and South America, it is through technical innovation and high quality standards that Knauf leads the development of markets across the Globe. Committed to the environment, Knauf is active in retaining the natural balance across all our operations.
UAB Megrame was established on 26 March 1992 and was the first in Lithuania to start the production of plastic windows. The President of the company is Juozas Magelinskas. Megrame has been a member of the Lithuanian Builders' Association since 1996. The company has two subsidiaries, i.e. Vakarų Megrame and Pietų Megrame, and its representatives in twelve cities and towns of Lithuania.
Italian Migration
Italy is a country with a long history of emigration and a very short experience ofimmigration. Mass emigration started with Italian unification: during the period 1861- 1976 over 26 million people emigrated, half of them towards other European countries,the rest towards North and South America.
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